Full name: Student id: midterm test reading – writing 4 time: 90’ I. Writing (50pts)

part of the course. I really appreciated the sessions we

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part of the course. I really appreciated the sessions we 
had on academic writing. They were well structured 
and took us step-by-step through what can be a 
daunting process. We had to write an essay every 
week, which was really hard work, but the practice it 
gave us has been invaluable - and has stood me in 
good stead for my main course of study, which is 
music. The only disappointment for me is that I 
haven't had the time to mix socially with other 

I really enjoy studying here now, even though I 
wasn't so sure at the beginning. This was actually 
the third university on my top five list - but now I'm 
really glad to be here. The university has all the 
facilities a student could possibly need – a large 
library, computer labs, pleasant classrooms, and a 
brilliant sports centre. The staff I've had contact 
with have all been excellent at their subject and 
very willing to help me and other international 
students. The class I'm currently in is small enough 
to allow genuine interaction and dynamic 
discussion between students. You have to work 
hard and there's a lot of reading too, but I'm 
enjoying every minute of it. 
The main reason I chose this university is because my 
brother said how good it was. At the moment I'm 
taking a foundation course in science for engineering. 
If I do well enough in my end-of-year exams, I'll be 
able to get on to a degree course. The best things about 
my course are the teaching methods and the fact that 
all the lecturers are so patient. I thoroughly enjoy 
campus life because it is quiet and safe, and also 
because everyone has been so kind and considerate. 
My housemates in particular are good fun to be with. 
Hopefully, next year I'll be starting o degree in civil 
engineering here, then, after that I'm planning to return 
to my country, to play my part in its future 
Complete the table below with A, B, C, D, E, F 
Which student 
has had more success than they had anticipated?

already has a degree and is planning to take a higher degree? 

felt at ease after only a short time at their university? 

found communication with the university prior to their arrival very easy? 

appreciates being able to work cooperatively with other students? 

came to the university because a family member recommended? 

found printed information about different universities unhelpful? 

has been too busy to spend time making new friends? 

came to the university because of where it was? 

chose their university because they had heard people praise it? 
made a random choice of university? 
would like to repeat the university experience? 
commented on the calmness of life on their campus? 
is not studying at their first-choice university? 
plans to go back home after their course to help improve their country? 
16. All the students above find it a good experience when they attend the school they have chosen. True/ False. 

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