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Circle one option A, B, C or D that best rewrites each of the following sentences:

Câu 1: " That's a lovely new dress, Jean" said her mother.

A. Jean's mother said she liked her dress.

B. Jean's mother complimented her on the lovely new dress.

C. Jean's mother wanted to buy a lovely new dress.

D. Jean's mother told her to buy that lovely new dress.

Câu 2: " A Cigarette? " he asked. " No, thanks, " I said.

A. He asked if I was smoking, and I denied at once.

B. He mentioned a cigarette, so I think him.

C. He asked for a cigarette, and I immediately refused.

D. He offered me a cigarette, but I promptly declined.

Câu 3: Unlike her friends, Jane prefers an independent life.

A. Jane doesn't like her friends because she prefers an independent life.

B. Her friends live in an independent life and Jane doesn't like it.

C. Jane doesn't like her friends to live in a dependent life.

D. Jane prefers an independent life but her friends do not.

Câu 4: Jack bought that second- hand car and he then recognized that he shouldn't have done that.

A. Jack wished that he has not bought that second- hand car.

B. Jack regretted to have bought that second- hand car.

C. Jack wished that he didn't buy that second - hand car.

D. Jack regretted having bought that second- hand car.

Câu 5: Because Sandra had informed us, we found the contract quite normal.

A. The contract was quite normal because of Sandra informed us.

B. Being informed by Sandra, the contract was quite normal.

C. But for Sandra's information, we couldn't find the contract quite normal.

D. We could find the contract quite normal thanks to Sandra's informing us.
Identify one underlined part that is incorrect in each of the following sentences by circling the corresponding letter A, B, C or D

Câu 6:

Air pollution, together with littering, are causing many problems in our large, industrial cities today.


Câu 7:

No matter what different, various music types have one thing in common: touching the hearts


of the listeners.

Câu 8:

With his father's guidance, Mozart began playing the clavier at the age of three and compose


at the age of five.

Câu 9:

Not having been to New York before, Susan found the city such attractive.


Câu 10:

School children in the same grade in Vietnamese schools are usually the same old.


Read the passage then circle the best option A, B, C or D to complete the following questions or statements:

Since the dawn of time, people have found ways to communicate with one another. Smoke signals and tribal drums were some of the earliest forms of communication. Letters, carried by birds or by humans on foot or on horseback, made it possible for people to communicate larger amounts of information between two places. The telegram and telephone set the stage for more modern means of communication. With the invention of the cellular phone, communication itself has become mobile.

For you, a cell phone is probably just a device that you and your friends use to keep in touch with family and friends, take pictures, play games, or send text message. The definition of a cell phone is more specific: it is a hand- held wireless communication device that sends and receives signals by way of small special areas called cells.

Walkie - talkies, telephones and cell phones are duplex communication devices: They make it possible for two people to talk to each other. Cell phones and walkie- talkies are different from regular phones because they can be used in many different locations. A walkie- talkie is sometimes called a half- duplex communication device because only one person can talk at a time. A cell phone is a full- duplex device because it uses both frequencies at the same time. A walkie-talkie has only one channel. A cell phone has more than a thousand channels. A walkie- talkie can transmit and receive signals across a distance of about a mile. A cell phone can transmit and receive signals over hundreds of miles. In 1973, an electronic company called Motorola hired Martin Cooper to work on wireless communication. Motorola and Bell Laboratories ( now AT& T) were in a race to invent the first portable communication device. Martin Cooper won the race and became the inventor of the cell phone. On April 3, 1973, Cooper made the first cell phone call to his opponent at AT& T while walking down the streets of New York city. People on the sidewalks gazed at cooper in amazement. Cooper's phone was called A Motorola Dyna- Tac. It weighed a whopping 2.5 pounds ( as compared to today's cell phones that weigh as little as 3 or 4 ounces)

After the invention of his cell phone, Cooper began thinking of ways to make the cell phone available to the general public. After a decade, Motorola introduced the first cell phone for commercial use. The early cell phone and its service were both expensive. The cell phone itself cost about $ 3, 500. In 1977, AT & T constructed a cell phone system and tried it out in Chicago with over 2, 000 customers. In 1981, a second cellular phone system was started in the Washington, D.C and Baltimore area. It took nearly 37 years for cell phones to become available for general public use. Today, there are more than sixty million cell phone customers with cell phones producing over thirty billion dollars per years.
Câu 11: What is the main idea of the passage?

