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Task 1: Give the meaning or equivalent of each of the following. (0.2m x 5 = 1ms) 

a)  social  reform:  Social  reform  responded  to  state-building  goals  and  favored  the  centralization  of 


b)  phenomenal: very good or great : unusual in a way that is very impressive. 

c)  launched: to begin something such as a plan or introduce something new such as a product. 

d)  obscenity:  the fact that something is obscene. 

e)  escort: to go with a person or vehicle, especially to make certain that he, she, or it leaves or arrives 



Task 2: Decide if the following statements are True (T) or False ( F) according to the text. Write  

             the answers in the box AND GIVE APPROPRIATE EVIDENCE FOR EACH ANSWER  

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