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5.1. Development of Indicator Set and Questionnaire for WWT Services

The procedure for development of Sewerage Performance Indicators and Questionnaire includes the following steps:

5.1.1. Survey on existing data system

Consultant and MABUTIP conducted a survey on WWT data system in Bac Ninh Water Supply and Drainage One Member Limited Company.

5.1.2. Development of Indicator Set

  1. Scope of the WW Indicator Set

  • The sewerage database should include both following types of indicators:

  • The indicators required for governmental management in urban sewerage sector.

  • The Performance Indicators used for assessment on the performance of utilities and Benchmarking of WW utilities with similar conditions.

  • The Indicators should be adequate to meet the requirements of different users of the Database. Specifically, the set of indicators must include necessary ones for the upcoming stage. The indicators which may be necessary only in the far future should not be included into the indicator set in-question. They will be further included into the future revised version through the periodically revision of the indicator set.

  1. Proposing Performance Indicators

The indicators are proposed by comparison and alignment of the following indicator sets:

  • The Sewerage Indicators included in the System of Statistical Indicators in Construction Sector;

  • MoC’s Circular No 05/ 2012/TT-BXD dated 10 Oct. 2012 on issuance of statistical indicator system in Construction Sector;

  • MoC’s Circular 06/2012 / TT-BXD dated 10 Oct. 2012 on reporting statistical indicators in Construction Sector;

  • The letter No.970/BXD-KHTC dated 27/ 4/ 2015 of the Ministry of Construction provided comments on the draft list of proposed statistical indicators system in Law of Statistics (revisions);

  • The Sewerage Indicators stated in the Development Orientation for Urban Sewerage;

  • Decision No. 1930/QĐ – TTg dated 20/11/2009 by Prime Minister on approving of Orientation Plan for Development of Drainage in Urban Centers and Industrial Parks up to 2025 and A Vision towards 2050”;

  • The Water supply Indicators included in this Water supply and Sewerage sector performance Database;

  • The indicators included in the draft questionnaire and indicators set as enclosed with the term of reference of the signed contract;

  • Report on database of Vietnam Wastewater and Solid Waste Sector (a GIZ Technical Assistance Project), Wastewater and Solid Waste management Programme for Towns- GIZ- March 2012;

  • The Indicators in the IBNET Water Supply and Sanitation Blue Book 2014. The International Benchmarking Network for Water and Sanitation Utilities Data Book, World Bank – 2014;

  • The Sewerage Indicators in the IBNET Toolkit published on the IBNET Website.

  1. Completing the set of Performance Indicators

Based on the proposed indicators, the set of performance indicators has been completed in which each indicator is attached with explanation and calculation formula.

5.1.3. Establishing standard forms for National report and Utility Individual Report

The form of National report and Utility Individual Report on Wastewater treatment should be compatible with the form of National report on Water supply (which is revised also under this Consulting Service).

5.1.4. Development of Questionnaire

a) Proposing questions

The proposed questions are based on proposed Performance Indicators and forms for National Report and Utility Report.

The number of questions should be so considered that the questionnaire do not put pressure on the Utilities in providing data. Specifically, the questionnaire should include only the questions which are necessary to collect the following data:

  • The data which will be used to calculate the indicators; or

  • The data which will be included in National report and Utility Reports; or

  • The data which will be used to analyze the Indicator values of Utilities and to evaluate their performance and for benchmarking of the Utilities aimed at selection of peers to review and improved the performance.

b) Completing Questionnaire

Based on the questions selected, the questionnaire will be developed. It should be:


  • Each question will be attached with explanation and guidance on data filing and checking the adequacy of the data filled.

  • Similar to the questionnaire of Water supply sector, the relevant questions are arranged in respective aspect and subject.

  1. The questionnaire is prepared in two following modules:

  • Module A: Utility Information

  • Module C: Questionnaire for wastewater treatment services.

5.1.5. Establishing the excel sheets

Excel sheets include:

  • The questionnaire sheet for filling data;

  • The calculating sheet of company indicators which is calculated from the data of questionnaire;

  • Utility’s report in the reporting year shown as file providing data after correction;

  • The calculating sheet of national and regional indicators which is calculated from the data of questionnaire.

5.2. Proposed Indicators and Questionnaire for Wastewater Treatment Services

The proposed performance indicators and questionnaire for wastewater treatment services has been used as pilot testing in Bac Ninh Water Supply and Drainage Company and received comments of some water and drainage utilities in the conference “Comments on Water and Sewerage Sector Performance Database” held in Hanoi on 18/8/2015. As result, the final version as attached in the MoC’s letter sent to the utilities requesting to provide data on WWT in 2014 (deadline of submission on 15/11/2015). At the conference, LAWACO filled their data and submitted to Consultant and Mabutip:

The questionnaire and indicator set are presented in the following annexes:

  • Annex 4.1- Questionnaire for Wastewater Treatment Services (2015)/Data Sheets for Data Inputs;

  • Annex 4.2- Performance Indicators for Wastewater Treatment Services (2015);

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