Self-assured to make eye contact with individuals and

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This survey was conducted to find out the way that Business English freshmen at NEU apply body language in their oral presentations and the factors impacting their habits. To obtain the aim of research, the method questionnaire was carried out with the participants were 130 Business English freshmen at NEU.

The outcome of the study indicate that a large percentage of freshman majored in Business English have knowledge and understanding about the importance of body language in the talk. However, when they are in actual presentation, it seems that their body language are not effective at all. In details, with eye contact, nearly half of students are not self-assured to make eye contact with individuals and still depend on slides or script note. Therefore, these obstacles prevent them from their audience.  Besides, some students still use smiling in passive way have unfavorable postures, which are not appeal to the audience’s attention. The major cause of this is that student’s nervousness, lack of deep understanding about body language, lack of preparation as well as culture impact.
tải về 12.11 Kb.

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