TrưỜng đẠi học thưƠng mại học kỳ II năm họC 2022 – 2023

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Amory - Speaking

Họ tên SV/HV: Nguyễn Thị Hải Anh - Mã LHP:
Trang 1/4 
HỌC KỲ II NĂM HỌC 2022 – 2023
(Phần dành cho sinh viên/ học viên) 
Bài thi học phần: Tiếng Anh Thương mại 1.3 
Mã số đề thi: 2
Ngày thi: 16/5/2022 Tổng số trang: 04
Số báo danh: 03 
Lớp: 2222ENPR5011 
Họ và tên: Nguyễn Thị Hải 
Điểm kết luận: 
GV chấm thi 1: …….…………… 
GV chấm thi 2:…….……………
Câu 1 :
In this day and age, with the rapid development of the e-commerce market, the 
problem of how to turn the majority of the "eyeballs" out there into sales is always a 
burning problem for e-tailers. From my perspective, there are three main approaches 
to dealing with these issues.
First and foremost, e-tailers must enhance professional product images with 
compelling product descriptions in order to convert these window shoppers into 
paying customers. A quality, professional, and comprehensive image is always a key 
factor affecting the purchase decision of customers. Research has found that people 
respond more optimistically to images that include other people. For example, Tru-
Colour Bandages, a company that offers light, medium, and dark bandages for all 
healing needs, not only has comprehensive shots of their actual products, they also 

Họ tên SV/HV: Nguyễn Thị Hải Anh - Mã LHP:
Trang 2/4 
have images of their products in use. It allows potential customers to envision 
themselves using the products. Besides, the product description is written in detail and 
clearly about the use of the product, material, size, etc., making it easy for users to 
have an overview of the wares. 
Another point worth mentioning is that e-tailers should consider offering free 
shipping on orders that cross a given threshold for a shopping cart total. Paying for 
shipping remains one of the most significant barriers to e-commerce transactions, 
while free shipping is the factor most likely to convince people to buy from a website. 
My friend, for instance, once had a bad online shopping experience when her order 
exceeded 200,000 VND but she was still asked to pay the fee for shipping up to 50,000 
VND. She had abandoned shopping carts because shipping was too expensive, despite 
the fact that she loved the products. Consider offering free shipping based on a number 
of criteria that also help e-tailers increase sales when consumers consider increasing 
the value of their order so they can qualify for free expedited shipping.
Moreover, e-tailers should make the shipping information clear and offer a 
variety of shipping methods. They need to provide a variety of shipping methods
including domestic shipping, overseas shipping, fast shipping within 24 hours, etc., to 
meet the needs of customers well. Shopee is a good case in point. It does a great job 
of inspiring confidence in their checkout process not only by offering multiple 
shipping methods but also providing shipping speed details on their product pages. So 
potential customers know exactly how much shipping will cost and when they can 
expect to receive their products before they even begin the checkout process. 
In conclusion, in this current competitive sales e-commerce market, e-tailers not 
only need to improve the quality of their products but also know some effective 
methods, such as: enhancing professional product images with compelling product 
descriptions; offering free shipping; making the shipping information clear; and 
offering a variety of shipping methods to actually turn eyeballs into sales.

Họ tên SV/HV: Nguyễn Thị Hải Anh - Mã LHP:
Trang 3/4 
Câu 2:  
Faced with some serious problems due to a significant drop in holiday demand 
recently, Deluxe Holiday chose the e-commerce market to sell their vacations online. 
From my point of view, there are numerous ways for Deluxe Holiday to not only 
succeed in the field of e-tailing but also achieve its desires. 
First of all, it is worth considering that when approaching e-tailing, the first and 
most important thing is that Deluxe Holiday needs to build an effective sales website. 
The company needs to create an attractive, easily navigable website and regularly 
update new and unique tourist attractions to meet consumers' changing demands. The 
company's website needs to ensure that the product catalog is clear, well-organized, 
and that customers can easily find holiday packages along with prices and other basic 
information. In addition, the purchase process must be intelligently designed for 
customers to make easy payment operations. 
Furthermore, Deluxe Holiday needs specific marketing tactics like influencer 
marketing or display ads to boost its brand. Deploying influencer marketing will help 
businesses reach their target customer base. Deluxe Holiday can use influencers, 
whose fans or followers are mostly young people, to attract this customer group more. 
Besides, display advertising also supports the company in expanding its reach to 
customers of all ages, not just young people. The company can promote its travel 
packages through famous social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, etc., 
or through traditional television.
Additionally, Deluxe Holiday needs to create its own accents in the eyes of 
customers by enhancing the image of tourist destinations in travel packages. The 
company should show its potential customers the attractiveness of the tourist 
destination and why it is a place worth visiting. As an illustration, companies should 
not only have comprehensive photos of their tourist attractions but also photos of past 
customer experiences, local culture and cuisine, activities outdoors and indoors, etc. 

Họ tên SV/HV: Nguyễn Thị Hải Anh - Mã LHP:
Trang 4/4 
Moreover, having competitive pricing strategies is also a remarkable point when 
Deluxe Holiday wants to succeed in e-tailing. A company's offerings must be 
competitively priced so that consumers will not favor one business over another for 
price reasons. Some of the price competition strategies that Deluxe Holiday can apply, 
such as: if the customer can pay the bill within 24 hours, they will receive a 2% 
discount off the total amount; in tour trips, the larger the number of guests, the more 
preferential policies customers will receive when paying; etc. 
Last but not least, Deluxe Holiday needs a customer service staff to be on hand. 
The company should have a customer support process in place so that it can respond 
to new customers on those channels in case they have questions. It is especially 
important to build customers' trust in the company through the exchange of 
transactional information as well as the feeling that customers are always cared for 
and listened to. 
To draw a conclusion, an increase in customers shopping online paired with a 
constant stream of competition can bring certain difficulties for Deluxe Holiday, in 
particular, and other companies, in general. However, with the above ways, I firmly 
believe that they can help Deluxe Holiday build success in the field of e-tailing not 
only in the present but also in the long-term future. 
--- Hết --- 

Họ tên SV/HV: Nguyễn Thị Hải Anh - Mã LHP:
Trang 5/4 

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