Phúc thay ai xót thương người, vì họ sẽ được Thiên Chúa xót thương

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Phúc thay ai xót thương người,

vì họ sẽ được Thiên Chúa xót thương.

Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy. (Mt 5: 7)

WYD 2016 Official Website:



- Nhóm 1 sẽ đi 29 ngày - 29 days for Group 1, from July 5- Aug 3

- Nhóm 2 sẽ đi 15 ngày - 15 days for for Group 2, from July 18 to Aug 3

+++ Sẽ thăm 9 nước. Visit 9 countries: France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Czech, Poland, Germany, Holland
***Ngoài ra, nếu bạn muốn phục vụ người nghèo trước hay sau WYD, bạn có thể chọn “Optional Service of the Poor in Cambodia”.

If you want to serve the poor before or after WYD, you can choose “Optional Service of the Poor in Cambodia”




Ưu tiên chọn người nghèo” - “Preferential Option for the Poor”

(Saint John Paul II)

Bạn có thể đến và đi lúc nào cũng được. Tuy nhiên, để có thể hưởng được một cảm nghiệm sâu đậm hơn, bạn nên phục vụ người nghèo ít nhất trong hai tuần.

Nếu bạn muốn đến phục vụ khi Frère Phong có mặt ở đó thì bạn có thể đến trong hai khoảng thời gian sau đây:

Khóa Một từ ngày 12 tháng 6 đến ngày 5 tháng 7, 2016.

Khóa Hai từ ngày 5 đến 31 tháng 8, 2016, trong thời gian này chúng ta sẽ thăm viếng Viêt Nam từ ngày 6 đến 10.

Bạn sẽ tự trả tiền vé máy bay. Tiền ăn và ở Cambodia cho mỗi khóa chỉ có $200 một người.

Nếu bạn muốn phục vụ người nghèo trong các ngày tháng này, xin email cho và Frère sẽ liên lạc với bạn và cho biết thêm chi tiết.

For the service of the poor in Cambodia, you can come any time and leave any time. But for a deeper experience for yourself, try to serve the poor at least in two weeks.

If you want to come and serve when Frere Phong is there, then please come during these two periods:

First session is from June 12 to July 5.

Second session is from August 5 to August 25, with a short trip to Viet Nam from August 6 to 10.

You will pay for your own airfare. Room and board in Cambodia is just $200 per person per session.

If you are interested in serving the poor in these times, please email to be kept informed.

Hành hương tại - Pilgrimage in LOURDES, TAIZE, ROME

Tham quan tại - and Tour in PARIS, GENEVA, INTERLAKE

Tue July 5: Nhóm 1 bay - Group 1 flies SFO-PARIS or AMSTERDAM

Our transatlantic flight will take us to either Paris, or Amsterdam, or Frankfurt depending on the air fare, whichever is less expensive. From there we will take the train to Paris.

Wed July 6: Đến - Arrival in Paris (France) or Amsterdam (Holland) or Frankfurt (Germany)

We will discover Europe by train with EURAIL PASS, in “backpacker” style.

Sleep on train (i.e. using our Eurail Pass, we can board any night train and go to any station, so we can sleep on those trains, saving hotel cost, and traveling time.)

Thu July 7: Paris (France)

Group Pilgrimage to: Notre Dame Cathedral, Sacred Heart Basilica, Miraculous Medal Shrine, Shrine of Vietnamese Martyrs.

In late afternoon, you can tour in small group (small group must have at least 6 people, mixed gender) Paris, the “City of Lights”, with the famous Eiffel Tower or enjoy a cruise on the Seine River.

Sleep on train

Fri July 8: Paris

Today is all yours to explore with your small group as you wish. Enjoy a cruise up the River Seine, and head up the tower of Montparnasse for exquisite views of the city, the perfect way to see Paris at its best. Visit L’Opéra Garnier, the Tuileries Gardens, Place de la Concorde, Hotel de Ville, l’Ile de la Cite or the Louvre Museum. Get a glimpse of that most famous avenue, the Champs Elysees, overlooked by the famous Arc de Triomphe, or simply stroll the city, following in the footsteps of great painters, musicians and writers.

For WYD veterans who have visited Paris many times, you can go to Mont Saint Michel, or Brussel of Belgium, or Luxembourg, or take the Euro Star train to London.

