NetApp moves into high-end storage New line of storage arrays is geared for large enterprise applications and data consolidation

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NetApp moves into high-end storage

New line of storage arrays is geared for large enterprise applications and data consolidation
By Shelley Solheim, IDG News Service

May 08, 2006 E-mail Printer Friendly Version

Network Appliance on Monday will make its move into high-end storage with the launch of a new line of storage arrays geared for large enterprise applications and data consolidation.
NetApp is targeting its new FAS6000 systems against EMC's high-end Symmterix DMX and Hitachi Data Systems' Lightning arrays. The systems can concurrently support hundreds of applications based on SAN (storage area network) and NAS (network attached storage), and both Fibre Channel and SATA drives, said NetApp officials in Sunnyvale, California.
NetApp is offering two flavors of the new system: the FAS6030, which will replace NetApp's FAS980 and can scale to about 420TB; and the FAS6070, which scales to 500TB, officials said.
The storage vendor will also expand its software and services offerings to help storage administrators ease growing complexity in the data center.
"NetApp has built a legacy around ease of use and simplicity, they're known for their NAS being simple to deploy and manage, and now they're looking to extend this into the data center," said Brad Nisbet, an analyst with IDC, in Framingham, Massachusetts.
NetApp's Manageability Software suite, geared to improve data availability, productivity and storage utilization, now includes tools for applications, servers, data and storage. NetApp also expanded its services offerings with the launch of its Rapid Deployment Services for Storage Implementation for NetApp systems in NAS and SAN environments.
NetApp storage rival EMC is also making an effort to expand its software and services offerings, both in-house and by acquiring services providers. EMC's Chief Executive Officer Joe Tucci said recently that the company plans to buy several regional service providers this year. NetApp says it will enhance its services in-house and through partnerships, rather than taking the acquisition route.
Arup Group, a London-based provider of engineering, architectural, and planning services, plans to upgrade to the FAS6000 series, mainly for the scalability and performance boosts.
"We have a data structure that is growing 70 percent per annum," said Martin Cooper, chief technology officer, for Arup.
Arup, which has been a NetApp customer for about six years and has about 30 NetApp arrays deployed, opted for the storage vendor because of cost and the way its products integrate with Microsoft Exchange, Oracle and SQL databases, Cooper said.
The new FAS6030 and FAS6070 are available now, with pricing starting at $131,600 and $196,225 respectively, for 1TB of storage.

NetApp tung ra 2 model trong dòng thiết bị lưu trữ cao cấp mới FAS6000
Hôm 8/5/2006 Network Appliance (NetApp) cho biết sẽ thâm nhập thị trường lưu trữ cao cấp với việc tung ra dòng các mảng lưu trữ mới FAS6000 nhắm vào các ứng dụng doanh nghiệp lớn và hợp nhất dữ liệu.
NetApp nhắm các hệ thống FAS6000 mới của mình sẽ cạnh tranh với các thiết bị mảng lưu trữ Symmterix DMX của EMC và Lightning của Hitachi Data Systems. Các hệ thống FAS6000 có thể hỗ trợ đồng thời hàng trăm ứng dụng dựa trên mạng vùng lưu trữ SAN (storage area network) và lưu trữ gắn với mạng NAS (network attached storage), cũng như các ổ đĩa Fibre Channel và SATA.
Lần này NetApp đưa ra 2 hệ thống mới: FAS6030 có dung lượng cực đại 420TB (1TB = 1.024GB) và FAS6070 có dung lượng cực đại 500TB. Với dung lượng 1TB, giá của FAS6030 là 131.600 USD và giá của FAS6070 là 196.225 USD.
NetApp còn giới thiệu bộ phần mềm Manageability Software và các dịch vụ Rapid Deployment Services for Storage Implementation cho các hệ thống NetApp trong môi trường NAS và SAN.

IDG News Service, 8/5/2006

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