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Verb+ noun + preposition (idiomatic expression)

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Verb+ noun + preposition (idiomatic expression)

  • Make + N+ prep

Make allowance for

Make a complaint about

Make a complaint against

Make a contribution to

Make an experiment in

Make fun of

Make a fuss over

Make room for

Make use of

  • Put + N+ prep

Put credit in

Put a stop to

Put an end to

  • Set + N + prep

Set fire to

  • Take + N+ prep

Take advantage of

Take account of

Take care of

Take note of

Take notice of

Take delight in

Take an interest in

Take pride in

  • Catch + N+ prep

Catch sight of

  • Have +N+ prep

Have an increase in

Have a pain in

Have an ambition for

Have a capacity for

  • Keep+ N +prep

Keep an eye on

Keep correspondence with

Keep touch with

Keep pace with

  • Lose +N+ prep

Lose control of

Lose sight of

Lose touch with

Lose track of

  • Pay+ N+ prep

Pay attention to

Pay a fine to

Pay a visit to

  • Give+ N+ prep

Give place to

Give way to

Noun + preposition

  • Noun + from

Absence from death from relief from

Difference from freedom from

  • Noun +for

Admiration for hope for revenge for

Aptitude for method for sympathy for

Aid for opportunity for synonym for

Credit for reason for taste for

Cure for responsibility for

Desire for room for

Need for reputation for

  • Noun + in

Confidence in decrease in lacking in

Dealer in increase in pleasure in

Delay in interest in pride in

Development in improvement in point in

Difficulty in expert in taste in

Faith in

  • Noun + on

Authority on effect on restriction on

Advance in influence on revenge on sb

Ban on impression on tax on

Comment on pity on view on

  • Noun + of

Danger of habit of question of

Chance of intention of mean of

Cause of likelihood of supply of

Equality of possibility of use of

Evidence of result of equivalence of

  • Noun + over

Control over victory over

  • Noun + to

Access to limit to reply to

Alternation on news to solution to

Attitude to importance to threat to

Key to insult to witness to

  • Noun + with

Contrast with quarrel with

Link with relationship with

  • Noun + between

Difference between connection between

Choice between

  • Noun + at genius at

Verb + preposition

  • Verb + about

Argue about dream about remind sb about

  • Verb + at

Aim at dart at laugh at

Arrive at demur at marvel at

Bark at glance at shout at

Connive at guess at

  • Verb + against

Guard against insure sb against struggle against

Hold st again ab protest again prejudice against

  • Verb+ by

Live by overcome by

Mean st by reduce by

  • Verb + for

Allow for combat for hope for

Apply for clamor for pay for

Apologize to sb for st crave for punish sb for

Bargain for cry for require for

Blame sb for compensate for reach for

Care for die for send for

Change for fish for struggle for

Charge for excuse for thank for

Chide for listen for vote for

Cater for mistake sb for leave for

Watch for

  • Verb + from

Benefit from discourage sb from profit from

Borrow from discriminate sb from remove from

Banish sb from expel from rescue from

Ban sb from exempt from resign from

Copy from escape from result from

Derive from emerge from retire from

Differ from hide from recover from

Digress from inherit from release from

Depart form liberate from suffer from

Deter from obtain from stop/ prevent from

Distinguish from protect from separate sb from

Distract from prohibit from withdraw from

  • Verb + into

Convert into fool sb into check into

Change into force sb into grow into

Turn into enter into crash into

  • Verb + to

Adjust to condemn to look forward to

Amount to cling to object to

Appeal to conduce to oppose to

Attend to confide st to sb refer to

Answer to devote to react to

Apply to face up to respond to

Attribute st to sb help oneself to resort to

Belong to happen to reduce to

Commit to occur to restrict to

Concede to introduce to subject st to sb

Confess to keep st to oneself succeed to

Contribute to distribute to listen to

Compare to look to surrender to

Lead to

  • Verb + of

Approve of convict sb of inform of

Disapprove of convince of remind of

Accuse of cure of rob of

Boast of deprive of speak of

Consist of know of suspect of

Think of

  • Verb + in

Invest in specialize in persist in

Involve in abound in result in

  • Verb + on

Attend on condole with sb on hook sb on st

Bear on confer st on insist on

Bet on count on mediate on

Gamble on debate on operate on

Congratulate on decide on spend/ waste on

Compliment on depend on try on

Base on descant on wait on

  • Verb + out

Knock out point out phase out

  • Verb + over

Cry over puzzle over get over

  • Verb + up

Fix up mix up tidy up

  • Verb + with

Agree with consort with plant with st

Acquaint with content with provide sb with st

Charge sb with cope with share with

Clash with cover with swarm with

Compare with dally with supply with

Class sb with flirt with present with

Coincide with equip with trust with sb in st

Compete with impress sb with st threaten sb with

Comply with interfere with sb collide with

  • Different prepositions lead to different meaning on some verbs

Agree on a plan differ from end in st

Agree to a proposal differ in end st with

Agree with sb blame sb for st excuse sb for

Charge for blame st on sb excuse sb from

Charge with compete with sb live by

Compare with compete for a prize live for

Compare to compete in provide sb with st

Decide between reduce st by provide st for sb

Decide on reduce st to result from

Die for succeed in result in

Die from succeed to warn sb about st

Die of warn sb aginst doing

Subject- Verb agreement practice

  1. Fill in the blanks with (the) other, (the) others, another

  1. I had a red pen, but I seem to have lost it. I guess I’d better buy……one

  2. Some people are lazy,……..are energetic. Most of people are a mixture of both

  3. Two countries share the island of Hispanola. One is Haiti…………is the Dominican Republic

  4. Excuse me, waiter? Could you please bring me………fork? I dropped mine on the floor

  5. Only two countries in South America, Bolivia and Paraguay are island. All of………have coastlines

  6. Washington is one of the five states of the United States with borders on the Pacific Ocean. What are…….states?

  7. A successful harvest depends largely on the weather. In some years, there is an abundant harvest. In …….years, the harvest is lean, especially when there is a drought.