Sleep on train

Sat July 9: Paris – Lourdes

Morning Train #300, 305 Paris Montparnasse – Lourdes TGV

0755-1339. Time 5h44

Pilgrimage in France’s holiest shrine, LOURDES.

This is the holy place where many miracles have happened in yesteryears and today too.
This is PILGRIMAGE TIME: Prayer and Service.

“Nobody goes to Lourdes for oneself!”

We will participate in Marian Procession at night

We will sleep at Village des Jeunes – Youth Village.

Sun July 10: Lourdes

International Mass in the morning.

Service Day of the Sick as Volunteers.

We will participate in the Eucharistic Procession in the afternoon with the Sick

Sleep at Village des Jeunes.

Mon July 11: Lourdes

We will follow the footsteps of Saint Bernadette, discovering the history of Lourdes.

We will have our own Way of the Cross, a devotion that has touched so may hearts of previous WYDers.
Night Train #325 Lourdes – Toulouse Matablau, then #321 Toulouse Matablau – Lyon Part-Dieu

1745-1952. Time 2h07. 2328-0540. Tome 6h12

(Train schedule can be different in 2016)

Sleep in couchettes

Tue July 12: Lourdes – Taize

Early morning arrival in Lyon. Bus to Taize. Check in.

This is the best time and place for young people around the world, of different faiths, living in community, rediscovering or deepening one’s own faith, through community prayer, faith sharing, friendship, community chores, etc. Amazing experience. Lasting memory that makes you want to come back again to Taize.

Sleep in Taize assigned place

Wed July 13: Taize

Rediscover or deepen your own faith, through community prayer, faith sharing, friendship, community chores, etc.

Sleep in Taize assigned place

Thu July 14: Taize

Rediscover or deepen your own faith, through community prayer, faith sharing, friendship, community chores, etc.

Sleep in Taize assigned place

Fri July 15: Taize

Rediscover or deepen your own faith, through community prayer, faith sharing, friendship, community chores, etc.

Special: Participate in the very moving Prayer around the Cross.

Sleep in Taize assigned place

Sat July 16: Taize

Rediscover or deepen your own faith, through community prayer, faith sharing, friendship, community chores, etc.

Special: Participate in the very joyful candle light vigil

Sleep in Taize assigned place

Sun July 17: Taize – Geneva (Switzerland)

Sunday Celebration of Jesus’ Resurrection with thousands of youth from different faiths.

Departing from it, you will be forever in love with Taize Prayer, Taize Songs!

Bus to Lyon Part-Dieu

Train #348 Lyon Part-Dieu – Geneva,

1446-1631. Time 1h45.

By train we’ll wind our way through dramatic Swiss mountain scenery – quaint villages, snow-capped mountain peaks, pristine lake ...

Free tour in small group in Geneva

In Lake Geneva you can visit Lord Byron's Castle of Chillon, or admire the sights of the Jet d'Eau fountain and the United Nations building.

Train #500 Geneva – Bern

2234-0038. Time 2h04.

Sleep at train station in Bern

Mon July 18: Geneva – Interlaken

Morning Train #560, Bern – Thun,

0619-0641. Time 0h22.

Train #563 Thun-Interlaken West

0854-1054. Time 2h00 Special Tourist Sailings

Free tour in small group in Bern, and a two hours special Tourist Sailings in the lake.

In Bern, the Federal capital of Switzerland, you can stop at the Rose Garden for a panoramic view of the city. Walk through the beautifully preserved medieval Old Town. and take pictures of ornate, flower-adorned fountains.

Interlaken, one of the oldest and most popular tourist resorts in Switzerland, is beautifully situated beneath the towering Jungfrau Massif. Here you can visit the famous Lauterbrunnen Trummelbach Falls, a series of 10 glacier waterfalls inside the mountain.

Train #563 Interlaken West – Thun,

1555-1803. Time 2h08.

Train #560 Thun – Basel SBB

1918-2056. Time 1h38

Night Train #73 Basel SBB – Roma Termini

2204-0950. Time 11h46

Sleep in couchettes

Tue July 19: Rome (Italy)

Morning arrival in Rome, “the Eternal City”.



Và tham dự - and participate in WYD

Mon July 18: Nhóm 2 bay - Group 2 flies SFO-ROME

Tue July 19: Đến – Arrival in Rome

Two groups meet in Rome.

