There are themes of 2 provided passages Mother tongue

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There are themes of 2 provided passages

Mother tongue:

Language is the means of expressing

There are differences in the English used based on the different conditions (a)

Cultural backgrounds facilitated and shaped the way the second language was used (b)

Superman and me:

Cultural background is used to judge that race’s ability to “language” (c)

Reading is a critical way to learn a second language (d)

In the Mother Tongue passaged written by Amy Tan, the narrative story about language used between Amy and her husband, and how Amy would understand the story of the Shanghai’s political gangster that was told by her mother indicate from the (a) theme that the way we use English in our family conversation is different than the English be taught and used in the more academic way, specifically in-school situation. In addition, (b) theme in this passage has more in-depth building; through the story of political gangster story as mentioned before, and the real-life situation that Amy and her mom met, these occurrences imply that the formation of ‘limited’ language depend on how the language users used their mother language.

Superman and me approaches a different aspect of language formation. The passages using a third-person way of story telling express how the races of individuals are used to judge their ability to used the second language, English. The author mocking the judgement made with the Indians by the way he stands against it.

In both passages, they shared in common that culture hold an enormous impact how language skills was built and influences the way we used; in addition to the our daily life, it also contribute as an indirect impact-er on our English, especially.
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