  8. I enjoyed watching everyone at the beach. Some people were playing football, while…….were picnicking. Some were listening to music, some were sleeping and ……….were just lying in the sun. ……people were swimming in the surf.

  9. I’ll be finished with this report soon. Give me…….twenty minutes and I’ll be ready to go with you.

  10. Ali has been here studying for almost three years. In……..six months he will have his degree and return to his country.

  11. Only three of the forty-two applicants for the job possess the necessary qualifications. None of………will be considered.

  1. Chọn danh từ phù hợp chia tương ứng với các động từ đã cho để hoàn thành câu.

Nouns : advice, money, furniture, toast, jeans, clothes, people, hair

Verbs: suit, match, mean, look, be, help, get, need

  1. The new…… the living room……great! I love your sofa

  2. Those……./…… Are they Levi’s?

  3. My………/……….cutting. I must make an appointment at the hairdresser’s

  4. It’s great talking to you. Your………always…… solve my problems.

  5. She’s very fashion conscious. Her ……..always………her shoes.

  6. The………./…………burnt this morning so I didn’t eat it.

  7. The………I’ll earn in my new job………I’ll be able to buy my own flat.

  8. We love going to France. The ……../……….really friendly.

  1. Error identifications

  1. Not (A) everyone wish(B) to or can afford(C) to purchase a home(D)
    Each of the musicians (A) in the orchestra were (B) rehearsing daily before(C) the concert tour began.

  2. The plant leaf (A) has vacular tissues just as (B) the stem (C) and the root does (D)

  3. Side photographic(A) light it does(B) not show the surface detail (C)as well as front (D)lighting

  4. In round numbers, 70 percent (A)of contracts is simple (B)affairs and prompt transactions that are (C)soon forgotten.(D)

  5. Although (A)Japan is crowded (B), the Japanese has (C)a high standard of living(D)

  6. All (A)of the recipes in this cookbook(B) has been(C) tested and adjusted for quantity(D)

  7. Left to themselves,(A) rain forests sustains (B)their ecological (C)systems indefinitely.(D)

  8. Equipment (A)breakdowns in industry accounts(B)for annual losses (C)of billions of dollars (D)

  9. During the day the sun warm(A) the air near the earth’s(B)surface and the heated(C) air rises(D)

  10. The committee that was organized(A) to renew policies(B) have(C) already met twice this month and passed (D)two resolutions.

  11. County police (A)who was (B)asked to investigate were able to (C)apprehend the suspects (D)mmediately.

  12. Those having problems (A)with mathematics, which are (B)an exact science, have to (C)train themselves to be analytical (D)

  13. Intense competition from established(A) firms (B)and recently formed ones(C) are strengthening(D) the general industry in our area.

  14. The company that offers (C)incentive and additional benefits to its employees(B) are more (C)successful than ones that do not.(D)

  15. Our advertising(A) is targeted (B)toward youth, who is easily(C) persuaded to spend (D)money

  16. The window(A)will be covered (B)with new curtains, which has been selected(C) by an interior decorator at great cost(D)

  17. According to (A)research, the reason some companies succeed(B) while others (C) fail have been (D)identified

  18. The quality control department (B)is waiting (C) anxiously for the arrival of the new equipment which was ordered three weeks ago. (D)

  19. Economics are considered(A) one of(B) the most important subjects(C) that business majors(D) take in graduate school.

  20. The male(A) mandrill baboon is one (B)of the most (C) colorful of all mammal. (D)

  21. Many (A)championship automobiles(B) and motorcycle races (C) take place in Daytona Beach, Florida

  1. The Newberry Award is granted every years(A) to the authors (B)of outstanding books(C)for children(D)

  2. The(A) major source(B) of air(C) pollution vary from city(D) to city

  3. Around(A) 75 percents (B)of the earth’s(C) surface is covered by water. (D)

  4. All college(A) and universities get their funds(B) from a variety (C) of source. (D)

  5. Rusell Cave in(A) Northeastern Alabama was the home(B) of cliff-dwelling(C) Indians thousand (D)years ago

  6. In (A)1972 a corporation constructed(B) a 60 miles(C) toll road from(D) Philadelphia to Lancaster, Pennsylvania

  7. The mathematics and astronomer(A) David Rittenhouse was (B)one of the first man (C) of science (D)in the American colonies

  8. Publishers (A)of modern encyclopedias(B)employ hundreds(C) of specialists and large editorials (D)staffs.

  9. The(A) electric toaster (B)was one of the earliest appliance(C) to be developed for the kitchen. (D)

  10. Tornadoes can pick up objects(A) as heavy as automobiles (B)and carry them for hundreds(C) of foot

  1. Many kinds(A) of vegetables (B)are growth (C) in(D) California’s Imperial Valley.

  2. In typical pioneers (A)settlements, men(B), women and children(C) worked from morning until night at farm(D) and household tasks.

  3. Neither Bob nor his (A)friends received his(B) test scores.

  4. The team has finished its(A) season with another victory for their(B) supporters.

  5. Every discount store advertises that their (A)products are cheaper than its (B)competitors.

  6. His parent told them(A) to put his (B)coat on.

  7. Anyone who can achieve such success by themselves (A)is a credit to his company.

  8. Not only Tom but also Barbara had their (A)books taken from its (B)locker.

  9. Everyone has put their(A) equipment back into its(B) proper place.

  10. Someone has forgotten to put their(A) name on his (B)term paper

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