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1.  Cook organized his first tour in order to make some money. 

2.  He launched the world’s first travel magazine in 1872. 

3.  The Suez Canal was opened in 1869. 

4.  He thought some aspects of the American railroad system were excellent. 

5.  He preferred China to Japan. 

6.  He was shocked by what he saw in India. 

7.  He fell ill towards the end of his round-the-world tour. 

8.  He handed the business over to his sun when he was sixty-five. 



1. F 

2. F 

3. T 

4. T 

5. F 

6. T 

7. T 

8. F 






1. His motive was not profit, but social reform. 


2. The first travel magazine was launched in 1851. 


3. In 1969 the size canal was opened. 


4. He was impressed by its open carriages sleeping cars, onboard toilets and efficient baggage 



5. Cook loves of Japan was equaled only by his hatred of china. 


6 . Nothing he hadseen in Shanghai could have prepared him for the culture shock in india. 


7. In cairo, he felt seriously ill for the first time. 


8. No information. 



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