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4. Conclusion 
In conclusion, this study shows different directions of consumers attitudes toward modern food consumption patterns 
especially for sustainable food consumption, consumption of organic foods and GM foods. In the case of sustainable 
food consumption there are three main factors that could affect consumer attitudes which are personal values, 
perceived barriers, and consumer confidence in information. However, even that consumers may show a positive 
attitude toward food products characterized by sustainability attributes, there are still many factors that limit their 
ability to transform their attitudes into real purchasing behaviour. However, the expansion of sustainability and 
environmentally trends, consumption patterns toward organic foods also expands where the food non-sensory 
attributes as personal health and pursuit of life equilibrium become more important for consumers when taking their 
decisions. The study shows that the main factors that affect consumers attitudes toward organic foods are 
environmental friendliness, care for animal health, and personal wellbeing, subjective norms, marketing 
communications, environmental consciousness, health realization, and price perception. 
Also, regarding consumers attitudes toward GM food consumption, the study shows that people will more accept 
genetic engineering science if they can better understand the technology and its benefits and risks, and if they feel 
that they are protected and consuming such a product is safe for their health, in addition other factors as demographic 
attitudes, moral and ethical issues show some effect on consumers attitudes toward GM food.
Note: Some parts of the paper have been presented at the 3
International Scientific Conference - EMAN 2019. 
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