Ôn tập anh văN 12 – chủ ĐỀ I (unit 1, 2, 3) I. TỪ VỰng chọn phương án trả lời thích hợp ứng với A, B, C, d để hoàn thành câu

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on tap chu de 1 - anh van 12

Chọn từ ứng với a, b, c, d có phần gạch chân được phát âm khác so với những từ còn lại:

  1. A. potatoes B. caves C. learns D. stops

  2. A. plays B. cooks C. maps D. flats

  3. A. massages B. churches C. stages D. thanks

  4. A. comes B. coughs C. lengths D. laughs

  5. A. talked B. missed C. washed D. called

  6. A. occurred B. invited C. polluted D. decided

  7. A. closed B. enjoyed C. robbed D. faxed

  8. A. watched B. demanded C. laughed D. helped

Đọc và đánh dấu vị trí trọng âm chính của mỗi từ dưới đây:
1. caring 11. close-knit 21. household
2. willing 12. confide 22. conical
3. maintain 13. supportive 23. contract
4. oblige 14. precede 24. reject
5. approach 15. determine 25. apologize
6. argument 16. attract 26. diverse
7. marvelous 17. decent 27. install
8. follow 18. kidding 28. leftovers
9. maximum 19. culture 29. sacrifice
10. socialize 20. compliment 30. secure

