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The passage:
Basketball was invented in 1891 by a physical education instructor in Springfield, Massachusetts, by the name of James Naismith. Because of terrible weather in winter, his physical education students were indoors rather than outdoors. They really did not like the idea of boring, repetitive exercises and preferred the excitement and challenge of a game. Naismith figured out a team sport that could be played indoors on a gymnasium floor, that involved a lot of running, that kept all team members involved, and that did not allow the tackling and physical contact of American­ style football.
The question:
What is the topic of this passage?
A. The life of James Naismith B. The history of sports
C. Physical education and exercise D. The origin of basketball
The first sentence of this passage states that basketball was invented, so the invention of bas­ketball is probably the topic. A quick check of the rest of the sentences in the passage confirms that the topic is, in fact, the beginnings of the sport of basketball. Now you should check each of the answers to determine which one comes closest to the topic that you have determined. Answer A. mentions James Naismith but not basketball, so it is not the topic. Answer B. is too general; it mentions sports but does not mention basketball. Answer C. is also too general; it mentions physical education but does not mention basketball. The best answer is therefore answer D.: the origin of basketball means that the way that basketball was invented is going to be discussed.
If a passage consists of more than one paragraph, you should study the beginning of each paragraph to determine the main idea. In a passage with more than one paragraph, you should be sure to read the first sentence of each paragraph to determine the subject, topic, title, or main idea.

The following chart outlines the key information that you should remember about main idea questions.

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