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Post applied Finance Manager/Finance Controller


Name Nguyen

Sex Male

Date of birth 12/12/1967

Nationality Vietnamese

Marital status Married

Cell phone 091xxxxxxx


Address HCMC

        • To become a professional financier.

        • To work in a more professional and challenging working environment that helps to advance the abilities of financial management and financial analysis

        • To contribute accumulated knowledge and experience to business

        • To find a stable job with promotion prospects and competitive salary


1985-1989 BA - The Economic University of HCMC

1998-2001 BA in English - the University of Social Sciences and Humanities

2005-2007 MBA - CFVG in HCMC


2001 ISO Internal Audit Certificate

2002 Chief Accountant Certificate - Ministry Of Finance of Vietnam

Team building, Solving problem, Time management, Project management, Leadership.


08/2009 to now: Finance Manager

AAA Vietnam Company Ltd., HCMC

Main business: Mechanical Seals

Main duties:

Report to General Director, dot line to Regional Finance Manager

Supervise 4 staffs (2 accountants, 1 administrator, 1 purchasing officer)

  • Responsible for monthly financial reports.

  • Analysis of operating expenses and revenue.

  • Group reporting package (IFRS).

  • Establish company yearly budget, quarterly forecasting.

  • Control company expenditure and financial status.

  • Cash management.

  • Conduct audit schemes (VAS).

  • Responsible for reports on taxes, banking and labors.

  • Assist in Sales strategies.

  • Work closely with Sales Manager to follow up budget and forecast as well.

  • Monitor Corporate Policies.

  • Payroll Administration.

  • Take care Human resource & Administration.

  • Co-coordinating Vung Tau Branch and Distributors.

01/2007 to 04/2009: Finance Controller


Main business: Metal packaging

Main duties:

Report to General Director

Supervise staffs: Accounting Manager, IT Manager.

  • Responsible for financial and management functions including the review of systems of internal controls and financial procedures and providing advice to the business units on all financial matters.

  • Ensure efficient running of the accounting and information department.

  • Plan and control of overhead expenditures and financial results
    established long term objectives.

  • Manage the accounting system including accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger, project costing, inventory, cash flow projection, credit and corrections to contribute to overall financial and performance results. Ensure compliance with corporate, local statutory requirement through appropriate record keeping.

  • Work proactively with management team to control actual financial results consistent with operating plan commitments for the organization.

  • Prepare and analyze monthly financial results, quarterly forecasts, performance review and annual budget, yearend reporting and year end package.

  • Maintain adequate procedures and controls to ensure accuracy of job costs.
    Establish adequate internal controls and procedures to safeguarded and protect company assets.

  • Payroll Administration.

  • Liaise with bankers, auditors, tax agents, legal consultants and statutory bodies.


  • Set up accounting system

  • Conduct accounting software

  • Set up finance and accounting report system

  • Set up internal financial control procedures

02/2004 to 01/2007: Finance and Accounting Manager

CCC Company

Main business: Fertilizer and pesticide

Main duties:

Report to Finance Director

Supervise 7 staffs: general, receivables, payables, costing, banking, asset accountants and cashier.

  • Budgeting

  • Financial report and analysis

  • Making income bridge, expense bridge between actual and budget

  • Cash management

  • Assist Financial Director with financial strategy.

  • Loan and hedging

  • Approve payment

  • Monitor salary system

  • Managing accounting activities of branches


  • Reorganize accounting dept.

  • Restructure accounting system

Reason for leaving:

  • To upgrade career

02/1997 – 02/2004: Chief Accountant


Main business: Metal packaging

Main duties:

Report to Finance Director

Supervise 6 staffs: receivables, payables, costing, banking, tax accountants and cashier.

  • Analysis result of operating, finance situation

  • Follow income bridge, expense bridge between actual and budget

  • Check reports on costing, financial, tax, audit and bank reconciliation

  • Compare between budget and actual figure

  • Make monthly Profitability of Analysis

  • Monthly calculate cost of products

  • Be in charge of variance expenses (VAR comment report)/Actual & Budget

  • Prepare monthly analysis expenses and costing

  • Make business correspondence with suppliers and customers

  • Assistant to Finance Director in banking transactions (Credit line, tariff, facilities)

  • Deal with Bankers (Loan, Letter of Credit, FX transactions such as spot, forward, swap…)

  • Deal with Group, External and Tax auditors

+ Extra responsibility:

  • Member of ISO committee (participate in setting up company quality system)

  • ISO internal auditor (participate in control and improve the quality system)


  • Execute accounting activities fluently

  • Build up accounting and store procedure system

Reason for leaving:

  • To have a more challenging and fulfilling job in Finance and Accounting.

02/1993 – 02/1997: General Accountant


Main business: Electronic products and components

Main duties:

Report to Chief Accountant

  • Calculate cost; consolidate company and branches’ financial reports.

  • Receivables and Payables Accounting

  • Make monthly Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet & Cash flow statement

  • Monthly forecast P/L and forecast of production cost

  • Import tax, Export tax, Commission tax, Customs clearance, Profit Tax, Personal Income Tax.

  • Monthly payroll: Local staff & foreigners, Social insurance, Health insurance for local staffs


  • Build up report system for depending stores

  • Build up accounting system for affiliates

Reason for leaving:

  • To get advance in career in foreign companies.

07/1989 – 02/1993: General Accountant


Main business: Leather, Feather, Gather, Food Processing

Main duties:

Report to Chief Accountant

  • Receivables and Payables Accounting

  • Inventory control

  • Cost control

  • Financial reports

  • Payroll

  • Cashier


  • Good performance

  • Promoted to Chief Accountant

Reason for leaving:

  • Back to HCMC

LANGUAGE English / Good
PC SKILL MS Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, Access)

Accounting software/ERP: SAP, Sun System, Navision, Hyperion, Lemon3, Oracle, Asia soft.


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