A. Chọn phương án trả lời thích hợp ứng với A, B, C, D để hoàn thành câu:
1) He ____ for London one year ago.
A. left B. has left C. leaves D. had left
2) She ____ in Hue for twenty years.
A. lives B. has lived C. lived D. will live
3) I ____ to the market with my mother yesterday.
` A. go B. went C. have gone D. was going
4) What ____ you ____, Nam? – I’m thinking of my mother.
A. do/think B. are/thinking C. have/thought D. were/thinking
5) How long ____ you ____ her? – For five months.
A. do/know B. are/knowing C. have/known D. had/known
6) I usually ____ to school by bus.
A. went B. am going C. go D. have gone
7) Yesterday morning I ____ up at 6.30.
A. got B. get C. was getting D. had got
8) Please don’t make so much noise. I ____.
A. studying B. study C. am studying D. studied
9) Water ____ at 100 degrees Celsius.
A. boils B. boiled C. is boiling D. will boil
10) It is raining now. It began raining two hours ago. So it ____ for two hours.
A. rains B. is raining C. has rained D. rained
11) ____ you ____ out last night?
A. Did/go B. Do/go C. Have/gone D. Were/going
12) This house ____ 35,000 pounds in 1980.
A. costs B. cost C. had cost D. was cost
13) While Tom ____ tennis, Ann ____ a shower.
A. played/took B. playing/taking
C. was playing/was taking D. was play/was take
14) Mike is playing chess. How long ____ he ____?
A. did/play B. is/playing C. has/play D. has/been playing
15) When they ____ in the garden, the phone ____.
A. worked/was ringing B. were working/rang
C. worked/rang D. work/rings
16) After they ____ their breakfast, they ____ shopping yesterday.
A. have/go B. had had/go C. had/had gone D. had had/went
17) They ____ tea when the doorbell ____.
A. have/is ringing B. were having/rang
C. had had/ rang D. having/ringing
18) Father ____ his pipe while mother ____ a magazine.
A. smoked/read B. had smoked/read
C. was smoking/was reading D. smoking/reading
19) When I ____ into the office, my boss ____ for me.
A. came/was waiting B. was coming/waited
C. had come/waited D. came/waiting
20) When I ____ Brian, he ____ a taxi.
A. see/drives B. see/was driving
C. saw/was driving D. saw/is driving
21) When he ____, we ____ dinner.
A. arrived/having B. arrived/were having
C. was arriving/had D. had arrived/had
22) While they ____ chess, we ____ the shopping.
A. playing/doing B. were playing/doing
C. played/did D. were playing/were doing
23) They ____ football when the lights in the stadium ____ out.
A. were playing/went B. played/was going
C. were playing/ was going D. playing/went
24) While George and John ____ their room, she ____ the ironing.
A. cleaning/doing B. were cleaning/was doing
C. were cleaning/doing D. cleaning/was doing
25) Today is Thursday and she ____ late twice this week. She ____ late yesterday and on Monday.
A. is/was B. has been/is C. has been/was D. has been/had been
26) He ____ in the same house since 1975.
A. has lived B. is living C. lived D. had lived
27) We ____ him since he ____ married.
A. didn’t see/got B. haven’t seen/got C. don’t/get D. hadn’t seen/got
28) It ____ for two hours and the ground is too wet to play tennis.
A. is raining B. had rained C. has rained D. was raining
29) He ____ to HCMC last year and I ____ him since then.
A. moved/didn’t see B. moves/haven’t seen
C. moved/haven’t seen D. moved/hadn’t seen
30) We ____ what to do with the money yet.
A. not decide B. didn’t decide C. haven’t decided D. hadn’t decided
31) He wanted to know, “Which picture is the most famous one?”
--> He wanted to know __ the most famous one
A. which picture was B. whether it was
C. which is D. that picture was
32) They asked me, “Did Paul lose the match?” ---> They asked me ____.
A. if Paul lost the match B. if he had lost the match?
C. if Paul had lost the match D. if had he lost the match
33) He told her, “Don't call me before 7 o'clock! ---> He told her ____ before 7 o’clock.
A. not to call me B. not to call him
C. to call him D. to call me
34) They wanted to know, “When is your birthday?” ---> They wanted to know ____.
A. their birthday was when B. when their birthday was
C. when was my birthday D. when my birthday was
35) Cathy asked me, “Is the movie interesting or boring?”
---> Cathy asked me ____ interesting or boring.
A. was the movie B. the movie was
C. if the movie is D. if the movie was
36) Sarah said, “ My father takes me to school every day.”
A. Sarah said her father took her to school every day.
B. Sarah said her father takes her to school every day.
C. Sarah said my father took her to school every day.
D. Sarah said her father takes me to school every day.
37) Mum asked me, “Have you seen my wallet?”
A. Mum asked me had I seen her wallet. B. Mum asked me if I had seen her wallet.
C. Mum asked me if I saw my wallet. D. Mum asked if you had seen my wallet.
38) He asked me, “Who has cleaned the pool?”
A. He asked me to clean the pool. B. He asked me who cleaned the pool.
C. He asked me if who cleaned the pool. D. He asked me who had cleaned the pool.
39) He said to her, “Give up smoking!”
A. He told her to give up smoking. B. He told her not to give up smoking.
C. He told her if she gave up smoking. D. He told her to giving up smoke.
40) He told them, “Don't tell me such a nonsense!”
A. He told them not to tell him such a nonsense.
B. He told them to tell him such a nonsense.
C. He told them not to tell them such a nonsense.
D. He told them to tell them such a nonsense.
41) Peter reported, “We played a lot of tennis last year.”
--> Peter reported that they had played a lot of tennis __
A. the following year B. the year before C. last year D. A&B are correct
42) The Clarks told us, “We drove right down to Athens last summer”
--->The Clarks told us__ right down to Athens__
A. he had driven / the summer before B. they had driven / the summer before
C. they drove / the previous summer D. he drove / last summer
43) Helen said, “I’m watching the late night show.” ---> Helen said ______ the late night show.
A. they were watching B. you watched
C. she was watching D. Helen is watching
44) Peter said, “They were interested in other countries.”
---> Peter said ____ interested in other countries.
A. he had been B. he was C. they were D. they had been
45) Mrs Miller said, “I don’t feel better now.” ---> Mrs Miller said she ____ feel better ____.
A. they not / now B. she doesn’t / then
C. she didn’t / then D. they didn’t / now

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