Section 1: Summary and Background project summary

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Follow the format below, completing all four sections, and see page 4 for tips.

Section 1: Summary and Background

  1. PROJECT SUMMARY (1-2 paragraphs)

Clearly and concisely summarize your proposal.

  1. PROJECT BACKGROUND (1-2 pages)

Describe the relevant political, economic, or social environment as it affects the development of democracy in the country or region that your project addresses. Identify the needs or problems that exist and explain how your project will make an impact as it addresses those challenges. 

  1. ORGANIZATION BACKGROUND (up to 1 page) 

Describe your organization's qualifications for this particular project, including its history and past work. Provide information about its mission, size, geographical reach, professional and/or political character, and registration or incorporation status, including date. Identify the key individuals, whether paid staff or volunteers, who will be in charge of carrying out the proposed project and describe their most relevant qualifications. Share a list of your organization’s top five funders, if applicable.

If applicable, speak to the role of any field offices in carrying out the activities listed in this proposal. 

Section 2: Objectives, Activities, Evaluation Plan

  1. OBJECTIVES (1-2 paragraphs or bullet points)

State the objectives you hope to achieve through the proposed activities. The objectives should address the needs or problems identified in the "Background" section. In most cases, one or two objectives are sufficient, but you may list up to five. 

Objectives Checklist:

  • Addresses one of the priorities identified in the Project Background

  • Is measurable

  • Is limited in scope and time

  • States goal to be achieved

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