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Administration of Technical Infrastructure

Management Board of Technical infrastructure Development projects


Report on updating the database

for the year of 2012

Hanoi, December 2014

Table of Contents

Part I: Main Text

  1. The Vietnam Urban Water Supply Sector Database

  2. Process of updating the database for the year 2012

  3. Review of original values of performance indicators

3.1. The indicator set

3.2. Review results

  1. Correction to the calculation errors

  2. Adjustment to the original values of indicators

5.1. Principles and Methods of adjustment

5.2. Adjustment results

  1. The Utility performance Indicators

6.1. Summary tables of Utility performance indicators for 2011 and 2012

6.2. The Quartiles

  1. National and regional figures

7.1. National and regional figures

7.2. National Report

8. Comments and recommendations

    1. The reliability of the database

    2. Design capacity

    3. Service coverage

    4. The responsible area population

    5. Non-revenue water

    6. Domestic Water Consumption Rate

    7. National Report

Part II: Annexes

Annex 1: The questionnaire and Indicator Set used for the 2012 Database

Annex 2: List of WSUs who participated the 2011 database and the 2012 Database

Input data

Annex 3- Design capacity

Annex 4- Population in service area

Annex 5- Number of connections & Served population

Annex 6- Volumes of water abstracted

Annex 7- Volumes of water produced

Annex 8- Volumes of water sold

Performance Indicators

Annex 9- Water service coverage

Annex 10- Production utilization of capacity

Annex 11- Domestic water consumption rate

Annex 12- Non-revenue water

Annex 13- Water treatment efficiency

Annex 14- Meters checked or replaced

Annex 15- Networks

Annex 16- Quality of service provided

Annex 17- Operational costs and Tariffs

Annex 18- Operational cost components

Annex 19- Staffing

Annex 20- Financial indicators

List of figures:

Figure 1. Relationships between input data and indicators regarding water quantities and population

List of Tables

Table 1- Review and adjustment of the number of serviced cities under two City Grade types

Table 2- Adjustments of original data and indicator values of WSUs

Table 3- Cross reference Indicator- Annex

Table 4. The quartiles of Utility indicator values

Table 5a- National and regional figures which are divided into two city types

Table 5b- National and regional figures which are not divided into two city types

Table 6- National Reports for 2011 and 2012

Table 7. List of twenty one (21) biggest WSUs for 2012



City of from Special Grade to Grade IV


City of Grade V and below


Administration of Technical Infrastructure


Management board of technical infrastructure development projects


Ministry of Construction


Non-revenue Water


Vietnam Water Supply and Sewerage Association


The World Bank


Water Consumption Rate


Water Supply Utility


In this report, the names of WSUs are presented in their original Vietnamese names and the translation into English is provided in Annex 2- List of WSUs of the report.

Part I- Main text

  1. The Vietnam Urban Water Supply Sector Database

Within the framework of the Vietnam Urban Water Supply Development Project, a World Bank funded project, the “Urban Water Sector Database Establishment” program was implemented from August 2001 to March 2013. Its objective is to support MoC (the national urban water supply management agency) in developing and maintaining a long-term, systematical and comprehensive data base on the performance of the urban water utilities in Vietnam: the Vietnam Urban Water Supply Sector Database.

With the efforts of Administration of Technical Infrastructure – Ministry of Construction, MABUTIP and his Consultants and Urban Water Supply Utilities (WSU) throughout the whole nation the Program has:

  1. built a data collecting tool and a set of performance indicators for an WSU, namely:

  1. a data collecting tool which is an excel spread-sheet questionnaire including 151 questions. It is attached also a Guidance Manual to support the water utilities complete the questionnaire; and

  2. a set of performance indicators for a WSU including 51 indicators, which can be calculated from the data, filled in the questionnaire by the WSU.

  1. collected the data from WSUs. The program has investigated 86 WSUs and through the questionnaire collected the input data of 81 Utilities of all 63 Provinces/ Cities over the nation. The input data in these 81 questionnaires were reviewed and then clarified and supplemented. However the data of two WSUs (the Dien Bien Construction and Water Supply Co. and the Lang Son Water Supply and Sewerage JSC.) were not used due to insufficient reliability. Thus, the data of 79 WSUs were included in the 2011 Database,

  2. established the Vienam Urban Water Supply Database for the year of 2011 including:

  1. input data on the performance of 79 urban water supply utilities over the nation;

  2. performance indicators of each of these 79 WSUs;

  3. National Indicators

  4. Regional Indicators for six regions over the nation, namely:

  • the Northern Mountainous and the Midland region;

  • The Red River Delta region;

  • the Central Coast region;

  • the Central highland region;

  • the East of Southern region; and

  • The Mekong River Delta region.

  1. The final report on assessment and analysis of the data and performance indicators

  1. established and maintained a formal website to publicize and update the Database at Additionally, a Manual on web-site usage for users has been provided: The “User Manual- Vietnam Ministry of Construction- Water Bench Marking System (December 2012)”

  1. Process of updating the database for the year 2012

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