Question: Do you like donating for a charity organization?

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Question: Do you like donating for a charity organization?

Well, when it comes to being a donor. I suppose this is a good way for us to support the community and people in help. So, I prefer to donate to a charity organization rather than an individual because of some reason.

First, the operational rules of a charity organization make me feel assured. In effect, there is no guarantee that an individual might run a charity campaign with a series of stages such as fundraising, managing document, records and so on as a charity organization. In contrast, the charity organization can carry out a campaign with the support of many people. They can keep everything not out of their control because of the operational rules.

Second, I would be appear that a charity organization can help me to send my donation to the right people in need. Because of the help of many people, an organization can approach to people in need. Also, the charity organization is known as a reputable one because that’s the reason why they can maintain their operation in the long run.

Finally, the overriding thing is that the charity organization can support hundreds or even thousands of people in need. If we donate to an individual, we can help a minority of people. However, the charity organization might have many branches or representative offices, especially in the remote where underprivileged people are residing. So, they can get supports on time and full time.

It is my firm conviction that we should donate to a charity organization.

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