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Question 39: There was the woman who arrested by the police yesterday.


Question 40: It takes him half a hour to go to work by car every day.


Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct word(s) for each of the blanks from 41 to 45.

The United Nations Children's Fund, or UNICEF, was (41) _____ by the United Nations General Assembly on December 11, 1946, to provide emergency Food and (42) _____ to children in 'countries that had been devastated by World War II. In 1953, UNICEF became a permanent part of the United Nations System and its name was shortened from the (43) _____ United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund but it has continued to be known by the popular acronym based on this old name. (44) _____ in New York City, UNICEF provides long-term humanitarian and developmental assistance to' children and mother in developing countries. UNICEF is currently focused (45) _____ five primary priorities: Child Survival and Development, Basic Education and Gender Equality, including girl's education, Child protection from violence, exploitation, and abuse, HIV/AIDS and children, and Policy advocacy and partnerships for children's rights. Related areas of UNICEF action include early childhood development, adolescence development and participation; life skills based education and child rights all over the world.

Question 41:A. taken off B. set up C. paid on D. pushed back

Question 42:A. instrument B. projects C. work D. healthcare

Question 43:A. original B. ancestor C. old D. relatives

Question 44:A. Managed B. Led C. Headquartered D. Committed

Question 45:A. at B. with C. on D. in

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions from 46 to 50.

Nowadays gymnastics are very popular in China and some other Asian countries. Modern gymnastics began there in the nineteenth century. In 1811, an outdoor gymnastics centre for men was open in Berlin where they could do bodybuilding and exercises on a high bar and other pieces of equipment.

Dance is an important part of training as it prepares you for the types of movement required in gymnastics. One of the aims is to make the body stronger for jumps and turns. In competitions, women perform the exercises with music so dance, gymnastics and music are connected.

To become a top gymnast, it is important to start when very young, that is, when you are still in your kindergarten with simple exercises. Boys developed physically later than girls so Olympic gymnastics medals are usually won by men between the ages of nineteen and twenty-five while girl champions are fourteen or fifteen years old.

Question 46: When and where did modern gymnastics begin?

A. In Africa in the 19th century. B. In Europe in the 19th century.

C. In America in the 19th century. D. In Asia in the 19th century.

Question 47: What did Berlin set up the gymnastics centre for in 1811?

A. For men to do gymnastics with equipment.

B. For women to do gymnastics.

C. For people to do outdoors gymnastics.

D. For men to do gymnastics without equipment

Question 48: Why is dance an important part of gymnastics training?

A. Because it helps you to be stronger.

B. Because it is a sport.

C. Because it includes the types of movements required in gymnastics.

D. Because it makes you jump and turn.

Question 49: What does a gymnast have to do to become a top gymnast?

A. He/ She starts training when very young. B. He/ She starts with simple exercises

C. He/ She developed physically quickly. D. A and B are correct.

Question 50:Why are women younger than men among the Olympic medal winners?

A. Male athletes are older than female athletes in all games.

B. Girls developed physically earlier than boys.

C. Women are physically stronger than men.

D. Girls are more hard-working than boys.




















































Họ và tên học sinh: ______________________________ Điểm:

Lớp: 12_____

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the rest in each of the following questions.

Question 1: A. meet B. heat C. threat D. sheet

Question 2: A. final B. survival C. reliable D. wilderness

Question 3: A. mechanic B. charity C. character D. architect

Question 4: A. booked B. canned C. begged D. climbed

Question 5: A. height B. laughter C. brought D. bought

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.

Question 6: Many people do not like scuba diving because ___________ .

A. it is dangerous B. it is in danger C. its danger D. its endangered sport

Question 7: I object to __________ like that.

A. treat B. be treated C. being treated D. treated

Question 8: __________ you go quickly, you won’t catch the bus.

A. As B. Although C. Because D. Unless

Question 9: Keep silent. You _______ talk so loudly in here. Everybody is working.

A. may B. must C. needn’t D. mustn't

Question 10: If there were no plants, water ___________ after it rains.

