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Thời gian: 90 phút

Pick out the word that has the stress pattern different from that of the other words.

1. A. Enterprise B. Prevention C. Fertilize D. Implement

2. A. Accompany B. Comfortable C. Interview D. Dynamism

3. A. Effectiveness B. Satisfaction C. Accountancy D. Appropriate

4. A. Secure B. Oblige C. Vacant D. Equip

5. A. Representative B. Characteristic C. Technological D. Punctuality

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.

6. She …….. on her computer for more than two hours when she decided to stop for a rest.

A. has worked B. has been working C. was working D. had been working

7. I feel so………….that I’m going to bed.

A. slept B. sleeps C. to sleep D. sleepy

8. ............... from Bill, all the students said they would go.

A. Except B. Only C. Apart D. Separate

9. “If we can’t afford a car, we’ll just have to …………….one.”

A. do with B. put up with C. do without D. catch up with

10. …………………………..has she behaved like that before.

A. Only by B. When C. For D. Never

11. A good essay must ……..contain enough interesting ideas and specific exam but also have good organization.

A. in addition B. either C. not only D. as well

12 John: “Would you like to have a get-together with us next weekend?” Mickey: “______.”

A. No, I won’t B. No, I wouldn’t C. Yes, let’s D. Yes, I’d love to

13. Although he was …………… , he agreed to play tennis with me.

A. exhaustion B. exhausted C. exhausting D. exhaustive

14. Had they arrived at the shop earlier, they ______ a better selection of clothes.

A. will find B. would be finding C. would have found D. will have found

15. I can’t ______ this noise any longer. I’m going to write a letter of complaint about this problem.

A. put up with B. take away from C. get back to D. make out of

16. As the drug took ……………, the patient became quieter.

A. effect B. force C. influence D. action

17. -“Do you like the weather here?” -“I wish it ………………………………….”

A. doesn’t rain B. didn’t rain C. won’t rain D. hadn’t rained

18. You…………..the washing-up. I could have done it for you.

A. needn’t have done B. hadn’t to do C. couldn’t have done D. mustn’t have done

19. “Never say that again,……………?”

A. won’t you B. do you C. don’t you D. will you

20. Because of heavy rain, the game was put................... for a few days.

A. out B. off C. up D. away

21. Tom: “Shall we go out tonight?” - Jane: “……………………”

A. Yes, I can. B. Yes, we are. C. Yes, we go. D. Yes, let’s.

22. ..........……the weather forecast it will rain heavily later this morning.

A. On account of B. Due to C. According to D. Because of

23. She came in quietly................ not to wake the baby.

A. as if B. so as C. such as D. if so

24 Steve Davis................... won the trophy last year, is already out of this year's competition.

A. who B. that C. he D . Æ

25. They say he inherited his money from a ………………. relative he had never met.

A. faraway B. remote C. distant D. slight

26. He found………….to answer all the questions within the time given.

A. that impossible B. it impossible C. it impossibly D. that impossibly

27. According to my………… , we should have enough money for the rest of the month.

A. estimates B. calculations C. suspicions D. expectation

28. The school was closed for a month because of serious ………… of fever.

A. outcome B. outburst C. outbreak D. outset

29. .......................his advice, I would never have got a job.

A. Except B. Apart from C. But for D. As for

30. Owing to various advances in modern medicine, certain diseases that were seemingly incurable now

................ treatment.

A. yield to B. consist of C. interfere with D. stem from

31. The police are looking for a man of .......................height.

A. extra B. medium C. middle D. special

32. The problem needs to be ...................urgently.

A. addressed B. dealt C. thought D. cleared

33. When the body was found, the police ......................a major murder hunt.

A. mounted B. maintained C. did D. made

34. Driving in London is supposed to be confusing but I didn’t find it at ................difficult.

A. first B. all C. once D. least

35. Anne: "Make yourself at home". - John : "....................."

A. Yes, Can I help you? B. Not at all. Don't mention it.

C. Thanks! Same to you. D. That's very kind. Thank you.

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to show the underlined part that needs correction in each of the following questions.

36. Mrs. Stevens, along with her cousins from New Mexico, are planning to attend the festivities.


37 The word “scuba” is actually an acronym that comes of the phrase “self-contained underwater


38. Regarding as one of the leading figures in the development of the short story, O. Henry is the author


of many well – known American favorites.


39. The president refuses to accept either of the four new proposals made by the contractors.


40. Each of the students in the accounting class has to type their own research paper this semester.


Đọc bài văn sau và chọn đáp án đúng nhất cho các câu hỏi từ 41 đến 50.

The countryside of Britain is well known for its beauty and many contrasts: its bare mountains and moorland, its lakes, rivers and woods, and its long, often wild coastline. Many of the most beautiful areas are national parks and are protected from development. When British people think of the countryside they think of farmland, as well as open spaces. They imagine cows or sheep in green fields enclosed by hedges or stone walls, and fields of wheat and barley. Most farmland is privately owned but is crossed by a network of public footpaths.

