Terms of Reference

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Terms of Reference

Title: Project Accountant (PAC)

Duty Station: Hanoi with national travel as required

Duration of Assignment: 12 month with potential extension

Expected starting date: 25 Apr 2016

Direct Supervisor: Project Director

Project ID and titles:

00080525 - Capacity Building for the Ratification and Implementation of the Nagoya Protocol on Access and Benefit Sharing in Viet Nam.

The Vietnam Environmental Administration, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE) is implementing of a UNDP- GEF funded project entitled “Capacity Building for the Ratification and Implementation of the Nagoya Protocol on Access and Benefit Sharing in Viet Nam” over a period from January 2016 to December 2019. The project aims to strengthen national capacities on access and benefit sharing of genetic resources to facilitate the implementation of the Nagoya Protocol on Access and Benefit Sharing. The objective would be achieved through four components, namely: (i) Creating an enabling national policy, legal and institutional framework for ABS; (ii) Developing administrative measures for implementation of national ABS legal framework; (iii) Increasing awareness and capacity of all relevant stakeholders for implementation of national ABS framework; and (iv)Demonstrating private-public-community partnerships on access and benefit sharing.
The project is seeking for qualified project accountant. This Project Accountant will work for Project Management Unit at VEA, MONRE. The Project Accountant is responsible for the financial management of the project activities and assists in the preparation of quarterly and annual work plans and progress reports for review and monitoring by UNDP. The PAC will work under direct supervision of the Government Project Coordinator, report to the UNDP Project Officer, the PMU and support the Government Chief Accountant in fulfilling the following responsibilities:

  • Responsible for performance of the accounting work of the project;

  • Perform daily work in compliance with annual work schedules;

  • Assist project management in performing budget cycle: planning, preparation, revisions, and budget implementation and M&E;

  • Provide assistance to partner agencies involved in project activities, performing and monitoring financial aspects to ensure compliance with budgeted costs in line with UNDP policies and procedures;

  • Monitor project expenditures, ensuring that no expenditure is incurred before it has been authorized;

  • Assist project team in drafting quarterly and yearly project progress reports concerning financial issues;

  • Prepare quarterly advance requests to get advance funds from UNDP in the format applicable.

  • Responsibility for the inventory of the project assets, tax, bank interests, etc.

  • Perform preparatory work for mandatory and general budget revisions, annual physical inventory and auditing, and assist external evaluators in fulfilling their mission;

  • Prepare all outputs in accordance with the UNDP administrative and financial office guidance;

  • Ensure the project utilizes the available financial resources in an efficient and transparent manner;

  • Ensure that all project financial activities are carried out on schedule and within budget to achieve the project outputs;

  • Work as focal person of the PMU in response to quality assurance activities such as financial spot-check or project audit.

  • Perform all other financial related duties and upon request of UNDP and the PMU.

Qualifications and skills:

  • At least an University’s Degree in accounting, business management, or related fields;

  • Minimum 5 years of experience on accounting administration.

  • Experience in administrative work or related to project implementation;

  • A demonstrated ability in the financial management of development projects and in liaising and cooperating with government officials, NGOs, etc.;

  • Self-motivated and ability to work under the pressure;

  • Team-oriented, possesses a positive attitude, and works well with others;

  • Flexible and willing to travel as required;

  • Excellent interpersonal skills;

  • Good computer skills in common word processing (MS Word), spreadsheet (MS Excel), and accounting software.

  • Good English language skills, both spoken and written.

  • Previous experience working with a UN/UNDP and/or ODA funded project is considered an asset.

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