A. will run off B. would run off C. ran off D. was going to run off

Question 11: Anna: Do you fancy a coffee ?

Bill: ____________________

A. Oh, dear B. Everything is OK

C. Oh, yes. I’d love one D. How do you do?

Question 12: You have to be aware of the damage humans are doing to quicken the ________ of wildlife

A. extinct B. extinctive C. extinctions D. extinction

Question 13: He got up early to catch the first morning train. ___________, the train was delayed and he was late for work.

A. Due to B. Therefore C. However D. Although

Question 14: Jane has never played tennis, ____________?

A. has Jane B. hasn’t Jane C. has she D. hasn’t she

Question 15: Computers and telecommunication have a huge _________ on various aspects of our lives.

A. development B. contribution C. invention D. influence

Question 16: On the way home, he stopped ___________ a cup of coffee.

A. to have B. to have had C. having D. having had

Question 17: Today, many serious childhood diseases ___________ by early immunization.

A. are preventing B. can prevent C. can be prevented D. prevented

Question 18: Yesterday I saw Tan on the beach. He didn’t see me because he _________ for someone at that time.

A. had looked B. looked C. looks D. was looking

Question 19: She said that her father ___________ her to go out the night before.

A. didn’t allow B. wasn’t allowed C. hadn’t allowed D. hasn’t allowed

Question 20: Mary and I are looking forward ____________ you.

A. of seeing B. for seeing C. to seeing D. to see

Question 21: _ Go to the cinema in the evening with me.

_ Let me ask my parents ___________ permission.

A. for B. about C. with D. to

Question 22: ________ is a sport in which people or teams race against each other in boats with oars.

A. Rowing B. Windsurfing C. Swimming D. Cycling

Question 23: In my family, both my parents join ________ to give us a nice house and a happy home.

A. ideas B. hands C. money D. chores

Question 24: She hasn’t got any children to __________ up.

A. grow B. bring C. go D. take

Question 25: The doctor advised me ___________ too much.

A. not drink B. not to drink C. didn’t drink D. shouldn’t drink

Question 26: He performed very well in the interview; __________, he didn’t get the job.

A. therefore B. but C. however D. although

Question 27: That's the old man ___________ house was burned down.

A. his B. that his C. whose D. of which

Question 28: The __________ of the ASEAN Vision 2020 is to create economic integration among the number countries.

A. representative B. objective C. investment D. cooperation

Question 29: He is ____________ that he can’t go out with us.

A. very busy B. too busy C. so busy D. such a busy

Question 30: George: You really have a beautiful dress, Barbara.

Barbara: Thank you, Anna. ____________.

A. This is your pity B. That’s a nice compliment

C. No, thanks. D. Yes, it was terrible

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions from 31 to 35.

I'm interested in sports, especially athletics, and I run seven or eight kilometres every day. I particularly enjoy cross country running, where you have to run across fields, jump over streams and so on. While I'm running I think about all sorts of things, and at the end of a run I'm sometimes surprised to find that I've managed to solve a problem that was on my mind. Next year, I'm going to try the London Marathon. It's a long, hard race -26 miles, or 42 kilometres - and you have to be tough to finish, but I really want to do it. I worry a bit about getting too old, and I'd like to prove to myself that I'm still almost as fit as I was twenty years old.

I'm interested in mountaineering as well as running. I'll never become an expert climber, but I know what I'm doing in the mountains. I successfully completed a course in snow and ice climbing when I was younger; and I've done a series of easy climbs in the Alps during the last few years. My wife doesn't share my interest in mountains. She agreed to go climbing with me once, but she found that she felt ill as soon as she got above 1,000 metres.

Question 31: If you do across, country running, you must __________.

A. cross your country B. run along the coast

C. cross your countryside D. cross fields, streams, etc…

Question 32: At the end of a run the writer sometimes finds that __________.

A. he is able to solve a problem B. he grows bigger

C. he feels better D. he gets a surprising problem

Question 33: The writer wants to take part in the London Marathon because _________.

