Name: Moân: Tieáng Anh 12 Class: 12a thôøi gian: 60 phuùt

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Name:_______________ Moân: Tieáng Anh 12

Class: 12A Thôøi gian: 60 phuùt (khoâng keå thôøi gian phaùt ñeà )

Maõ Ñeà : 152


Teacher’s evaluation

Choose the word that has main stress pronounced differently from the others.

Câu 1.A. general B. December C. signal D. applicant

Câu 2A. receive B. table C. someone D. whistle

Choose the word that has underlined part pronounced differently from the other words.

Câu 3.A.trained B.lived C.developed D.failed

Câu 4.A.ancestor B. conical C. celebrate D. certain

Câu 5A.bags B.clocks C.bats D.photographs

Choose the best option for each sentence below.

Câu 6.To get someone’s attention, we can use either verbal or forms of communication .

A.non-verbal B. none-verbal C. no-verbal D.nor-verbal

Câu 7.The most common way of attracting someone’ s attention from a distance is . A.smiling B.nodding C. waving D.handshaking

Câu 8.My mother used to be a woman of great _______, but now she gets old and looks pale.

A. beauty B. beautiful C. beautifully D. beautify

Câu 9.A curriculum that ignores ethnic tensions, racial antagonisms, cultural _______ and religious differences is pot relevant.

A. diversity B. contacts C. barriers D. levels

Câu 10.According to the weather ………….., there will be rain in HCM city area tomorrow .

A.foretelling B.guess C.forecast D.prediction

Câu 11.”What a lovely hat you have got!” –“thanks .”

A.That’s OK B.I don’t care C. certainly D.I’m glad you like it

Câu 12.While I T.V last night , a mouse ran across the floor . B.watched watching D.was watching

Câu 13.We expected George at 7:30 but he yet.

A.has arrived B. hasn’t arrived C.didn’t arrive D.hadn’t arrived

Câu 14.Helen asked me who to the cinema with .

A. did I go B. I did go C. had I been D. I had been

Câu 15.They at a party two months ago .

A. meet B. met C.have met D. meeting

Câu 16.Kate usually to class by bicycle,but yesterday she went by bus because of the rain .

A.go B. goes C.went D. gone

Câu 17. Look ! he you how to mend it next time it breaks .

A. shows B. is showing C. was showing D. show

Câu 18.We English for 3 years . So we think we are quite confident in using the language now .

A.are learning B. will learn C. have been learning D. will have learned

Câu 19.The train when we arrived at the station .

A.was already leaving B.has left already C.had left already D.had already left

Câu 20………………….any letters from him lately ?

A.Are you receiving B.had you received C.Do you receive D.Have you received

Câu 21.The man ……….me not to smoke in there .

A.offered B.asked C.said D.suggested

Câu 22.There is one person to ………..I owe more than I can say .

A. whose B.who C. whom D.that

Câu 23. In Vietnam, two, three or even four generations live ______ one roof.

A. over B. with C. under D. in

Câu 24.One of my friends advised me ……………to an American dinner without bringing anything as a small gift.

A. not go B. not to going C. not to go D. not going

Câu 25.I’m considering …………..home now . go B.gone C.going D.go

Câu 26.Physics........... very difficult to me.

A. are B. have been C. were D. is

Câu 27.John asked me _______ that film the night before.

A. that I saw B. had I seen C. if I had seen D. if had I seen

Câu 28. If it ……………..…, the match will be postponed

A. rains B. has rained C. is raining D. will rain

Câu 29.You won’t pass the final exam ……….you study harder .

A.if B.unless C.when D.because

Câu 30.”What would you like to drink ?” –“……………….”

A.Yes,please B.No,I don’t C.Tea,please D.Thank you

.Mistakes: Circle a letter of each sentence need correcting

Câu 31.A British usually have some butter on their bread for breakfast.


Câu 32.Peter told Jane that he would see her tomorrow .


Câu 33. The people in this small village live in a closely –knit community.


Câu 34.Much people agree that we should protect the environment .


Câu 35.My friend didn’t drink any beer since we came to live here .

Choose the sentence which has the closest meaning to the original one.

Câu 36. “I was at home last night” he said to me .

A.He said that I was at home last night

B. He told me that he had been at home the previous night.

C. He said that he has been at home last night .

D. He told me that he was at home the night before .
Câu 37. “Don’t walk on the grass” . the gardener said to us .

  1. The gardener said to us don’t walk on the grass.

  2. The gardener suggested us not to walk on the grass .

  3. The gardener told us not to walk on the grass.

  4. The gardener advised us not walking on the grass .

Câu 38 “How old is your little girl ?” The doctor said to Mrs Brown

A.The doctor asked Mrs Brown how old is her little girl .

B. The doctor asked Mrs Brown how old was her little girl .

C. The doctor asked Mrs Brown how old your little girl was .

D. The doctor asked Mrs Brown how old her little girl was .

Câu 39. He says: “I am very happy”.

a. He says: that he is very happy. b. He said that he is very happy.

c. He says that he was very happy. d. He says that he is very happy.

Câu40.The last time I saw her was a week ago.

a. I haven’t seen her for a week. c. I haven’t seen her since a week.

b. I saw her for a week. d. I haven’t seen her a week ago.

Fill in each numbered blank with one suitable word or phrase
Other Cultures

What is culture ? Culture (41) the way of living of a (42) group of people . People from different cultures (43) up with different customs , (44) and values . For example, if you travel from one country (45) another , you will probably find the people do somethings very differently to the ways you are familiar with in your culture .Culture is usually passed from parents to children for many generations , so people sometimes believe that their culture is the only correct way to live .

Câu 41 A..means B.defines C.studies D.has

Câu 42.A. special B.normal C.particular D.any

Câu 43A.come B.grow C.bring D. fed

Câu 44.A.. trusts B.knowledge C.answers D.beliefs

Câu 45.A.or B.and D.about

Read the passage carefully and choose the correct answer.

People used to know more or less how their children would live ? Now things are changing so quicklythat they don’t even know what their own lives will be like in a few years’time .What follows is not science fiction . It is how experts see the future. You are daydreaming behind the steering wheel; is it too dangerous ? No !That’s no problem because you have it on automatic pilot , and with its hi-tech computers and cameras, your car “knows” how to get you home safe and sound

What is for lunch ? In the old days you used to stop off to buy a hamburger or a pizza . Now you use your diagnostic machine to find out which foods your body needs .If your body needs more vegetables and less fat , your food-preparation machine makes you a salad.

After lunch, you go down the hall to your home office .Here you have everything you need to do your work . Thanks to your information screen and your latest generation computer , you needn’t go to the office any more . The information screen shows an urgent message from a co-worker in Brazil .You can instantly send back a reply to him and go on to deal with other matters.

@Questions :
Câu 46.What is the main idea of the passage?

A.Life in the future will be the same as life at present .

B.What foods people will eat in the future

C.What life is like in the future

D.The role of the computer in the life

Câu 47.Which of the following statement is TRUE about life in the future?

A.People can have balanced diets for their meal

B.It will be dangerous to drive cars because they are too fast

C. People will go to work as they do today

D.Hi-tech equipment will be out of the question

Câu 48.What does the word “its” in line 5 refer to?

A. The future B.The steering wheel C.your home D.your car

Câu 49.Which of the following is NOT true about life in the future ?

  1. There is no need to concentrate much when people are driving

  2. Eating is a problem because food contains too much fat

  3. Getting information is a matter of just a few seconds

  4. Contacts between people are almost instant

Câu 50.What is the word “reply” in the last sentence closest in meaning to ?

A. replay B.request C.answer D.question

……………THE END...........................



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