Opc server for ac 800M, Installation and Configuration

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3BSE035983-510 - en AC 800M 5.1 OPC Server

Network Considerations
All PCs must have the same primary network as the OPC Server in order to be able 
to communicate with this network.
If a Control Builder on PC A has network addresses and, 
and Control Builder on PC B has the addresses and, both 
PCs must have the 172.16 network as their primary network.
The primary network is the network defined as the first network in the network 
The OPC server needs access to certain files in order to connect to a controller. 
These files are stored by the Control Builder that performed the last download. 
The OPC server can locate these files automatically after a new download.
File Management
 on page 16.

Communication Considerations
Section 1 Introduction
Communication Considerations
Communication handling has the lowest priority in a controller. It is therefore 
important to consider the load on a controller’s CPU if the communication handling 
is vital to the application. Running close to 100% total load will result in poor 
capacity and response times for peer-to-peer and OPC Server for AC 800M 
communication. It is hence recommended that the peak total load on the CPU is 
kept below 100%. 
OPC Server for AC 800M Functions
File Management
The behavior of the OPC Server is different depending on a CCB or 800xA 
situation, because the file management is different. Study the illustrations below in 
Figure 2
and Figure 3 to learn the different OPC Server behaviors.

Section 1 Introduction
OPC Server for AC 800M Functions

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