A. it helps to keep him fit B. he wants to do it before getting old

C. the reward is great D. it helps him solve his problems

Question 34: The writer takes up mountaineering because _________.

A. he wants to become an expert climber B. he simply likes it

C. he is used to living in snow and ice D. it is easy to practise

Question 35: The writer's wife is not interested in mountaineering because _________.

A. it doesn't bring her any interest

B. she is always afraid of the height of above 1,000 metres

C. the height of above 1,000 metres makes her ill

D. she doesn't want to climb together with her husband

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct word(s) for each of the blanks from 36 to 40.

A large supermarket was looking for a manager for a new store they were planning to open. Out of over 90 people who had applied for the post they had chosen five and asked them to come for an interview.

The first ___ (36)____, Mr Riley, walked into the interview room. He was smartly dressed, but it was clear that he was listening to a personal stereo. He sat down, ___(37)____ off his shoes and lit a cigarette. One of the interviewers said that they would prefer him not to smoke and Mr. Riley apologized. Just at that moment, a telephone rang. Mr. Riley reached into his pocket, took ____(38)____ his mobile phone and began a conversation with a friend of his. After a minute or two, the interviewers had enough and said they wanted to begin. “Certainly, go ahead,”said Mr. Riley. They _____(39)______ him why he wanted the job. “I don’t,” he replied. “But I __(40)___ like a day in London, and you’ve already paid my train fare to come up here for the interview”.

Question 36: A. applied B. application C. applicant D. applier

Question 37: A. took B. put C. wore D. taken

Question 38: A. off B. in C. out D. over

Question 39: A. said B. told C. warned D. asked

Question 40: A. felt B. wanted C. was D. needed

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.

Question 41: _____________ , the weaker we get.

A. The more polluted we breathe the air B. The more polluted air we breathe

C. When we breathe more polluted air D. More and more polluted air we breathe

Question 42: I asked Jane ____________ .

A. are you planning to enter law school? B. whether she is planning to enter law school.

C. did she plan to enter law school? D. if she was planning to enter law school.

Question 43: Who will look after the house ______________.

A. while we will be on holiday in Spain? B. since we left for Spain?

C. during our holiday in Spain last year? D. when we leave for Spain?

Question 44: _______________, the football match will be delayed.

A. If it rains hard tomorrow B. Unless it rains heavily tomorrow

C. If it stops raining tomorrow D. Unless it isn’t raining hard tomorrow

Question 45: ______________ have been chosen for the national football team.

A. John is said that B. John is said to

C. People say that John D. People told John that

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to show the underlined part that needs correction.

Question 46: I have visited Liverpool, a coastal city of England and Paris, a capital of France.


Question 47: I will give the guests their tea before the head teacher will arrive.


Question 48: Nam is the first student in this class being able to answer the question.


Question 49: People do not know much about the need to protect rare and endanger animals.


Question 50: The suitcase seemed to get more and more heavy as I carried it upstairs.


Đáp án




















































Họ và tên học sinh: ______________________________ Điểm:

Lớp: 12_____

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.

Question 1: You have to be highly ________to do well in sports these days.

A. competed B. competitor C. competition D. competitive

Question 2: Books that give facts about real events, things, or people are called________.

A. biography B. novel C. romance D. non-fiction

Question 3: The factory is said ________in the fire two years ago.

A. being destroyed B. to have been destroyed C. to have destroyed D. to destroy

Question 4: That play was ________ for her to see again.

A. too interesting B. enough interesting C. interesting enough D. so interesting

Question 5: Please ________talking. I'm trying to finish my homework.

A. stop B. begin C. ask D. refuse

Question 6: Can you look ________the new words in the dictionary.

A. after B. for C. up D. at

Question 7: She ________. to me last year.

A. has not written B. didn’t write C. doesn’t write D. had not written

Question 8: Mrs. White, ________ taught me English 5 years ago, is a good teacher.

A. who B. that C. whom D. whose

Question 9: Nam: "I have passed my driving test." - Lan: "________"

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