The Danger Game Objectives of the game

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The Danger Game

Objectives of the game:

  • To increase personal risk perception for male clients by addressing myths and misconceptions regarding the modes of HIV transmission (very basic things), especially related to sexual behaviors.

Tool description:

  • A set of 26 small cards (~ 5x7cm). One side has a sentence describes one behavior, other side has a picture illustrating that behavior.

  • A large board (~ 25x50cm), divided into 3 columns, the first column namely No Risk Behaviors, the second is Dependent Risk Behaviors, and the third is At Risk Behaviors. Clients can put the cards in the proper column they think.

With how many people can this activity be conducted:

  • The game can be conducted for both small or large groups (> 3 people; < 12 people)

When and where can the game be used?

  • IPCs can use this tool when they reach groups of male clients in EE settings (beer halls, restaurants…) YM: We should also use this tool with mobile populations, especially since HIV knowledge levels among them are likely to be lower.

  • For a large group of clients, IPCs should divide that group into 2 teams to compete each other, may create more fun.

Procedure for conducting this game:

  • IPCs invites clients participating in the game and give them short introduction of game’s rules

  • IPCs give out clients behavior cards

  • Ask clients to see the cards carefully and ask you for clarification if needed. Ask them whether the behavior on their card is high risk, no risk, or dependent risk.

  • Ask them to put the cards under the places where they think it fits. If it the behavior is at risk, put the card at the AT RISK column. If you think it is no risk, put it at the NO RISK column, and if you think the behavior at risk or no risk depending on whether the behavior is performed safe or unsafe, then put it at DEPENDENT RISK column.

  • Ask clients have a look at where the cards are. Do you think they are in the right place? Let clients answer and IPC correct any wrong answers

  • Move any cards that are in the wrong place (check the table below for correct order)

Không có nguy cơ

No Risk Behaviors

1. Ăn uống chung

Sharing food

2. Mặc chung quần áo

Sharing clothing

3. Muỗi đốt

Mosquito bites

4. Tắm chung bể bơi

Swimming at public swimming pool

5. Sử dụng nhà vệ sinh công cộng

Use public toilet

6. Bắt tay và ôm hôn người nhiễm HIV

Hand shaking and hugging with PLWA

7. Tự kiềm chế không quan hệ tình dục


8. Chung thủy một vợ một chồng


9. Quan hệ tình dục luôn dùng bao cao su đúng cách

Having sex with condom use consistently and correctly

Nguy cơ tùy thuộc

(Những hành vi này có thể trở thành Không Nguy Cơ hoặc Có Nguy Cơ tùy thuộc vào hành vi đó có thực hiện An toàn hay Không an toàn)

Dependent Risk Behaviors

(those behaviors may become No Risk or At Risk depending on whether those behaviors were performed safety or unsafely)

10. Truyền máu

Blood Transfusion

11. Tiêm chích trong các cơ sở y tế

Injection in health care services

12. Cắt móng tay, chân

Cutting nails (Should be NO RISK)

13. Cạo râu


14. Châm cứu

Acupuncture (My suggestion is not to include this in this game)

15. Xăm mình

Make tattoo

16. Xỏ lỗ tai

Pierce the ears (Same as above, let’s not include this in this game)

17. Quan hệ tình dục khi còn quá trẻ

Having sex at young ages

18. Hôn sâu

Deep kissing (NO RISK)

Có Nguy cơ

At Risk Behaviors

19. Quan hệ tình dục qua đường miệng không dùng BCS

Oral sex without condom

20. Đứa trẻ sinh ra từ người mẹ nhiễm HIV

Child was born from HIV infected mother

21. Sử dụng chung Bơm kim tiêm

Needle Sharing

22. Quan hệ tình dục qua hậu môn mà không dùng bao cao su

Anal sex without condom

23. Quan hệ tình dục sau khi uống rượu bia

Having sex when drunk

24. Quan hệ tình dục với gái mại dâm không sử dụng BCS với gái mại dâm quen biết

Having sex without condom with SW who knows very well

25. Quan hệ tình dục không sử dụng BCS với gái mại dâm trông khỏe mạnh/xinh đẹp

Having sex without condom with SW who looks healthy and beautiful

26. Quan hệ tình dục với nhiều loại bạn tình khác nhau

Having sex with multiple partners (YM: We should make this more specific and use phrases men use to define different types of partners – casual, girlfriends etc.)

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