Vibration Assessment of a New Danube Bridge at Komárom

Fig. 10 Numerical mesh around the Komárom completed deck section Fig. 9

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Fig. 10 Numerical mesh around the Komárom completed deck section
Fig. 9 Bridge deck section at construction stage and after completion

Szabó et al.
Period. Polytech. Civ. Eng.
completed bridge case at high turbulence. The RMS of 
lift coefficient showed 20 percent difference in this par-
ticular case. On the other hand, however, the convergence 
of drag force coefficient and Strouhal-number could be 
observed as a function of mesh size. The results of the 
kε and DDES models at low turbulence intensity were in 
reasonable agreement. Based on the results the kε model 
appeared to be appropriate to model vortex shedding phe-
nomenon in case of the investigated specific unfavorable 
cross-sections. It should be mentioned, however, that it 
was not the case for the streamlined Humen Bridge deck 
section according to the Authors' study. There could be 
no vortex shedding observed, the flow were stabilized. 
The DDES model was successful only, with results 
of c
' = 0.060 and St = 0.095. The detailed study is not 
addressed in this paper.
5 Measured wind characteristics
The monitoring system recorded wind velocities and direc-
tions as well. The wind velocity distribution within a two 
months deck construction period can be seen in Fig. 13. 
In can be seen that basically low wind speeds prevailed 
during the construction.
In Fig. 14 the wind direction distribution can be seen. 
Wind from the south-east was the most likely contrary to 
the north-west direction prevailing in Hungary. The bridge 
axis is nearly parallel with the north-south direction. 
The bridge cantilever was attacked under skew wind
which was unfortunate in terms of validation of simulation.

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