Question 1: No matter how angry he was, he would never to violence

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1.Noise,2.without,3.decision,, run,7.guarantee,8.maintaining,,,11.hardly 12.noisy,13.opportinity,14.agree 15.attend
Question 1: No matter how angry he was, he would never _____ to violence.
Question 2: ______ that Columbus discovered America.
Question 3: Anna is holding her shopping bag with one hand and turning the door handle with rest
Question 4: I can’t find my dictionary at the moment. I hope it will ________ up soon.
Question 5: The language centre offers courses of various levels, such as elementay, intermediate and (dien vao dau????)
Question 6: I _____ work last week, but I changed my mind. hardly
Question 7: The Principal ussually has his pupils ______ waste paper for their mini – project.
Question 8: He came _____ a lot of criticism for the remarks he made in a television interview.
Question 9: They live on a busy road. ­­­­­______ a lot of noise from traffic.
Question 10: Tom: “Can I have another cup of tea? Christy: “ _____ .”
Question 11: Lora: “Do you mind if I turn on the fan?” Maria: “ ____.”
Question 12: Due to ever more spreading poaching, there ______ a dramatic decline in the number of elephants over the last decade.
Question 13: _____ make a good impression on her.
Question 14: People don’t like the way he shows off, ______ ?
Question 15: The use of vitamin ___ and herbs has become increasingly popular among Americans
Question 16
Read the following passage on transport, and mark the letter on your answer
sheet to indicate the correct answer to rach of the question from 34 to 43.
Most journeys in Britain and the US are made by road. Some of these are made on
public transport but most are by private car.
In Britain many peaple rely on their cars for daily local activities, e.g. getting to
work,doing the shopping, and visting friends. People living in urban areas may use
buses, trains or, in London, the Underground, to get to city centres, mainly because
traffic is often heavy and it is difficult to find anywhere to park a car. Some places
in the country may have a bus only two or three times a week so people living there
have no choice but to rely on their cars.
In the US large cities have good public transportation systems. The El railroad in
Chicago and the underground systems of New York, Boston, San Francisco and
Washington, DC are heavily used. Elsewhere, most Americans prefer to use their
cars. Families often have two cars and, outside major cities, have to drive fairly
long distances to schools, offices, banks, ect. Many college and even high­school
students have their own cars.
Long­distance travel in Britain is also mainly by road, though railways link most
towns and cities. Most places are linked by motorways or other fast roads and many
people prefer to drive at their own convenience rather than use a train, even though
they may get stuck in a traffic jam. Long – distance (extracted from Oxford Guide
to British and American Culure, Oxford University Press, 2000)
16.Mr Hansworth wanted to see the writer
17.The writer feel nervous
18.He said that business was very bad, the firm could not afford to pay much large salaries and 20 people had already left.
19.He thought that his turn had come
20.He offered the writer to received an extra 100 points a year
21. fishing is
22.some unlucky fishermen catch old boots and rubbish
23.Because he never catchs anything not even old boots, he doesn’t
25.he is only interested in aboat and doing nothing at all
Question 17. The availability of suitable materials fostered the crafts to exploit
them and influenced the shapes of building. Large areas of the world were once
forested, and their inhabitants developed must (26)________ with an influx of
immigrant children, many of whom speak little or no English. They must respond to
demands (27) ________ the curriculum reflect the various cultures of all children.
Schools must make sure that students develop (28) ________ skills for the job
market, and they must consider the needs of nontraditional students, such as teenage mothers.
Schools are (29) ________ these problems in ways that reflect the diversity of the
US educational system. They are hiring or training large numbers of teachers of
English (30) ________ a second language and, in some communities, setting up bilingual schools.
26.larger 27.english 28.america 29.French (Bai nay khong co yeu cau, va hinh nhu ai do da lam roi thi phai???
Question 18. Viết lại câu: (Khong thay Tu viet lai cau???)
a. Your house is bigger than mine.41.she told him not forget to go to the post office
42. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .c. Jane doesn’t speak English as well as Peter.
43.a few days ago the weather isnot as hot as today d. DaLat is one of a famous landscapes in Vietnam.I spent my holiday there.
44.What an excellent meal was! 45…………………f. He asked me where he could find her in that town.
46.Cooking for 5 hungry children is not my interest/fovavourite/hobby, g. She asked me not to be late.
47.We weren’t early enough to see her, h. The train couldn’t run because of the snow.
48.I wish I could sing beautifully to join them now
49.He is too angry to speak
50.The market is not as crowded as usual
Question 19. Dịch Anh Việt
51. The Vietnamese Government continues its efforts to stabalilize the financial market
…………Chinh phu VN van dang no luc nham on dinh thi truong tai chinh…………..
52.Japan and Korea are the major donors of public transport and urban development projects
……………… Nhat Ban va Han quoc la 2 nha tai tro chinh cho du an phat trien Phuong tien giao thong cong cong va do thi.
53.Since late 2008 many countries in the world have been facing a series financial crisis
……………..Nhieu nuoc tren the gioi cung dang phai doi mat voi khung hoang tai chinh ke tu cuoi nam 2008.
54.Most people think that the establishment those 2 funds is a very good preparation for the period after 2012.
…………….Nhieu nguoi cho rang viec thiet lap 2 quy~ nay la buoc chuan bi/ buoc dem tot cho giai doan cuoi nam 2012.
55.The Government has cancelled 10 golf projects in Ha noi ,………………Chinh phu da huy bo 10 du an san gon o HN
Dịch Việt Anh
56. Mỹ, Nhật, Hàn Quốc và EU là những thị trường khó tính đối với tôm xuất khẩu của Viet Nam
……The U.S, Japan, Korea and EU are the strict markets for the shrimp exporting from VN.
57.Từ đầu năm tới nay, số người thất nghiệp ở các khu công nghiệp đã tăng cao do suy thoái kinh tế.
……..The unemployment in the industrial zones has been increasing because of the
depression of economy from the beginning of the year.
58. Tổng giám đốc mới của chúng tôi muốn vươn tới thị trường viến thong của Lào và Campuchia
……………Our new director wants to expand the new mobile market to Laos and Cambodia
59. Viet nam đã đạt được những thành tựu to lớn trong công cuộc xóa đói giảm nghèo
…..Vietnam got some significant achievement in poverty reduction strategies
60. Lượng khách du lịch nước ngoài đến VN tăng lên hàng năm
…………..The number of tourists to Vietnam has been increasing gradually.

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