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Revision Tests for English First Term Test 10 with Answers


I. Choose the word that has the underlined (letters) pronounced differently from the others.

1. a. scream b. death c. ready d. peasant

2. a. frightening b. brigade c. pilot d. fire

3. a. climax b. English c. history d. physics

4. a. hard b. start c. party d. talk

5. a. love b. above c. corner d. worry

6. a. father b. traffic c. hard d. party

7. a. please b. meat c. bread d. eat

8. a. language b. package c. mathematics d. marvelous

9. a. chemistry b. prepare c. receive d. degree

10. a. trouble b. study c. tutor d. subject

11. a. tea b. death c. leave d. seat

12. a. mature b. angry c. travel d. background

13. a. media b. television c. scene d. secret

14. a. cartoon b. moon c. flood d. too

15. a. radio b. latest c. nature d. drama

II. Choose the word whose main stress is placed differently from the others.

1. a. passenger b. purchase c. district d. routine

2. a. repair b. harrow c. arrive d. announce

3. a. husband b. brigade c. neighbour d. peasant

4. a. accident b. frightening c. occasion d. timetable

5. a. chemistry b. contented c. passenger d. wonderful

6. a. comfortable b. experience c. interesting d. reasonable

7. a. important b. profession c. Geography d. Literature

8. a. consider b. semester c. profession d. chemistry

9. a. geography b. biology c. history d. technology

10. a. address b. language c. business d. pleasure

11. a. obtain b. determine c. award d. harbour

12. a. general b. difficulty c. brilliant d. mature

13. a. education b. difficulty c. champion d. institute

14. a. satisfied b. afternoon c. buffalo d. history

15. a. disabled b. mentally c. retarded d. consuming



Put each verb in brackets into a suitable form or tense.

1. When you arrive in HCM city, remember (SEND)/ to send me a postcard.

2. Yesterday, we (GO)/ went for a walk after we (PREPARE)/ had prepared all my lessons.

3. Would you mind (SHOW)/showing me the way to do this test?

4. When I switched the TV on, the program (START) had started, so I missed the first part.

5. You didn’t need (PAY) to pay the money back. (active meaning)

6. We’ve planned (TAKE) to take a vacation this year.

7. You should try (DO) to do all these tests before watching T.V.

8. Mike is considering (BUY) buying a new car.

9. Bill usually (WALK) walks to work but he (not WALK) didn’t walk today.

10. He (not STOP) hasn’t stopped sending her letters since she (MOVE) moved to a different town.

11. It’s useful (KNOW)/ to know English.

12. I hate (STAND)/ standing in a queue. It’s such a waste of time.

13. My baby daughter is just learning (SPEAK)/ to speak. She can say two words ‘Mama and Daddy”.

14. My jeans need ( WASH)/washing. They are dirty. (passive meaning)

15. I happened ( SEE)/ to see your sister yesterday. (tình cờ)

16. While I (try)/ was trying to get my car started, a passing car (stop)/ stopped and the driver (offer)/ offered to help.

17. The police (pay)/ paid no attention to Clare’s complaint because she (phone)/had phoned them so many times before.

18. Mary (not wear)/ didn’t wear her glasses at the time, so she (not notice)/ didn’t notice what kind of the car the man (drive) was driving.

19. Tony (admit) admitted that he (hit) had hit the other car , but said that he (not damage)/ hadn’t damaged it .

20. Helen (feel)/ felt tired , and while she (learn)/ was learning the lessons, she (fall)/ fell asleep.

21. Before that sport event at the Olympic Games 2004 , no one (hear)/ had heard of him .

22. Someone (eat) have eaten all the cakes. I’ll have to buy some more.

23. My throat is really sore. I (sing)/ have sung all evening.

24. George (not be ) won’t be back until six. Can I take a message?

25. By the time we reached home , the rain (stop)/ had stopped.

26. This tooth (kill)/ has been killing me lately! So I (make)/ have made an appointment with the dentist for Tuesday.


TASK 1: Combine the sentences, using relative clauses and insert commas where necessary.

1. Where are the children? Their ball broke our window.

=> Where are the children whose ball broke our window?

2. Tom is playing football with a boy. The boy is his cousin.

=> The boy whom/ who Tom is playing football with is his cousin.

3. I remember the day .I was afraid to use my new computer then.

=> I remember the day when I was afraid to use my new computer.

