Phát hiện loài xén tóc Xystrocera festiva Thomson, 1860

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Phát hiện loài xén tóc Xystrocera festiva Thomson, 1860

(Col.: Cerambycidae) đục thân keo tai tượng ở Ngọc Hồi, KonTum

Longhorn Beetle, Xystrocera festiva Thomson, 1860 (Col.: Cerambycidae)
a New Stem Borer of
Acacia in Ngoc Hoi District, Kon Tum Province

Phạm Quang Thu, Lê Văn Bình và Phạm Duy Long

Viện Khoa học Lâm nghiệp Việt Nam

Ngày gửi bài: 01.10.2012 Ngày chấp nhận: 25.1.2013


Previous 3 years Acacia mangium plantations in Ngoc Hoi, Kon Tum province are infested by a longhorn beetle causing severe impact on growth, productivity and wood quality. The longhorn beetle have been identified as Xystrocera festiva Thomson, 1860 (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae). This species is a new record associated with Acacia mangium plantations in Ngoc Hoi, Kon Tum province. The adult is a large beetle (male body 32.0 mm in length and 7.2 mm in width, female 27.0 and 6.9 mm, respectively) with metallic green stripes down each side. The head is narrower than the prothorax with lateral tubercles. Antennae of the male are more than 1.5 times the length of the body and antennae of the female are of body length. Eggs are oval in shape, light green at laying becoming light yellow with age, 1.9 mm long and 0.8 mm wide. Young larvae make tunnels in the inner bark of large branches and trunks and then bore into the sapwood at the final instar for pupating. Adults emerge in August to September. This pest affects a wide range of mainly leguminous trees including Acacia mangium, acacia hybrid, Acacia auriculifomis, Albizia spp., Pithecolobium spp., Paraserianthes falcataria and other species Theobroma spp., Coffea spp. This pest has the potential to cause serious losses to the acacia plantation sector in Vietnam.

Keywords: Acacia mangium, Kon Tum, stem borer, Xystrocera festiva.

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