Vietnamse Eucharistic Youth Socety in the NorthWestern usa

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Phong Trào Thiếu Nhi Thánh Thể Việt Nam Tại Hoa Kỳ

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Vietnamse Eucharistic Youth Socety in the NorthWestern USA



9/2/2011 – 9/4/2011

Seattle, WA

Sa Mạc Sinh______________________________________________

Đội: ________________________________________________________

A voice came from heaven, “You are My beloved Son; I take delight in You!”

Mark 1:11
Dear Huynh Trưởng,
As a youth leader, you are also a catalyst! You live, speak, and breathe to spark and grow relationships with God and others.  God has divinely appointed you to help shape the youth’s lives by understanding who God is and how they can know and serve Him to the fullest.  You lead in the Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Society and your heart is called to serve. 
Being youth leader is not a matter of having a title, a position, or an overwhelming personalitỵ. Youth leader is first and foremost a matter of the heart. Thank you for joining us this weekend. May God bless you through this journey; May your ministry always be a song of prayers to praise God and his love.
Damas 10 Organizing Committee


Some people have a JOB in the church; others involve themselves in a MINISTRY. What is the difference?

If you are doing it just because no one else will, it's a JOB.
If you are doing it to serve the Lord, it's a MINISTRY.

If you quit because somebody criticized you, it was a JOB.

If you keep on serving, it's a MINISTRY.

If you do it only as it does not interfere with your other activities, it's a JOB.

If you are committed to staying with it even when it means letting go of other things, it's a MINISTRY.

If you quit because no one praised you or thanked you, it was a JOB.

If you stay with it even though nobody recognises your effort, it is a MINISTRY.

It's hard to get excited about a JOB.

It's almost impossible not to be excited about a MINISTRY. An average church is filled with people doing JOBS.
A great and growing church is filled with people involved in MINISTRY. Where do we fit in? What about us?

If GOD calls you to a MINISTRY, don't treat it like a JOB.

If you have a JOB, give it up and find a MINISTRY.

God does not want us feeling stuck with a JOB,

but excited and faithful to Him in a MINISTRY.

~ Extracted from Archbishop Nicholas Chia's 'Pray the Daily Rosary'.

Excerpts from Touching Hearts Changing Lives - Becoming a Treasured Teacher by Jody Capehart and Lori Haynes Niles.
The Four T’s for treasured teaching:
Be a TORCH OF LIGHT - Treasured HT let their light be seen by others

Be TRANSPARENT - Open with the children about who we are and what the Lord is doing in our lives

Be a TREASURE HUNGER - Tap into and uncover what makes each child blossom

Be TRUSTWORTHY - Children depend on us to provide a learning environment that is safe both physically and emotionally







Morning Prayer

Visit Jesus

Read the Bible

Attend Mass

Receive Holy Communion

Receive Holy Communion Spiritually

Rosary Prayer


Good Deeds

Night Prayer

Workshop 1: Ca Sinh Hoạt và Vũ Ðiệu cho Ngành Nghĩa, Phương Pháp Áp Dụng Thánh Kinh Trong Trò Chơi
Biblelicious - Songs/Movement and Bible Games for Nghĩa Sĩ
HLV Teresa Đinh Ngọc Nga

In today’s quickly paced life, most of the parents/teachers are often worried about the influences of media and communication in the lives of their kids. Information is accessible to the kids, for any subject they want and this is a cause of concern especially with the world that we live in. Presently teenagers can be a soft target for many inappropriate influences. And this scenario is growing the worries of parents/teachers. Nevertheless parents/teachers can combat such influences by producing sure that teenagers find the inspiration from the right sources. One such source, that a lot of of us will agree, is the Bible – one of phong trào‘s foundation. Introducing Bible to the teenagers can endow them to look at life, judge outside influences as well as bring them closer to God

But Bible can be quite an effort for teenagers to comprehend. But this usual problem can be corrected by Bible games that are educational for teenagers and assists the firm footing of Biblical teachings in their hearts and make learning fun and meaningful. The Bible games will teach teenager much more about the Bible and in turn far more about keeping faith in life and on the other hand you will be able to have excellent time together as a youth group. When you look for Bible games for your teenagers, you will uncover that there are hundreds of games offered in the marketplace. Producing a selection can be tough thinking about the big assortment, but you can constantly maintain in mind your teenager’s interest and inclinations. Moreover, you can also pick the Bible game depending on their ages and the bible lesson from TNTT Chuong Trinh Thang Tien.

As youth leaders, it is important that we master the technique of developing bible games so we can "Sweeping" Faith into Nghia Si's Hearts

Spread the

Word in




(a.) Affording exquisite pleasure; delightful; most sweet or grateful to the senses, especially to the taste; charming.

(a.) Addicted to pleasure; seeking enjoyment; luxurious; effeminate.
How can we make our lesson biblelicious (taste, smell, enjoy and cherish God’s Words)

    • Two ways to cherish the bible

      • Spiritual method

      • Natural method

    • Spiritual method

      • Bible sharing (gospel, open/closing songs)

      • Adoration (gospel – video, act it out exact story, mordernize the story and have someone read the exact story in the beginning,)

      • LTTT (Opening ceremony - involve participants to be part of the bible, cheers/song/games/acts)

    • Natural method

      • Convert a fun game

        • Know the bible

        • Identify area where you can inject the bible message

        • Lesson learn

        • Prepare the game, rules and have fun!

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