1 Are you from a large family?

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1 Are you from a large family

1 Are you from a large family?
yes, my family has 3 sisters. I am the oldest child in the family, then 1 younger sister and 1 younger brother.
2 Do you have a favorite teacher at school?
Yes, I love my English teacher. She is very funny and gets along with the students.
3 Do you have any hobbies?
yes, i have a lot of different interests. For example, I like to play badminton with my friends, listen to music while having fun, or watch movies with my family. That makes me feel more in love with life.
4 Describe your hometown.
I live in Hung Yen, it's a small countryside. Life in my hometown is quiet and peaceful. My hometown does not have mountains or sea like other regions, but instead there are many small rivers and lakes in my hometown. The people here are very friendly and hospitable. So if you have a chance, try to come to Hung Yen

5 What is your experience when traveling to other countries?

I have never traveled to other countries so I have no experience

In everyone's life there are imprints that change your life. and me too, I also had an event that marked a change in my life. It was in the summer of 7th grade that my brother taught me how to swim. Before that I was very afraid ơ phe of swimming because when I was a child I fell in the pool and almost drowned đờ ro. After that time I didn't dare to go near the swimming pool or the lake. It made me feel embarrassed with my friends of the same age. In the summer of 7th grade, my brother was on vacation, so he went back to his hometown to play with me. And then he took me to the pool to teach me how to swim. At first I felt very scared but after a while I felt that the water was not as scary as I thought. Thanks to my brother, I was able to swim fluently.

I am a student. I'm in grade 11 at Nam Khoai Chau High School. i le vừn

My family is a small family. My family consists of my parents, me and my 2 younger brothers.Although it is a small family but i feel very happy.
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