Test 1: Somewhere Go shopping You can’t It isn’t To warn Test 2

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Part 1 : khoanh

Test 1:


Go shopping

You can’t

It isn’t

To warn

Test 2:

To make



Guests might


Test 3:






Test 4:

Your journey

people staying

we don’t

players who

the bank will

Test 5:

Daniel is having

you can

if ann marie

this room

explain why

Test 6:






Test 7:






Part 2 12345-abcdefgh
Test 1

Equipment => Active plus

At home => fitness for all

Outdoor => go for it

Over time => water cies

To friday => Rising star

Test 2

At work => Action

The class => A world of food

Other people => Think

In history => City eplorers

Studies => party plus

Test 3

Young children => Active fun

New skill => Making wawe

Together => Golden Sands

Performances => Culture

Good book => Forest Camp


With football => Top team

Part in them => whiteout

One himself => Taskmaster

The women wear => Quicksteps

The fin
+al scene => Inspector blake

Test 5:

for herself => ice mountain

on arrival => fairview

the evenings => windy pine

by train => rose valley

skiing lessons => eagle’s nest

Test 6

victor => marston centre

felipe => aqua sports

harry => padcaster centre

tania => marinewater

laura => camford centre


yang => holy’s

Stefan => scrimshaw’s

scott => ragal

jasmin => topping’s

lan => bales

Past 3 : khoanh tròn T(A) HOẶC F(B)
Test 1



16year old







Every day



Test 2







Shopping Service

Looking for





Test 3


Heard the bess





Saw the bees

Ate it

Were Bees







he was in

of time

Canadian embassy

his own



situation was

the phone

the hotel

for Bob

Test 5:


students will

at the concert

each student

student staying



the aim



student wanting


Test 6:


graham says

graham wondered

at one

luke was concerned

luke and


Các câu còn lại

Test 7:



been on


to do

to read


Các câu còn lại

Part 4 Đọc văn bản và khoanh
Test 1. Ahotel : - Giving information -- It will -- wacht -- it wont cause -- it great
Test 2 the price: - explain -- they use -- an enormous -- they don't -- they seem
Test 3 Athletics: - discussing -- they stared -- they encourage -- help young -- it an important
Test4 : open-air theatre: - explain what --change their- -they accept --he’s happy – I’m keeping
Test 5 RIK MAYALL…ACTOR: -To talk—not everyone – performing - the writers- he is a successful
Test 6: AMERICAN BLACK DUCKS:- Of research- after dark- stay awake- his job- information
Test 7: HELEN SKELTON : describing- equipment-filness-calm-challenge

Past 5 : khoanh abcd

Test 1Emma : Trained, although , series, made, all, continued, spent, since, several, also.
Test 2 Travelling -- plenty, few, and, for, trip, longer, start, fancy, fares, view.
Test 3 Weather -- predict, signs, following, provided, likely, however, accurate, chance, approaching, take
Test4 ALEXANDER GRAHAM BELL: developed-should-sounds-trained-interested-climate-that-similar-along-all
Test 5: THE ART OF DRAWING: soon- true- learnt- of-need-subject-time-more-which-limit
Test 6: WOOL: which-mostly-keeps-protect-contains-simplest-removed-but-rather-became
Test 7 : FINDING GOLD: gave, instead,spent,among,basic,collect, but, evert, short, search

Test 1
_Last week ,beth was sent an advertisement for a new clothes website
_ There was a sale on the website so beth bought a dress
_The dress wasn’t Long enough for beth
_ The dress wasn’t As colourful as the picture on the website,
_ Her friend said You should ask for your money back
Test 2 :
_I have known chris and brother Karl for five years
_ Chris is Always keen to go out and meet new people
_He cant’t Stand spending time alone
,_ Karl isn’t The same as chris ,
_ He’s Less sociable than his brother
Test 3:
_August is the hottest month of the year
_ My spanish friend advised me not to stay in the hot sun for too long
_ I’d rather stay in the shade when it’s very hot
_ Most years there isn’t enough rain in the south of the country
- People Are encouraged to use water carefully by the government)
Test 4:
Last week… (mine)
It (was)…
You have to (pay)…
The tour ( includes)
Santisgo bernsbeu is (bigger than)
Test 5 :
it doesn’t ..(to fill) ;
at a job …(have you done ) ;
is’s (not to arrive )
Some people( prefer) ;
some firms (give )
Test 6:
why( don’t you buy)
ben got ( with)
ben decided.. (soon as)
ben couldn’t (to )
the car (less)
Tets 7:
Jessica had.. (for)
Jessica ticket( was)
The ..(so)
Jessica .. time(will)
Jssica (didn’t)
Phần Viết
A:35-35 từ
Test 1: you arrenged to go to the cinema with your friend George on Friday evening, but now you aren’t free. Write an email to George. In your email you should.

  • Apologise

  • Explain why you can’t go to cinema on Friday

  • Suggest another arrangement

Hi George
I’m writing about Friday. You wanted to go to the cinema together, remerber?
I’m sorry, but I can’t come because my grandparents are to visit coming you could come to my house on Sunday instead? We could watch the new bond movie.
Test 2: You went to anew café last weekend and you want to go there again with your friend, Jenna. Write a text message to Jenna. In your text message you should.

