National Cheng Kung University ( ncku ) International Ph. D. Degree Student Admission for Spring Semester 2010

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National Cheng Kung University ( NCKU )

International Ph.D. Degree Student Admission for Spring Semester 2010

    • Application Website:

    • Application Duration: July 1 to October 16, 2009

    • Applicants must complete on-line application and mail in with the application materials to the Office of International Affairs, NCKU.

Introduction to Tainan ◢

  • The 4th largest city in Taiwan.

  • Rich in culture and advanced in technology.

  • A historical and ancient capital city of Taiwan, which boasts more than 50 national relics sanctioned by the government. Tainan city was established as the capital of Taiwan in 1661 and remained the capital until 1887, during the Qing Dynasty.

  • Many technological companies located at the Southern Taiwan Science Park in Tainan county offer internship and research opportunities to NCKU students.

Introduction to NCKU ◢

History: Founded in 1931 with 9 colleges


  • Ranked 295th in the world and 2nd rank in Taiwan (Research Center for China Science Evaluation in Wuhan University, 2007).

  • 1st rank in industry-academia cooperation and the most significant contribution to the development of Taiwan industry in Taiwan.

  • 18th rank in engineering & 26th rank in material science of ESI journal papers in the world (HEEACT Ranking 2009).

  • 19th rank globally in the research papers of Alternative Energy (Elsevier’s report, 2009).

  • Ranked the 30th engineering school among world universities by performance ranking of scientific papers (HEEACT Ranking 2009).

  • Ranked the 49th best engineering school among 824 world universities (Wuhan University, 2009).

First-class University:

  • A Top-Tier University

  • NCKU graduates are a favorite as hirees of business enterprises

  • NCKU is the only university in Taiwan to have a Nobel Laureate as a faculty member

  • Students’ top pick for further studies

  • No.1 in Academia-Industrial Cooperation Nationwide

  • Cradle of University Presidents

  • NCKU alumnus as a Nobel Laureate

  • Competitive in scientific research

  • The only university with its school flag in space

  • Houses a First Class Medical Center

International Students: NCKU has 467 current and new international students, coming from 61 countries. (Bachelor: Master: Ph.D. = 101: 286: 80)
Spring 2010 Term Opening Programs◢

  • Foreign Languages & Literature, Taiwanese Literature, Mathematics, Electro-Optical Science & Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Resources Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering, Hydraulic & Ocean Engineering, Engineering Science, Biomedical Engineering, Systems & Naval Mechatronic Engineering, Aeronautics & Astronautics, Geomatics, Nanotechnology & Microsystems Engineering, Ocean Technology & Marine Affairs, Manufacturing Information & Systems, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science & Information Engineering, Microelectronics, Computer & Communication Engineering, Industrial Design, Creative Industry Design, Environmental & Occupational Health, Allied Health Science, Political Economy, Life Sciences, Biodiversity.

The further information regarding to the departments/ degrees can be reached from the brochure of Application Instructions or the website (

What Do We Offer? ◢

  • Fall and Spring semesters are available upon applying, please refer to each application announcement at the NCKU official website

  • Master’s programs & Ph.D. programs with 9 colleges covering the fields of Liberal Arts Sciences, Engineering, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Planning and Design, Management, Medicine, Social Sciences and Bioscience & Biotechnology.

  • Free on-campus accommodation

  • Free Chinese language courses, which offer in different levels to suit each student’s needs.

Scholarship ◢

The scholarship has three categories:

  1. Waivers of tuition, credit and on-campus accommodation fees & allowance (maximum NTD$15,000 for the Ph.D. students) granted.

  2. Waivers of tuition, credit and on-campus accommodation fees & assistantship (maximum NTD$15,000 for the Ph.D. students) with work as Teaching Assistant (TA)/Research Assistant (RA)/ Administration Assistant (AA) granted.

  3. Waivers of tuition, credit and on-campus accommodation fees.

Excellent Support ◢

  • “Buddy-Buddy Program”- Each foreign student is assigned a local student buddy who will be there to welcome the foreign student when he/she first arrives.

  • “Host Family Program”- pairs up foreign students with a local family. The host family invites their assigned student to holiday festivities or other family events.

All-English Degree Programs ◢

  • Institute of International Management

  • Institute of Creative Industry Design

  • International Graduate Program of Civil Engineering & Management (Only for the Fall term)

Please direct all questions to:

Office of International Affairs/ International Student Affairs Division (ISAD)

Website: Email:

Tel: +886-6-2007380 Fax: +886-6-2373551

國立成功大學國際事務處 Office of International Affairs, National Cheng Kung University

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