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II. Existing system

1. Overview existing application

After researching, we find some kind of karaoke application. They have two kinds, one use for PC and one another use for mobile phone. There are some examples of them:

  • Application run on PC:

  1. Vina Karaoke Jukebox: This has two parts. The first is as a client run on a touch screen with 15 inch at minimum and places within room. User can search and add song into playlist to song. Of course, current list can be edited by user: add, edit, and remove. So user can do some media command as stop, play, next, back, adjusts volume and equalize.

Picture 1.1 the application run on touch-screen

In direction room or home, Karaoke box and user use the same application but it is used by normal application run on PC:

Picture 1.2 The application run on PC


2. VLC Player

Picture 1.3 The simple application run on PC

  • Simple, Powerful and Fast

  • Play everything, Files, Discs (DVD, CD, and VCD), Devices and Sreeams

  • Plays most codecs with no codec packs needed

  • Completely Free, no spyware, ads or User Tracking

  • Best mpeg2, x264, DivX player

  • Works on most platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac, UNIX.

  • Media Converter and Streamer

  • Some application run in mobile phone:

  1. Mini Karaoke :

This is the first Karaoke player in the mobile world. With her you can sing Karaoke songs in your android phone, with the only requirement that you have the mp3 files.

Picture 1.4 Android application: Mini Karaoke

  1. Karaoke Vietnam

This is a simple searching tool on mobile.

Quick find and select in Karaoke 5 number of karaoke room or list.

Application can help user can store favorite playlist

All song and all information of song get from Karaoke 5 of Arirang, DVD Vol 42 update all of most Vietnamese song and a lot of popular English song.


2. Limitation of existing system

  • With application run on PC in karaoke box or home:

  • Owner must hire employee to control each karaoke room because all most customer can do it by themselves.

  • With application run on touch screen for customer, the quality of devices are not good, and customer still must go to control area (Karaoke box fixed the screen’s location).

  • With home karaoke application (using PC as karaoke player), user must control karaoke without remote.

  • With application run on mobile phone:

  • None application can have two main functions: remote and search playlist.

  • None complete Vietnamese application can remote karaoke on mobile phone.

  • Search function still simple and not optimized for choose song when sing karaoke.

  • None complete solution for karaoke box serve customer most effective and lowest cost.

III. Project team

1. Basic norms

Having a clear purpose: Team have an outlined plan and an indicated strategic. Our project must get good results. We expect that this project get 8.5 marks or more to demonstrate our team work spirit and our knowledge.

Understanding of roles and structure: The roles of team members are assigned base on the personal skill and the knowledge of everyone. All of team members are clear about the work in each role and about what is expected of them as well as clear about the roles of others on the team.

Output products: It’s very important. It demonstrates the attitude of team about the project. The quality of output is high and submits output on time.

Using diversity effectively: Each member of team have the different abilities and knowledge in some subjects. Team diversity is used to the team’s benefit. The experienced members train others to understand widely knowledge such as business, technical or personal skills…

Marking Self-assessment: Periodically, the team stops to examine how well it is functioning and what may be interfering with its effectiveness. The team will sometimes call on supervisors to honestly assess team processes and effectiveness.

Solving problem and Making decisions: Differences in opinion are discussed openly and decisions are usually arrived at through consensus. If it has many decision-makings to solve a problem, team will create vote to decide solution for that problem.

2. Advantage of team

  • All of us are close friends. We have learned together about 4 years. We know each other very well so we will work together well.

  • All members know java programming language

  • Some of us are very good at java-programming technique and have experienced with programming in mobile phone.

  • All members are hard working and most of us are finished all required subject so we have more time to do.

  • All of us like a project related to mobile phone especially Android OS.

3. Disadvantage of team

  • This is the first project we work in mobile phone environment. Some of us have not experience or have never program in this environment so it takes us many times to over training.

  • This project is a quite big with the student like us. Although we have learned about managing skill and work allocation, we still have some trouble in allocating and managing work for all members in a big real project like that.

  • Another small disadvantage is the geographical distance between us. Most of us are quite far each other so maybe sometime we make the meeting more difficult than other team that near each other.

4. Time line

We have 13 weeks to build this system

  • Study and defile problem : 1 week

  • Collect requirement : 2 weeks

  • Design : 2 weeks

  • Coding : 4 weeks

  • Testing : 2 weeks

  • Summary and finish : 2 weeks

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