Free tour of Rome in small group

Sleep in Casa La Salle

Wed July 20: Rome

Group Pilgrimage in Vatican: Wednesday General Audience with Pope Francis, and visit St Peter Basilica.

Sleep in Casa La Salle

Thu July 21: Rome

Free tour of Rome in small group.

Places of interest that you will enjoy in “the eternal City” with highlights of religious and ancient Rome: the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel with Michelangelo’s ceiling paintings, the amazing Colosseum and the Roman Forum, the Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, the Catacombs, etc.

Sleep in Casa La Salle

Night Train #70 Roma Termini – Munchen Hbf

2137-0831. Time 10h54

Sleep in couchettes

Fri July 22: Munchen – Fussen (Germany)

Morning arrival in Munich

Train #935 Munchen Hbf – Buckloe, Buckloe – Fussen

0920-1008. Time 0h48. 1038-1156. Time 1h18

Free tour in small group in Munchen or Fussen (Neuschwanstein)

We will board a special train to go through Alpine scenery to visit Bavaria's "Mad" King Ludwig's fantasy castle of Neuschwanstein perched high above the valley below. This is one of the most visited castles in Germany and a symbol of idealized romantic architecture. Another well-known feature of Neuschwanstein is the grotto, whose little waterfalls and colored lighting create the impression of a mysterious cave.

Train #935 Fussen – Buckloe, Buckloe – Munchen Hbf

1905-2016. Time 1h11. 2059-2209. Time 1h10

Night Train #32 Munchen Hbf – Budapest Keleti

2343-0903. Time 9h20

Sleep in couchettes

Sat July 23: Vienna (Austria) & Budapest (Hungary)

Morning arrival in Budapest.

Free tour of Budapest in small group

In small group you can explore Budapest, the “Paris of the East”. Situated on the opposite banks of the Danube River, the former cities of Buda and Pest are linked by a series of graceful bridges. You can tour the decorative Parliament building, seat of the National Assembly; Vaci Utca, a pedestrian street lined with shops and restaurants; Heroes' Square with the Millennium Column, a 118-foot-high Corinthian column topped with a statue of the archangel Gabriel, and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Night Train #60 Budapest Keleti – Prague

1940-0533. Time 9h53

Sleep in couchettes

Sun July 24: Prague (Czech)

Morning arrival in Prague.

Free tour of Prague in small group

The 1,000-year-old capital, Prague, is Europe's best-preserved city. You can start at the Old Town Square to view the Old Town Hall with its intricate Astronomical Clock, which dates from 1410 and where a parade of apostles takes place on the hour. Walk through the Jewish Quarter to see the early Gothic Old-New Synagogue dating from 1270 and the Jewish town hall with an interesting 16th century clock. Pass St. Nicholas Church, one of the finest baroque buildings in Prague. Cross the Charles Bridge, which dates from 1357 and is decorated with 30 statues dating from the 18th century. This is a lively pedestrian area where people and musicians congregate. Cross the Vltava River to see the Royal Castle of Hradcany and visit the Cathedral of St. Vitus, the Old Royal Palace, St. George's Basilica and the Golden Lane with the Daliborka Tower.

Night Train #99 Prague – Krakow Gtowny

2116-0548. Time 8h32

Sleep in couchettes

Mon July 25: Arrival in Krakow (Poland)

Early morning arrival in Krakow.

