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V. Other Material

- Assignments and Timetable refer file attach (file name: KAP_Plan_Document.doc)

- Java coding convention refers:

- C sharp coding convention refers:

C. Software Requirement Specifications

I. Document overview

1. Purpose

A Software Requirements Specification (SRS) – a requirements specification for a software system – is a complete description of the behaviour of a system to be developed. It includes a set of use cases that describe all the interactions the users will have with the software. In addition to use cases, the SRS also contains non-functional (or supplementary) requirements. Non-functional requirements are requirements, which impose constraints on the design or implementation (such as performance engineering requirements, quality standards, or design constraints).

In KA Plus project, this document descripts all requirements from user and project team about KA Plus application. It contains all parts of a Software Requirement Specification (SRS) to make project team and involved people verify, understand this project clearly so that project team can done this project correctly as defined requirement.
2. Scope
This document will include User Requirement Specification, System Requirement Specification and Software System Attribute to prepare for next step in project plan. Because this document is very important for project, it must consist of the following features: correct, unambiguous, modifiable, verifiable, consistent, complete, traceable and ranked.

II. Software Requirements Specification

1. User Requirements

These requirements came from user who uses Android mobile phone when using Karaoke service. It is main requirements because they are as end user. There are all requirements they need:

  • Users can view all karaoke songs that available in karaoke box or their computer

  • Users can know some basic information about songs to know that this song is the song they want (author, singer, lyric. . .)

  • Users can control when media was being played (play, pause, next, previous ... )

  • Users can search song from karaoke media database quickly and easily

  • Users can create playlist for themselves.

  • Users can manage playlist for themselves.

  • Users can run playlist by the way they want.

  • Users can choose suggested playlist

  • Users can keep their created-playlist in their mobile phone

  • User can

  • Users can connect their mobile phone via Wi-Fi

  • Users can know the current state of karaoke singing by mobile phone (current playing-song, time remaining , volume , next songs)

  • Vietnamese interface

2. Admin Requirements

These requirements came from owner or employee in karaoke box and user using this application at home. Users in this case seem like Admin-administrator. Almost requirements support user requirement (customers).

  • Admin can know all karaoke songs in their system.

  • Admin can view all karaoke songs including available information (title, duration , artist, gene, album, lyric )

  • Admin can manage karaoke songs as database

  • Admin can edit song’s information

  • Admin can rate song by the number of singing times

  • Admin can create all-playlist song for user make database to search

  • Admin can create suggest playlist for user (customer)

  • Admin can also manage karaoke running when user need

3. Remote requirements

Remote requirements must have these functions to control playing process:

  • Play karaoke song

  • Pause singing or play music

  • Change to next song

  • Change to previous song

  • Change to another song in playlist

  • Adjust the sound volume

  • Adjust the state of current song (seeking when playing)

  • Open media, which not available in database but available in their devices.

4. Searching Requirements

These requirements for searching function in mobile application for user:

User can search by any information of the song (title, lyric, singer…)

  • Quick and easy

  • Searching when offline (without connect with karaoke system)

  • Creating playlist before searching

5. Playlist Requirements

These requirements for playlist manager function in mobile application for user:

  • Display all playlist: playlist was created, suggested-playlist from karaoke box

  • Edit playlist(add , remove, order songs)

  • Store song’s information

  • Create new playlist

III. System Requirement Specification (Specific Requirements)

1. External Interfaces Requirement

1.1. User Interfaces

KA Plus application runs on mobile phone that has the fixed resolution. Because of the specific of mobile phone screen (small size, touch-screen, virtual keyboard), so GUIs must ensure these features:

  • Big Icons

  • Distance between button must ensues interact correctly

  • Easy to view

  • Easy to identify functions

  • Fit full screen

Picture 1.1: KAPlus application Home page

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