4. I lent my jacket to Pam. The jacket is made of leather.

=> The jacket, which is made of leather, I lent to Pam.

5. Some people dream of a job. They can do the job without technology.

=> Some people dream of a job which/that they can do without technology.

6. You sent me a present. Thank you very much for it.

=> Thank you very much for a present which/ that you sent me.

7. There wasn't any directory (danh bạ điện thoại) in the telephone box. I was phoning from this box.

=> There wasn't any directory in the telephone box which I was phoning from.

8. She refuses to use machines. This makes her work more arduous.

=> She refuses to use machines which (thay cho cả câu) makes her work more arduous.

9.This novel was written over 100 years ago. It is still relevant today.

=> This novel, which is still relevant today, was written over 100 years ago.

10. Emilia and I shared a room. We spent nights talking there.

=> Emilia and I shared a room where/ in which We spent nights talking.

TASK 2: Add the correct relative pronoun or adverb to complete the sentence.

1. Is that the girl who sent you the Valentine’s card?

2. The reason why John is successful is that he works very hard.

3. The Titanic, which sank in 1922, was supposed to be unsinkable.

4. What is the name of the woman who works in the chemist’s?

5. Mai was looking for a dog whose leg had been broken in an accident.

6. The earth, which is the fifth largest planet in the solar system, is the third planet from the sun.

7. Hanoi, where thousands of tourists come to visit every year, is the capital of Vietnam.

8. I’ll never forget the time when she fell into the swimming pool..

9. People whose outlook on life is optimistic are usually happy people.

10. She refused to use the machine, which makes her work more difficult.

11. Sam is mending the chair which he broke yesterday.

12. This is the town where my favorite singer lives.


Rewrite the following sentences using the conjunction or phrase given in parentheses.

1. He is rich but he isn’t happy.

=> Although he is rich, he isn’t happy.

2. Cars cause pollution but people still want them.

=> Although cars cause pollution,people still want them.

3. Mr. Nam was successful in his life although he came from a poor family.

=> Despite coming from a poor family, Mr. Nam was successful in his life.

4. Though he is intelligent, he can’t do all these tests well.

=> In spite of being intelligent, he can’t do all these tests well.

5. In spite of his much experience in machinery, he didn’t succeed in repairing this machine.

=> Although he had much experience in machinery, he didn’t succeed in repairing this machine.

6. Don’t shout at her in spite of her laziness.

=> Though she is lazy don’t shout at her.

7. It was raining heavily but I went swimming .

=> In spite of the heavy rain I went swimming.

8. Though Lan is beautiful and intelligent, she is never proud of herself. (As)

=> Beautiful and intelligent as Lan is, she never proud of herself.

9. Lan is always admired by her friends because she is intelligent.

=> Because of being intelligent, Lan is always admired by her friends.

10. We don’t spend much time on our housework because a lot of devices for the home were invented.

=> Because of the inventions of many devices for the home, we don’t spend much time on our housework.

11. We always trust Nam because he is wise and honest.

=> We always trust Nam because of his wisdom and honesty .

12. Because of Lan’s poverty, she can’t continue her study at the university. (Because)

=> Because Lan is poor, she can’t continue her study at the university.

Identify the one underlined word or phrase A, B, C or D that must be changed for the sentence to be correct.

