Teaching instruction for candidates documents for demo test

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for candidates

  1. documents for demo test

demo test is one part of candidate assessment processes in aroma. In help of that aroma and the candidate be able to understand the English proficiency and teaching ability of candidates, candidates are required to download the documents in the below link.


Downloaded file including

  1. 01. Demo test instruction: provides candidates with whole information of candidate assessment process in aroma, by which candidates know what to do and how to do in an interview.

  2. 02. Unit 08 – Appointment (STUDENT’S BOOK): enables to have full comprehension of Unit 8. Appointment, including Part A & Part B.

  3. 03. Workbook (WORK BOOK): supports in preparing and giving homework to the learners, if necessary.

  4. Writing_focus'>04. Writing focus (reference document): helps understand how aroma learners do writing focus as homework, and know how aroma teachers correct the mistakes herein

  5. 05 Word Power Unit 08 Part A: provides core vocabulary in the lesson, so candidates use to teach before directly coming to the lesson.

The other documents will be the references for the candidates to understand a lesson taught in aroma.

  1. lesson plan

The following steps are recommended to follow so that candidates applied for the position of teachers are able to teach English well.





Content: Candidates’ introduction and opening to the lesson (Unit 8: Appointment)
Direction: Candidates use own way to lead members of the class into the main lesson.

3 minutes


Word Power Unit 08 Part A
Content: Key words used in Unit 08 Part A. It is to help learners know vocabulary before studying new things in the lesson
Direction: Teach the learners how to pronounce and to use these words in English with prepared document (word power Unit 8 part A)

5 minutes


Talking point& Language Usages

(02. Unit 8 – Appointments. pdf)

Content: Use different methodologies to guide learners into the Talking Point and show some key structures
Direction: try to introduce short information about the lesson in attractive ways to get learners’ attention; then show learners key languages to use

8 minutes


(Audio/Student’s book/30 U8 Part A1(b) (1).mp3 and Audio/Student’s book/31 U8 Part A1(b) (1).mp3)
Content: Use Audio Track 30 and 31 in Audio/ Student’s book for teaching Listening.
Direction: Check listening results and analyze grammatical phrases and structures for learners to get better at listening skills.

7 minutes




Content: Provide model writing and correction in response to the exercise Page 36 (Workbook)

  • Prepare a writing model with several grammatical and spelling mistakes at home.

  • Correct the writing mistakes in the class to enable learners’ writing skills.

  • Note: show your correction in the paper so that all learners are able to recognize.

7 minutes

  1. more information:

  • You are able to change lesson plan in a more suitable way which you feel more confident. However, you cannot change documents required to be used.

  • Language used: both Vietnamese and English in demo test, and English only in an interview.

  • Numbers of interviewers: 02 - 03 people.

  • Equipments and other documents

    • Candidates must use computer to teach (without project).

    • Learners have had Student’s Book and Workbook already; there is no need to print materials for learners. However, if candidates wish to print other materials used for demo test, kindly contact aroma to get support before 1 day.

  • Teaching duration: 30 minutes. aroma will inform candidates before 5 minutes left. In case, the test is over 30 minutes, aroma must stop the demo test. Hence, candidates will have more 15 minutes for interview

  • During the teaching test, some lesson questions might be raised by learners.

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