Unit II message ordering & snapshots message ordering and group communication: Message ordering paradigms

CS8603:Distributed Systems Department of CSE

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CS8603:Distributed Systems Department of CSE
2020 – 2021 2. 
Jeppiaar Institute of Technology
2.4 Synchronous program order on an asynchronous system 
There do not exist real systems with instantaneous communication that allows for synchronous 
communication to be naturally realized. 
• This suggests that the distributed programs are deterministic, i.e., repeated runs of the 
same program will produce the same partial order. 
• In many cases, programs are non-deterministic in the following senses 
1. A receive call can receive a message from any sender who has sent a message, if the 
expected sender is not specified. 
2. Multiple send and receive calls which are enabled at a process can be executed in an 
interchangeable order. 
If i sends to j, and j sends to i concurrently using blocking synchronous calls, it results 
in a deadlock. 
• However, there is no semantic dependency between the send and immediately 
following receive. If the receive call at one of the processes is scheduled before the send 
call, then there is no deadlock. 
Rendezvous (“meet with each other”) 
• One form of group communication is called multiway rendezvous, which is a 
synchronous communication among an arbitrary number of asynchronous processes. 
• Rendezvous between a pair of processes at a time is called binary rendezvous as 
opposed to the multiway rendezvous. 
• Observations about synchronous communication under binary rendezvous: 
o For the receive command, the sender must be specified eventhough the multiple 
recieve commands exist. 
o Send and received commands may be individually disabled or enabled. 
o Synchronous communication is implemented by scheduling messages using 
asynchronous communication. 
• Scheduling involves pairing of matching send and receive commands that are both 
• The communication events for the control messages do not alter the partial order of 

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