Plastic bags, bottles and plastic packaging are bad for the environment

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plastic with evironment

Essay topics:
Plastic bags, bottles and plastic packaging are bad for the environment.
What damage does plastic do to the environment?
What can be done by governments and individuals to solve this problem?

Plastic bags make our lives easier, yet the ease at the present is causing long-term harm.

Plastic bags have a poor recycling value. It has potential risks in addition to being distributed on urban streets, tourist locations, and aquatic bodies, and generating "visual pollution" pollution on both sides of highways and trains during usage.
The plastic structure is resilient, not easily damaged by natural microorganisms, and does not separate for an extended period of time in the natural environment. This implies that if waste plastic garbage is not recycled, it will become pollutants in the environment and accumulate indefinitely, causing significant environmental impact.
Obviously, it has an impact on agricultural growth. The ongoing accumulation of waste plastic goods in the soil will have an impact on crop absorption of nutrients and water, resulting in lower agricultural yields.
Furthermore, it endangers animal survival. Animals consume waste plastic goods abandoned on land or in bodies of water as food, resulting in animal death. Last year, over 1,000 sheep from 20 herders near Qinghai Lake were slaughtered as a result of this, with an estimated economic loss of 300,000 yuan. Sheep enjoy eating the greasy residue wrapped in plastic bags, although they frequently consume them with the plastic bags. Because the consumed plastic remains in the stomach for an extended period of time and is difficult to digest, the stomachs of these sheep are full, and they can no longer eat Things, and must eventually starve to death. Such occurrences are widespread in zoos, pastures, rural regions, and seas.
Also, landfilling waste plastics would not only take up a big quantity of area, but the occupied land will not be repaired for a long time, hurting land sustainability. Plastic trash that enters home garbage will not disintegrate for 200 years if it is landfilled. It is particularly detrimental to the land, changing its pH, affecting crop absorption of nutrients and water, and reducing agricultural yield. Plastic items abandoned in water or on land not only harm the environment but may also kill if ingested passively. This has a negative impact on the ecological equilibrium.
Besides that, high temperatures decompose toxic substances, whereas plastic products are non-toxic substances; however, because its recycling equipment is not perfect, the process is simple, and many manufacturers lack legal business licenses, resulting in the reproduction of plastic products when the temperature reaches 65 °C, poisonous substances. Substances will be precipitated and pierced into food, causing injury to vital organs such as the liver, kidneys, reproductive system, and central nervous system.
So, in order to tackle the problem of plastic trash, we must start at the beginning: if we stop using plastic items, we will no longer generate plastic garbage. As a result, individuals must abandon their habit of using plastic items, particularly throwaway plastic products, and instead choose for things made of glass, porcelain, ceramic, alloy, etc.
Furthermore, plastic garbage must be separated from other forms of waste in order to improve the waste treatment process. It is vital to raise awareness about the risks of plastic trash and to criticize inappropriate plastic waste disposal, such as by organizing initiatives to collect plastic debris on the beach. Looking ahead, we must discover a replacement for plastic, possibly bio-based plastic, rather than plastic as it is now.
Attitudes and behaviors of state and government officials at all levels toward ecological and environmental protection are critical to the efficiency of environmental protection implementation.
First, there is the National Development Strategy.
The country must first prioritize environmental and ecological issues at the strategic level, strike a balance between economic development and environmental protection, and include in the national constitution the harmony between man and nature, as well as the harmony between development and the environment.
Second, Environmental census and monitoring of the ecological environment and natural resources
Following that, national and municipal environmental protection policies, rules, regulations, indicators, and standards are presented.
To control the environmental protection behavior of firms and individuals, the country and governments at all levels must develop environmental protection policies, laws, and regulations in a variety of domains.
In addition, Implementation and assessment of environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction
The state supports the establishment and development of non-governmental environmental protection organizations, listens to their suggestions, and accepts their supervision.
Finally, environmental monitoring of businesses
In reviewing bid enterprises, the government must conduct an environmental effect assessment and firmly prohibit the establishment of high-pollution, high-energy-consumption, and high-emission firms from the start.
Create the Trash Recycling Law, promote and support businesses that recycle waste, and assist and grow businesses that recycle and reprocess waste.
According to the recycling law, the recycled raw materials supplied by firms for the plastic processing sector must not be less than 30%, which would undoubtedly effectively minimize white pollution.
And it is critical that we all work together to promote a healthy living environment and safeguard the earth's ecology from contamination caused by plastic garbage. The ability to overcome the problem of plastic waste is dependent on your awareness, behavior, and habit of using plastic items. Let us immediately discontinue the use of single-use plastic goods, and let us convey this word to our classmates and neighbors in order to safeguard our own lives.
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