  • Tell Jenna about the café you went to

  • Say what you enjoyed most about it

  • Invite jenna to there with you

Hi jenna
I went to an amazing, new café in town last weenkend. They serve delicious pizzas and pasta. The best thing is the dessert. The chocolate cake is delicious! Are you free on Friday? We could go there togerther if you like.
Test 3: You have just got back from holiday. Write an email to your friend Tom. In your note you should

  • Tell Tom where you have been

  • Tell him what you enjoyed about the holiday

  • Offer to show him your holiday photos

Hi Tom
I’ve just got back from my holiday in spain. It was amazing! The beaches were fantasic, and I loved the food. The people were friend, too.
Would you like to see my photos? I can email them to you if you want.
Test 4:

  • Describe what you have bought

  • Explain why you needed it

  • Say where you’re going to put it

Hi Teresa
I’ve recently bought a lamp.
It’s very nice and it’s perfect for my bedroom because it’s pink.
I needed it because I love read before sleeping so I’ll put it on the nighttable near the bed.
Your Leonie
B: 100 từ
Test 1: This it parts of an email you receive from an English friend.
“ We had a big family party last weenkend, but it was awful. I argued with my dad, and my little sister was really annoying! Do you get on well with your family? How do you think I could improve thing with my family?”

  • Now write an email to your friend.

Hi George I’m sorry to hear about your problem with your family.
I usually get on really well with my parents although we don’t agree about everything and we sometimes have arguments. I’ve only got one brother, and we are very different. We don’t have much in common, but I’m fond of him and we don’t offen argue.
I think you should avoid having serious discussions with your dad if you ever agree. Little sisters can be difficult, but just be patient. I’m sure you’ll get on better when she grows up.
Take care and write soon,

Part 1: Hình ảnh
Test 1 : 1 :tập tạ, ván lướt , chạy bộ bên hồ , ván trượt tuyết, chiếc giầy, gậy đánh gôn, leo núi
Test 2 : 00:05, máy bay hạ cánh, nhà cao tầng, sách-tháp ép phen, máy bay có nắng, bức tranh ( tờ giấy), ô tô đỗ bên phải
Test 3: Thác nước, đi bên cạnh suối có núi, sóng biển mạnh, con suối, ngôi nhà , ô tô con , có 1 cây và gió mạnh
Test 4: 2 người đi bộ, bàn phím, 06:30, cà phê và 2 miếng bánh, đàn guitar , đánh cầu long, 2 cái áo trắng tinh
Test 5 : có 2 ng và 3 tách café, áo cộc, 2 xe đua k có mây, trung tâm k có người, boy đang nghĩ về chiếc thuyền, cổ động viên trả lại bóng, trưng bày đĩa cổ
Test 6: 3 ng đứng gần tivi- lọ thuốc có mặt girl-paty bãi biển –áo dài tay -13th-nhà có 2 cây 2 bên –quả bóng
Test 7: máy ảnh, đôg hồ chỉ 2h30, nhạc cụ trống , mây mưa k có cây, bìa sách in boy ngồi máy tính

Test 1 -- she took , anxious, she wanted, learning ,receiving, Starting.
Test 2 -- she spent, she continues, exercise, surprised, in her, having.
Test 3: -- he had, wasnt, pleased, seeing, it hard , to test .
Test 4: --exciting, equipment, detail was, so high, countries, attitude as him
Test 5: a shop, are made, recognised, attractive, around her, a film
Tets 6: travelling salesman, he planned, a picture, and dance, river trip, the peace
Test 7: been to, others, a customer, the area, his job, a building
Part 3 ( điền vào chỗ trống )
Test 1 :The film: cartoon, chef, lake, movies, restaurant , january 28th
Test 2 : Training : hickets , ground, thursday, bus, food, ID card.
Test 3 :Extreme : army, bridge, jogging, trainers, 30th september , shawes.
Test4: STUDENT..CLUB : football stadium, email, sports bag, water bottle, shirts, beaton
Test 5 WORKING IN A … ZEALAND: steve had (tent), steve asays (meals), steve woked (path), steve also (map), in the (rabbits) , when he (flight)
Test 6: FILM AT THE…: green land, 5pm, computers, spaceship, top, Friday
Test 7: STUDY PROGRMMER: artists, 12th july, Fridays, groups, lessons, timetable
Part 4( yes or no)
Test 1 : Yes : town, metal, recyvling, transport - No : banks, plastic
Test 2 : Yes : screens, use, way - No : intagram, every day, Twitter
Test 3 : Yes : learn, words, skill, mistakes - No : language, says.
Test 4: Yes: midnight, enough for the party – còn lại là No
Test 5: YES: complicated, character, detective; No: behaviour, so funny, again
Test 6: Yes: health, the city; No: running, at word, win it, together
Test 7: Yes: training, match; No: newspaper, team, year, tour

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