1. I decided changing job because my boss makes me work overtime. (decide to do st)


2. Where you worked last year when you were going to school? (did you work)


3. I succeeded in to find a job, so my parents didn’t make me go to college. (in doing st)


4. I’d rather to stay home than go out tonight. (would rather do st than do st)


5. Since I begin school, I haven’t had much spare time. (began)


6. My family lived in Hue since 1990 to 1996, but we are now living in HCM City. (from)


7. I’m tired because I am not used to stay up late. (be used to doing st: quen với)


8. What do you use to do when you felt afraid? (did)


9. I can’t find my diary, that is a real nuisance. (which)


10. It rained all night, which good for the garden. (is good)


11. Jane couldn’t come to my birthday party, this made me feel sad. (which)


12. Dennis used to smoking a lot a year ago. (smoke đã từng)


13. Mr. Thuy doesn’t mind taking care for disabled children. (take care of)


14. It took him a long time to get used to drive on the left. (to get used to + Ving quen với)


15. Check cards are used for replace money. (be used to do st dùng để)


16. In order to not forget things, I put a string around my finger. (in order not to do st)


17. Where you worked last year when you were going to school? (did)


18. The doctor called this morning, while you slept. (were sleeping)


19. I've been studying French since I've started high school. (I)


20. I succeeded in to find a job, so my parents didn’t make me go to college. (finding)


21. Take more exercise appears to be the best way to lose weight. (Taking)/ có lẽ là


22. Why you call me so late last night? (did)


23. Let's stop to watch so much TV so that we can read or go out instead. (stop doing st)


24. The young has the future in their hands. (have)


25. There used to have a hotel opposite the station, but it closed a long time ago. (was)



I. Complete the second sentence so that the meaning is similar to the first one.

1. My mother said I could use her laptop.

=> My mother allowed me to use her laptop.

2. I have to write a lot of letters. I hate it.

=> I hate writing (a lot of) letters.

3. We went out in spite of the heavy rain.

=> Although it rained( was raining) heavily, we went out..

4. It’s nearly three years since we came back to our country.

=> We last came back to our country nearly three years ago.

=> We haven’t come back to our country for nearly three years .

=> The last time we came back to our country was nearly three years.

5. Don’t stop him from doing what he wants.

=> Let him do what he wants .

6. At first I didn’t want to go to Ha Long Bay but my mother persuaded me.

=> My mother persuaded me to go to Ha Long Bay.

7. He was sorry he didn’t say goodbye to her at the airport.

=> He regretted not saying goodbye to her at the airport.

8. Adrian wears jeans all the time.

=> Adrian is used to wearing jeans ./Adrian is fond of wearing jeans .

9. My father said that I could use his computer.

=> My father allowed me to use his computer .

10. The teacher didn’t allow students to talk in class.

=> The teacher made students keep silent in class.

11. She went to the zoo last year and that is where she saw a real tiger for the first time.

=> Before she went to the zoo last year she had never seen a real tiger.

12. Although she lived in difficult conditions, she worked very hard.

=> In spite of difficult living conditions, she worked very hard.

13. Tom accepted the job despite the salary which was rather low.

=> Although the salary was rather low, Tom accepted the job.

14. It’s three years since I last saw Lan, my old friend.

=> I haven’t seen Lan, my old friend, for three years.

15. They haven’t sent me that letter yet.

=> I haven’t been sent that letter yet.

16. Five applicants have been interviewed since the early morning.

=> The director has interviewed five applicants since early morning..

17. My uncle lived in Ha Noi once, but now, he lives in Da Nang.

=> My uncle used to live in Hanoi, but now he lives in Da Nang.

18. A shop assistant spoke to me. She was very young.

=> The shop assistant who spoke to me was very young .

19. Because of Nam’s intelligence, he is always admired by all of his friends.

=> Because Nam is intelligent, he is always admired by all of his friends.

20. Mr. Vy often spends fifteen minutes leading the buffalo to the field.

=> It often takes Mr. Vy fifteen minutes to lead the buffalo to the field .

21. It started raining an hour ago.

=> It has been raining for an hour.

22. The last time we saw her was on New Year.

=> We have never seen her since the last New Year.

23. I began to study French three years ago.

=> I have studied French for three years.

24. My brother stopped smoking last month.

=> My brother doesn’t smoke any more./ has stopped smoking since last month.

25. She last met me yesterday.

=> She has never met me from now on.( từ nay trở đi).

26. This is the first time I have eaten this food.

=> I haven’t eaten this food before.

27. When did you start learning English?

=> How long is it since you started learning English?

28. Did they ask you any questions about it?

=> Were you asked any questions about it?

29. He is talking to the girl with long hair.

=> The girl whom he is talking to has a long hair.

30. The weather was very bad, so they had to cancel the live show.

=> Because of the very bad weather they had to cancel the live show.

31. She has no intention of buying a car.

=> She is not interested in buying a car./ not going to buy.

32. Mary had the habit of going on excursions with her classmates at the end of every month.

=> Mary used to go on excursions with her classmates at the end of every month.

33. It is a two-hour flight from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh city.

=> It takes two hours to fly from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh city.

34. Do you intend to eat out tonight?

=> Are you going to eat out tonight?

35. Martin and Helen have decorated the new house for three days.

=> The new house has been decorated by …for three days.

36. The Amory Show, held in New York in 1913, was an important exhibition.

=> The Amory Show, which was held in New York in 1913, was an important exhibition.

