5W2h implementation Project Proposal

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5W2H Implementation Project Proposal

Here is where your presentation begins

Project’s objectives

Some Common Mistakes
Lack of Proofreading
Fatigue or Stress
Lack of Knowledge or Skill
Misunderstanding the Content
Relying Solely on Spell Checkers or Grammar Tools
Inadequate Revisions
Language Barriers
Lack of Clarity in Communication Goals


1. Have you written an office message? (email/letter)

2. Do you follow the revising steps? (Proofreading, conciseness, evaluating messages)

3. Why do you think proofreading is important?

4. Could you suggest some ways/ methods when proofreading a message/ an email?

5. Do you think that revising a business message is important? Why? Could you tell me what is the purpose of revising the business message?

6. What common mistakes did you/ your students often make when writing? 7. Do you have a specific process or methodology for message revision, and if so, could you share it? 8. What criteria do you use to determine when a message requires revision? 9. What is involved in the revising business message process? 10. Do you have any tips or strategies to ensure consistency in messages after revision?

Objectives of the project


An aim in a corporate context is a goal or desired result that the organization seeks to achieve. The aim should be clear and achievable, and often serves as the basis for further planning actions inside the organization

Goals inside a company are usually specific and measurable, with clearly defined deadlines and outcomes. The company’s goals help focus the actions of the organization and ensure resources are used effectively


The project team is responsible for the successful execution of the project. Our team is composed of experienced professionals with the necessary skills and expertise to complete the project on time and within budget

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