Opc server for ac 800M, Installation and Configuration

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3BSE035983-510 - en AC 800M 5.1 OPC Server

Document Conventions
Microsoft Windows conventions are normally used for the standard presentation of 
material when entering text, key sequences, prompts, messages, menu items, screen 
elements, etc.
Warning, Caution, Information, and Tip Icons
This publication includes WarningCaution, and Information where appropriate 
to point out safety related or other important information. It also includes Tip to 
point out useful hints to the reader. The corresponding symbols should be 
interpreted as follows:
Although Warning hazards are related to personal injury, and Caution hazards are 
associated with equipment or property damage, it should be understood that 
operation of damaged equipment could, under certain operational conditions, result 
in degraded process performance leading to personal injury or death. Therefore, 
fully comply with all Warning and Caution notices.
Electrical warning icon indicates the presence of a hazard which could result in 
electrical shock.
Warning icon indicates the presence of a hazard which could result in personal 
Caution icon indicates important information or warning related to the concept 
discussed in the text. It might indicate the presence of a hazard which could 
result in corruption of software or damage to equipment/property.
Information icon alerts the reader to pertinent facts and conditions.
Tip icon indicates advice on, for example, how to design your project or how to 
use a certain function

About This Book
A complete and comprehensive list of Terms is included in the Industrial
Extended Automation System 800xA, Engineering Concepts instruction 
(3BDS100972*). The listing included in Engineering Concepts includes terms and 
definitions that apply to the 800xA system where the usage is different from 
commonly accepted industry standard definitions and definitions given in standard 
dictionaries such as Webster’s Dictionary of Computer Terms. Terms that uniquely 
apply to this instruction may be included here as part of this document. 

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