Check in with WYD

Free tour in small group

Sleep in WYD assigned place

Tue July 26: Opening of WYD

Free tour of Krakow in small group

Opening Mass in the afternoon

Sleep in WYD assigned place

Wed July 27: WYD

Catechesis with international group and WYD Cultural Festival

Sleep in WYD assigned place

Thu July 28: Đón Đức Thánh Cha - Welcome the Pope to WYD

Catechesis with international group and WYD Cultural Festival

Welcome Pope in the afternoon

Sleep in WYD assigned place

Fri July 29: Đàng Thánh Giá với ĐTC - Way of the Cross with the Pope

Catechesis with international group and WYD Cultural Festival

Way of the Cross with the Pope in the afternoon

Sleep in WYD assigned place

Sat July 30: Đi bộ và canh thức với ĐTC - March and Vigil with the Pope

Morning march to place of vigil

Vigil prayer with Pope

Sleep outdoor

Sun July 31: Thánh lễ bế mạc với ĐTC - Closing Mass with the Pope

Morning Mass with Pope

Closing WYD

Sleep in WYD assigned place

Mon Aug 1: Warsaw

Morning Train #1065 Krakow Gtowny – Warszawa Centralna

0550-0835. Time 2h45

Free tour in small group in Warsaw

This 700-year-old capital is the symbol of the Polish nationhood and the will to survive against great odds. You can take a walk / bus along the famous Royal Route from magnificent Castle Square to Lazienki Park and Palace, the summer residence of the last king of Poland. Pass by the palace of Science and Culture (known as the "wedding cake"), the Saxon Gardens, Monument to the Heroes of the Warsaw Ghetto, and the Barbican, and continue with a walking tour of the old Town, Old Market Square, and St. John’s Cathedral.

Night Train #56 Warszawa Centralna – Berlin Lichtenberg

2327-0731. Time 8h04

Sleep in couchettes

Tue Aug 2: Berlin (Germany)

Morning arrival in Berlin.

Free tour in small group in Berlin

Your group can sightsee the Reichtag, the Renaissance building that once housed Germany’s Parliament, and the lovely Schloss Charlottenburg. You can continue through the city to view other famous sights such as the Opera, Schiller Theater and the “Berlin Wall” remnant.

Afternoon Train #30 Berlin Zoo – Frankfurt Hbf, Frankfurt Hbf - Paris Est

1600-2149, 2250-0701. Time 15h01 with 1h01 rest in Frankfurt

Sleep in couchettes

Or #22 Berlin Ostbahnhof – Amsterdam Centraal

1631-2249. Time 6h18

Possibility: Arriving in Amsterdam you can get on board the Amsterdam canal cruise and have those cameras at the ready – this is the best way to be introduced to Amsterdam, a city of beautiful 17th Century architecture, and a charm all its own.

Sleep at airport waiting for next day flight.

Wed Aug 3: Amsterdam (Holland) or Paris (France) or Frankfurt (Germany): fly home.


A- Ghi Danh - Bắt đầu từ 1 tháng 10, 2014 đến 31 tháng 12, 2014.

Registration: Begins on Oct 1, 2014, ends on Dec 31, 2014.


B- Phí Tổn: Trung bình mỗi ngày, một người sẽ tốn khoảng từ $150 đến $200 USD khi đi Âu Châu (bao gồm tiền máy bay, xe lửa, nhà nghỉ). Mỗi bữa ăn khoảng $15. Như vậy, nếu bạn chọn Nhóm 2, đi 15 ngày, phí tổn sẽ khoảng từ $2,250 - $3,000. Nếu bạn chọn Nhóm 1, phí tổn sẽ vào khoảng $4,340 - $5,800. Bạn nên để dành tiền và ngày nghỉ ngay tự bây giờ!!!

Cost: For traveling in Europe, estimate average cost per day per person is between $150 - $200 (including air, train, lodging - mostly on train or hostel). Food is about $15 per meal. For example cost for Group 2, 15 days, can be between $2,250 - $3,000USD; Group 1, 29 days, between $4,340 - $5,800 USD. Start to save MONEY and VACATION DAYS from now!!!

C- Cách trả tiền sẽ theo kiểu “góp chung với nhau” như các kỳ WYD trước, nghĩa là nếu dư thì Frere sẽ trả lại cho bạn, nếu thiếu thì bạn sẽ bù thêm.

We will chip in money for our pilgrimage and tour as for previous WYDs, which means if there is surplus, Frere will give you back, if it costs more, you will chip in more.

1- Tuổi: từ 16 đến 35. Nếu bạn hơn 35 tuổi, bạn vẫn có thể xin đi như là “người giám thị”, nhưng không được góp ý kiến và bỏ phiếu. Nếu trẻ dưới 16 tuổi và trên 14, thì phải có ít nhất một người trưởng thành trong gia đình cùng đi.

Age: 16 to 35. Older than 35 can register as “chaperon” with no voice and no vote at meetings. Under 16 and above 14, must be accompanied by at least one mature sibling or parent.

Tối đa: Chỉ nhận 100 bạn trẻ.

Maximum number: 100 youth.

2- Hộ Chiếu: Chỉ nhận hộ chiếu Mỹ. Không nhận thẻ xanh hay hộ chiếu nước khác.

All must have US Passport, no Green Card or other country’s passport.