37. Her baby will be born in November.

=> She is going to have a baby in November.

38. We intended to visit the museum, but we didn’t have the time.

=> We were going to visit the museum, but we didn’t have the time.

39. She wrote a letter in thirty minutes.

=> It took her thirty minutes to write a letter.

40. We’ve arranged to start the trip at 6 a.m tomorrow.

=> We are going to start the trip at 6 a.m tomorrow.


TASK 1. Choose the correct words or phrases to complete the following sentences.

1. The manager expected the team…...........because they hadn't done enough training. (have lost/ by losing/ to be lost/ to lose)

2. I'm going to the rains. (if / unless / despite/ in case)

3. When he arrived at the party, no one ………..there. ( were / are / was / had been )

4. ……...have a lot of experience of life and can deal with most situations. ( The old / Old / Young / The young )

5. I have not seen her ……..she was a little girl. ( since / when / as / while )

6. After Diego………lunch, he ………to some music for a while. ( finished- had listened / had finished -listened / had finished - had listened / finished – listened )

7. Do you remember the restaurant …….we met for the first time? ( which / that / where / when )

8. I ………to Hue tomorrow. I …… the ticket for the train already .( am going –buy / go - has bought/ am going- have bought / will go- bought )

9. ………..of ten, Helen had mastered Braille. ( When / By the age / At / When she )

10. I must go now. I promised ...........late. ( not being / not to be / to not be / I won’t be)

11. I am sure I locked the door. I clearly remember ............. it. (locking / to lock / to have locked / to be locked )

12. When the alarm clock goes …….at 4.30, she gets up. ( on / off / up / towards)

13. They usually ………water into the fields in the afternoon. ( fetch / take / pump / bring )

14. We've lost her phone number,………..makes it difficult to contact her. ( it / which / that / this )

15. Tom is doing his homework ………. . ( recently / at the moment / ago / lately )

16. Congratulations! You have just ………..all your exams. ( gone / broken / passed / succeeded )

17. This department is ……….of customers. ( crowded / filled / full / empty )

18. A: “What is your ……? ” _B: I’m a teacher. ( occupation / work / task / assignment )

19. Mrs. Lan is in ………..of my class. ( charge / responsibility / task / role )

20. It is very kind …….you to help me. ( for / of / above / up )

21. There is no ………explanation for what happened. ( scientist / scientific / scientifically / science )

22. Interprets should be highly ……………as well as fluent. ( educated / educating / education / educational )

23. ………..feeling tired, we decided to go out. ( In spite / Despite / Although / Because )

24. My sister always harbours the …………of a scientific career .( wish / desire / dream / nightmare )

25. He behaves like an adult. I think he is more ………...than the other students in his class. (intelligent / mature / ambitious / developed )

26.Jane is always determined to do anything she wants. She is a ……….woman.

( ambitious / strong-willed / brilliant / humane )

27. Marie Curie …………a Noble Prize in Chemistry in 1911. ( awarded /was awarded / had awarded / had been awarded)

28. A: “…………does it take to get to London from here?” B: “ 2 hours.” ( How far / How much / How often / How long )

29. These classes are different …………other ones because the students are disabled. ( in / of / from / with )

30. They are very proud …………their children’s success. ( from / at / on / of )

31. I have been interested in ……….since I was at school. ( photograph / photographic / photography / photographer )

32. He has not developed mentally as much as others at the same age. He’s ……child.

( mentally-ill / mentally- retarded / mentally-alert / mentally-restricted )

33. She displayed a lot of paintings at the local ………… .( commune / post office/ demonstration / exhibition )

34. Claude didn’t ……… Canada. ( lived / use to live / used to live / used to living )

35. It rained all the time, ……….was a great pity. ( that / what / which / of which )

36. The port is capable ………..handing 10 million tons of coal a year. ( in / on / of / for )

37. ………is used for making exact copies of documents. (computer/printer/photocopier/camcorder)

