Ôn tập anh văN 12 – chủ ĐỀ I (unit 1, 2, 3) I. TỪ VỰng chọn phương án trả lời thích hợp ứng với A, B, C, d để hoàn thành câu

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A. Chọn từ ứng với A, B, C, D ở mỗi câu điền vào chỗ trống để hoàn thành đoạn văn sau:
When eating, most Americans hold a fork in the .............1...............with which they write. Americans eat away from home often, and usually they pay for their own meals when dining with friends.
When Americans greet one another they often exchange a firm ..........2.......... . They may greet strangers on the street by saying “Hello” or “.........3..........”. Friends often greet each other with “How are you?” and respond “...........4.........”. Americans do not really expect any other answer to the question “How are you?” because it is a way of ...............5........... Except in formal situations, people speak to each other by their given names once they are acquainted.
1. A. head B. mind C. notebook D. hand
2. A. adventure B. handshake C. hug D. occasion
3. A. Goodbye B. Good morning C. Not bad, thanks D. Take care
4. A. Bye B. So long C. No smoking D. Fine, thanks
5. A. having dinner B. shaking hands C. saying hello D. saying goodbye

B. Đọc kỹ đoạn văn sau và chọn câu trả lời thích hợp cho mỗi câu hỏi:
If you are invited to someone’s house in America for dinner, you should bring a gift, such as a bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates. If you give your host a wrapped gift, he or she may open it in front of you. Opening a present in front of the gift-giver is considered polite. It shows that the host is excited about receiving the gift and wants to show his or her appreciation to you immediately. Even if the host doesn’t like it, he or she will tell a “white lie” and say how much they like the gift to prevent the guest from feeling bad.
If your host asks you to arrive at a particular time, you should not arrive exactly on time or earlier than the expected time, because this is considered to be potentially inconvenient and therefore rude, as the host may not be ready.
1/What should you bring if you are invited to someone’s house in America for dinner?
A. wine B. gift C. fruit D. flower
2/Opening a present in front of the gift-giver is considered …….
A. good B. bad C. polite D. impolite
3/What will the host do if he or she doesn’t like the present?
A. tell a “white lie”. B. say how much they dislike the present.
C. prevent the guest from being happy. D. All of them.
4/When should you arrive if you are asked a particular time?
A. earlier than the expected time B. later than the expected time
C. exactly on time D. very late
5/Why shouldn’t you arrive exactly on time if you are invited to a dinner at a particular time?
–Because …………………
A. you are impolite. B. the host may not be ready.
C. the host is not at home. D. you go there by bus.

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