3- Phục Vụ Người Nghèo: Bạn phải phục vụ ít nhất 20 giờ, từ đây cho đến ngày 31 tháng 12 năm 2015.
Service of the Poor: Must serve the poor at least 20 hours from now to Dec 31, 2015.
4- Họp Phái Đoàn: Nếu bạn sống trong Vùng Vịnh, bạn bắt buộc phải tham dự các buổi họp phái đoàn WYD tại nhà các Frère, số 1103 Maxey Court, San Jose, Ca 95132, từ 5g đến 7g chiều các ngày chúa nhật sau đây trong năm 2015: ngày 22 tháng 2, ngày 5 tháng 4 và ngày 28 tháng 6.

Các ngày họp trong niên khóa 2015-16 sẽ được loan báo sau.

Nếu bạn sống cách San Jose xa hơn 120 miles, bạn được miễn luật này.
Meetings: If you live in Bay Area, you must attend the following MANDATORY general meetings of our WYD Group, at Freres’ house, 1103 Maxey Court, San Jose, Ca 95132, from 5 PM to 7 PM, on the following Sundays in 2015: Feb 22, April 5, June 28.

Others meetings in the 2015-16 school year will be decided later.

Those who live away from San Jose 120 miles and farther can be waived.

5- Thưởng và Đi Trễ: Mỗi lần bạn đi họp, bạn sẽ được thưởng “bonus”, phần thưởng này sẽ trở thành tiền cho bạn khi bạn đến WYD. Mỗi lần bạn đến trễ, tiền phạt sẽ là $5 cho 5 phút đầu, và sau đó $1 cho mỗi phút, tối đa là $15. Nếu bạn vắng mặt 4 lần, bạn sẽ được xem là tự ý rút khỏi phái đoàn, và sẽ không được hoàn trả tiền đã góp.
Bonus and Late Fee: Each time you attend our meeting, you earn a bonus, this bonus money will be given to you at WYD. Late fees are: $5 for the first 5 minutes, and $1 for each minute afterward, up to $15. Absent from 4 meetings will be considered as automatic withdrawal from our group with no money back.

6- Hút thuốc và uống bia, rượu: Vì đây là cuộc hành hương của giới trẻ, nên cần sức khỏe và thói quen lành mạnh. Mỗi lần bạn hút thuốc hay uống bia, rượu, bạn sẽ bị phạt $100 ngay tại chỗ. Ngoài ra, cách ăn mặc, trang sức, v.v. cũng phải đơn sơ và kín đáo thể hiện tinh thần hành hương (đi đến nơi thánh, để đào sâu đức tin, và đền tội).
Smoke and Alcohol: This is an event for YOUTH which requires good health and healthy habits. Anytime you drink beer or wine or smoke, you will be fined $100 on the spot. Clothing, jewelry, hairdo, make up, etc. must be simple and modest reflecting the spirit of pilgrimage (going to sacred places, deepening faith, doing penance).
7- Góp Tiền:

- $100 lệ phí ghi danh, tiền này không hoàn trả nếu tút tên. Nếu ghi danh sau ngày 1.1.2015, và nếu còn chỗ, bạn phải góp $300 lệ phí ghi danh và tiền này không hoàn trả nếu rút tên.

- $1,000 vào ngày 15 tháng 5 năm 2015, là tiền đóng trước cho máy bay và xe lửa, và ghi danh với WYD bên Krakow, và tiền này không hoàn trả nếu rút tên.

- Vào khoảng từ 1 tháng 6 đến 31 tháng 8 năm 2015, bạn sẽ trả hết tiền máy bay và xe lửa, khi hãng máy bay và Rail Europe đòi.

- Ngày 31 tháng 1 năm 2016, bạn sẽ trả hết số tiền còn lại. Sau ngày 1 tháng 2 năm 2016, tiến này sẽ không hoàn trả nếu rút tên.

Chip-In Payments:

- $100 non-refundable deposit from now to Dec 31, 2014. After Jan 1, 2015 (if allowed), non-refundable deposit will be $300.

- $1000 on May 15, 2015, this is a non-refundable deposit for air and train, and registration fee with WYD in Krakow.

- Non-refundable full payment of air and train fares whenever we get the confirmation from airlines, Rail Europe (anytime from June 1 to Aug 31, 2015)

- Jan 31, 2016: full payment of the balance. No money back after Feb 1, 2016.

Frère Phong


Điện thoại, Telephone: 408-644-4812

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