Many people associate the countryside with peace and relaxation. They spend their free time walking or cycling there, or go to the country for a picnic or a pub lunch. In summer people go to fruit farms and pick strawberries and other fruit. Only a few people who live in the country work on farms. Many commute to work in towns. Many others dream of living in the country, where they believe they would have a better and healthier lifestyle.

The countryside faces many threats. Some are associated with modern farming practices, and the use of chemicals harmful to plants and wildlife. Land is also needed for new houses. The green belt, an area of land around many cities, is under increasing pressure. Plans to build new roads are strongly opposed by organizations trying to protect the countryside. Protesters set up camps to prevent, or at least delay, the building work.

America has many areas of wild and beautiful scenery, and there are many areas, especially in the West in states like Montana and Wyoming, where few people live. In the New England states, such as Vermont and New Hampshire, it is common to see small farms surrounded by hills and green areas. In Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and other Midwestern states, fields of corn or wheat reach to the horizon and there are many miles between towns.

Only about 20% of Americans live outside cities and towns. Life may be difficult for people who live in the country. Services like hospitals and schools may be further away and going shopping can mean driving long distances. Some people even have to drive from their homes to the main road where their mail is left in a box. In spite of the disadvantages, many people who live in the country say that they like the safe, clean, attractive environment. But their children often move to a town or city as soon as they can.

As in Britain, Americans like to go out to the country at weekends. Some people go on camping or fishing trips, others go hiking in national parks.

Question 41: We can see from the passage that in the countryside of Britain ______.

A. none of the areas faces the sea B. only a few farms are publicly owned

C. most beautiful areas are not well preserved D. it is difficult to travel from one farm to another

Question 42: The word “enclosed” in paragraph 1 is closest in meaning to ______.

A. rotated B. embraced C. blocked D. surrounded

Question 43: Which is NOT mentioned as an activity of relaxation in the countryside of Britain?

A. Going swimming B. Picking fruit C. Going for a walk D. Riding a bicycle

Question 44: What does the word “they” in paragraph 2 refer to?

A. Those who dream of living in the country B. Those who go to fruit farms in summer

C. Those who go to the country for a picnic D. Those who commute to work in towns

Question 45: Which of the following threatens the countryside in Britain?

A. Protests against the building work B. Modern farming practices

C. Plants and wildlife D. The green belt around cities

Question 46: The phrase “associated with” in paragraph 3 is closest in meaning to ______.

A. supported by B. referred to C. separated from D. related to

Question 47: According to the passage, all of the following are true EXCEPT ______.

A. the use of chemicals harms the environment of the countryside

B. camps are set up by protesters to stop the construction work

C. the green belt is under pressure because of the need for land

D. all organizations strongly oppose plans for road construction

Question 48: The phrase “reach to the horizon” in paragraph 4 is closest in meaning to ______.

A. are limited B. are endless C. are horizontal D. are varied

Question 49: According to the passage, some Americans choose to live in the country because ______.

A. their children enjoy country life

B. they enjoy the safe, clean, attractive environment there

C. life there may be easier for them

D. hospitals, schools and shops are conveniently located there

Question 50: Which of the following is NOT mentioned in the passage?

A. The majority of American people live in cities and towns.

B. Many British people think of the country as a place of peace and relaxation.

C. Towns in some Midwestern states in the US are separated by long distances.

D. Both British and American people are thinking of moving to the countryside.

Read the following passage, and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions from 51 to 60.

Since the world became industrialized, the number of animal species that have either become extinct or have neared extinction has increased. Bengal tigers, for instance, which once roamed the jungles in vast numbers, now number only about 2,300. By the year 2025, it is estimated that they will become extinct.

What is alarming about the case of the Bengal tiger is that this extinction will have been caused almost entirely by poachers who, according to some sources, are not always interested in material gain but in personal gratification. This is an example of the callousness that is contributing to the problem of extinction. Animals such as the Bengal tiger, as well as other endangered species, are valuable parts of the world’s ecosystem. International laws protecting these animals must be enacted to ensure their survival - and the survival of our planet.

Countries around the world have begun to deal with the problem in various ways. Some countries, in an effort to circumvent the problem, have allocated large amounts of land to animals reserves. They then charge admission prices to help defray the costs of maintaining the parks, and they often must also depend on world organizations for support. This money enables them to invest in equipment and patrols to protect the animals. Another response to the increase in animal extinction is an international boycott of products made from endangered species. This has had some effect, but by itself it will not prevent animals from being hunted and killed.