38. Fax machines ………send or receive letters quickly. ( are used for / used to /are used to/ used for )

39. The figures he gave were not strictly …………. . ( miraculous /accurate/ appropriate / informative )

40. A: ‘Ann is in hospital.’ B: ‘ I know. …………..her tomorrow.’( I visit /I’m going to visit/ I will visit / I visited )

41. We spent an ………….afternoon visiting all the caves near Huong pagoda. ( enjoyed /enjoyable/ enjoyably / enjoyment )

42. We have just learnt the ………….of stone .( building / setting /formation/ establishment)

43. The cheese is soft, white and absolutely………… .( glorious /delicious/ interesting / fascinated )

44. You should ask for your parents’ ………..before going with us. (permission/persuasion/ protection / decision )

45. Hoi An is a popular ………….for art lovers. (destination/arrival/department/sight )

46. David: “Are there any good ………..on T.V tonight?” ( showings / channels /programs / performances )

Linda: “ Yes, there is a very interesting …………..about life in the Artic. (comedy/documentary/news/entertainment)

47. Were you aware ……the regulation against smoking in this area? ( of /with/on/ to )

48. Television can make things ……...because it presents information in an effective way.

( memory /memorable/ memorably / memorial )

49. Mass …………is the term referring to means of providing information to people.

( media / public / activities / production )

50. It’s television that helps increase the …………of sports and games. ( mass /popularity/ attraction / production )

TASK 2. Write the correct form of word in each sentence:

1. I used to spend enjoyable weekends swimming, sunbathing on the beach. (ENJOY)

2. A biologist is a person studying the life and the structure of plants and animals. (BIOLOGY)

3. I’m staying in a …comfortable….hotel in the south of France. (COMFORT)

4. We have been impressed by the …beauty…of the surroundings since we came there. (BEAUTIFUL)

5. My friend has been …unemployed….for six weeks now. He’s trying to find another job. (EMPLOYMENT)

6. They are very …proud…of themselves because they can say some words to welcome visitors. (PRIDE)

7. She can swim well despite her …disability… .(DISABLED)

8. After he won the amateur championship, he turned ..professional......(PROFESSION)

9. The ...injured....from the disaster were taken to hospital. (INJURE)

10. She likes him because of his children. (KIND)

11. Though she is ..satisfied....with her present job, she has decided to leave. (SATISFACTION)

12. I find it …interesting…to talk to you. (INTEREST )

13. The river here is very …dangerous....for swimmers. (DANGER)

14. Our …flight….will arrive at Da Nang airport on time. (FLY)

15. His father is always…worried....about his riding to school in narrow and crowded streets. (WORRY)

16. Many people expressed …disagreement.…with his idea. (DISAGREE)

17. He left the room without any …explanation….. . (EXPLAIN)

18. Her father’s …death……has made her very sad for two years now. (DIE)

19. …Scientists….around the world are working together to solve air and water pollution. (SCIENCE)

20. There are now a lot of students without jobs after …graduation. (GRADUATE)

21. These children have no …knowledge…….of good and evil. (KNOW)

22. This is one of the best …documentary….films showing the lives of working people. (DOCUMENT )

23. They are some …effective…….ways of learning. (EFFECT)

24. We need a …variety……of food in our diets. (VARY)

25. It’s …impossible…for us to do all these tests for only one period. (POSSIBLE)

26. I can’t go to school because of my …sickness… .(SICK)

27. Could I have some …information….about trains to Hanoi ?( INFORM)

28. These students expressed strong…opposition… his proposal. (OPPOSE)

29. …Poverty…prevented them from sending their children to school. (POOR)

30. I feel…hopeful….that we will win the match this afternoon. (HOPE)

31. I always drives more …carefully.…at night. (CARE)

32. He was …disappointed……that they were not coming. (DISAPPOINT)

33. Houses in the …neighbourhood….of Hanoi is extremely expensive. (NEIGHBOUR)

34. Most of the peasants in this village are…contented...with what they do. (CONTENT)

35. All of us realized that we were in…danger…. . (DANGEROUS)

36. It is the most …frightening…experience of my life. (FRIGHTEN)

37. These sleeping-bags were warm and…comfortable.., so they all slept soundly. (COMFORT)

38. The supermarket was …crowded....with customers. (CROWD)

39. We received general…education…in the local schools. (EDUCATE)

40. She studied well in spite of her poor …living....conditions. (LIFE)

41. Marie Curie is one of the greatest …scientists……in the world. (SCIENCE)

42. After the tragic….death...…of her husband, she had to manage the business of the family. (DIE)

43. Many…humanitarian….organizations send their aid to the war zone. (HUMANE)

44. If you want to pass the…examination…, you must study harder. (EXAM)

45. Marie Curie was the first woman in France to be university…professor… (PROFESSIONAL)

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