51. What is the main topic of the passage?

A. Endangered species C. The Bengal tiger

B. Problems with industrialization D. International boycotts

52. The word poachers could be best replaced by which of the following?

A. Concerned scientists B. Enterprising researchers C. Illegal hunters D. Trained hunters

53. The word callousness could be best replaced by which of the following?

A. incompetence B. indirectness C. insensitivity D. independence

54. The previous passage is divided into two paragraphs in order to contrast:

A. A comparison and a contrast B. A problem and a solution

C. A statement and an illustration D. Specific and general information

55. What does the word this refer to in the passage?

A. Bengal tiger B. Interest in material gain

C. Killing animals for personal satisfaction D. The decrease in the Bengal tiger population

56. Where in the passage does the author discuss a cause of extinction?

A. Lines 4-6 B. Lines 7-9 C. Lines 10-16 D. Lines 1-3

57. Which of the following could best replace the word allocated”?

A. set aside B. combined C. taken D. organized

58. The word defray is closest in meaning to which of the following?

A. make a payment on B. make an investment toward C. raise D. lower

59. What does the term international boycottrefer to?

A. A global increase in animal survival B. A refusal to buy animal products worldwide

C. Defraying the cost of maintaining national parks D. Buying and selling of animal products overseas

60. Which of the following best describes the author’s attitude?

A. indifferent B. forgiving C. concerned D. surprised

Read the following passage, and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct word for each of the blanks from 61 to 70

Computers are helpful in many ways: First, they are fast. They can work with information much more quickly than a person. (61)…..,computers can work with lots of information at the (62)….... time. Third, they can keep (63)….. for a long time. They do not forget things the way (64)….. do. Also, computers are almost always correct. They are not (65)....., of course, but they don’t usually make mistakes. These days, (66)....is important to know something about computers. There are a number of ways to (67)............ Some companies have classes at work. Also, most universities offer day and (68)…..courses in computer science. Another way to learn is (69)…..a book. There are many books about computers in bookstores and libraries. Or you can learn from a friend. After a few hours of practice you can work with (70)…..You may not be an expert, but you can have fun.

61. A. two B. second C. the second D. the two

62. A. same B. the same C. same as D. same of

63. A. the information B. informations C. information D. informational

64. A. on B. at C.in D. to

65. A.perfectly B. more perfectly C. perfect D. more perfect

66. A. it B. them C. its D. they

67. A. learning B. learn C. learnt D. be learning

68. A. day B. daily C. the night D. night

69. A. with B. in C. from D. on

70. A. computers B. computer C. the computers D. the computer

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the sentence that is closest in meaning to each of the following questions 71. Despite his inexperience in the field, John applied for the job.

A. John applied for the job because he has experience in the field.

B. John did not apply for the job because of his inexperience in the field.

C. John applied for the job even though he had no experience in the field.

D. John was unable to do the job because he was inexperienced.

72. Henry should have done his homework last night, but he watched TV instead.

A. Henry did not do his homework last night because he was busy fixing the television set.

B. Henry watched TV last night instead of doing his homework.

C. Henry did not watch TV last night because he had to do his homework.

D. Henry did his homework while watching TV.

73. He said I wouldn’t like black bread , and I soon found out he was right.

A. I tasted the black bread and enjoyed it. B. I tasted the bread but couldn’t decide about it.

C. I tasted the black bread and hated it. D. I didn’t taste the bread because he was told not to.

74. I have never felt better than I do now.

A. I felt better before B. I feel well now

C. I have never felt well. D. I have always felt well.

75. Bill, not his roommate, wrote that paper.

A. Bill wrote the paper without help from his roommate.

B. Bill’s roommate wrote the paper.

C. Neither Bill nor his roommate wrote the paper.

D. Bill wrote the paper with his roommate.

76. David seems really ill at ease in front of all those people.

A. David feels uncomfortable in front of all those people.

B. David is easy to be ill because of all those people.

C. David is ill because he stands in front of all those people.

D. David feels comfortable in front of all those people.

77. Hardly are appeals allowed against the council’s decision.

A. The council always allows appeals against its decisions.

B. It’s too hard for the council to allow appeals against its decisions.

C. The council rarely allows appeals against its decisions.

D. Allowing appeals against its decisions is not good.

78. They arrived too late to get good seats.

A. They had to stand for the whole show.

B. Although they were late they found some good seats.

C. They got good seats some time after they arrived.

D. When they arrived the good seats were already taken.

79. After the very salty food we had, we were all dying of thirst.

A. We were very thirsty after having the very salty food.

B. We all died because we were too thirsty.

C. The food was not salty enough for us to have.

D. We all died because there was not enough food.

80. Nothing but the whole story would satisfy Tim.

A. Tim wouldn’t be satisfied with anything.

B. Tim insisted on being told the complete story.

C. On the whole, Tim was satisfied with the story.

D. Tim wanted to know just the end of the story.

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