A. The increasing number of people using cell phone.

B. the difference between cell phones and telephones.

C. the history of a cell phone

D. how Cooper competed with AT& T.

Câu 12: What definition is true of a cell phone?

A. The first product of two famous corporation

B. A hand- held wireless communication device

C. Something we use just for playing games.

D. A version of walkie- talkie

Câu 13: What is wrong about a walkie- talkie?

A. It has one channel B. It was first designed in 1973.

C. It can be used within a distance of a mile. D. Only one person can talk at a time.

Câu 14: The word" duplex" is closest meaning to.....................

A. having two parts B. quick C. modern D. having defects

Câu 15: To whom did Cooper make his first cell phone call?

A. his assistant at Motorola B. a person on New York street.

C. a member of Bell Laboratories. D. the director of his company

Câu 16: How heavy is the first cell phone compared to today's cell phones?

A. ten times as heavy as B. as heavy as

C. much lighter D. 2 pounds heavier

Câu 17: When did Motorola introduce the first cell phones for commercial use?

A. in the same years when he first made a cell- phone call

B. in 1981

C. in 1983

D. in the same year when AT& T constructed a cell phone system.

Câu 18: When did AT& T widely start their cellular phone system?

A. in 2001 B. in 1977

C. in 1981 D. 37 years after their first design

Câu 19: What does the word" gazed" mean?

A. looked with admiration B. angrily looked C. glanced D. started conversation

Câu 20: The phrase " tried it out" refers to

A. made effort to sell the cell-phone B. reported on AT& T

C. tested the cell-phone system D. introduced the cell-phone system
Read the passage then circle the best option A, B, C or D to complete the following questions or statements:
During the 19th century, women in the U. S organized and participated in a large number of reform movements, including movements to reorganize the prison system, improve education, ban the sale of alcohol, and most importantly to free slaves. Some women saw similarities in the social status of women and slaves. Women like Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucy Stone were feminists and abolitionists who supported the rights of both women and blacks. A number of male abolitionists, including William Lloyd Garrison and Wendell Phillips also supported the rights of women to speak and participate equally with men in anti- slavery activities. Probably more than any other movement, abolitionism offered women a previously denied entry into politics. They became involved primarily in order to better their living conditions and the conditions of others.

When the Civil war ended in 1865, the 14th, and 15th, Amendments to the Constitution adopted in 1868 and 1870 granted citizenship and suffrage to blacks but not to women. Discouraged but resolved, feminists influenced more and more women to demand the right to vote. In 1869, the Wyoming Territory had yielded to demands by feminists, but eastern states resisted more stubbornly than ever before. A woman's suffrage bill had been presented to every Congress since 1878 but it continually failed to pass until 1920, when the 19th Amendment granted women the right to vote.

Câu 21: What is the topic of the passage?

A. Women's suffrage B. Abolitionists

C. The Wyoming Territory. D. The 14th and 15th Amendment

Câu 22: What is not among the reformation movements of women?

A. reorganizing the prison B. passing the laws

C. freeing the slaves D. prohibiting the sale of alcohol

Câu 23: According to the passage, why did women become active in politics?

A. to improve the conditions of life that existed at the time.

B. to support Elizabeth Cady Stanton

C. to amend the Declaration of Independence

D. to be elected to public office.

Câu 24: The word" primarily" in the first paragraph is closest in meaning to .................

A. somewhat B. above all C. always D. finally

Câu 25: What had occurred shortly after the Civil War?

A. The eastern states resisted the end of the war.

B. Black people were granted the right to vote.

C. The Wyoming territory was admitted to the Union.

D. A women's suffrage bill was introduced in Congress.

Câu 26: The word " suffrage" could be best replaced by....................

A. citizenship B. right to vote C. pain D. freedom

Câu 27: What does the 19th Amendment guarantee?

A. Citizenship for women B. Citizenship for blacks

C. Voting rights for women D. Voting rights for blacks

Câu 28: When were women allowed to vote throughout the US?

A. After 1920 B. After 1878 C. After 1870 D. After 1866

Câu 29: What is wrong about William Lloyd Garrison?

A. He was living at the same time with Lucy Stone and Wendell Phillip.

B. He used to be a slave.

C. He supported the rights of women

D. He believed in equality between men and women.

Câu 30: What can not be inferred from the passage?

A. The blacks were given the right to vote before women.

B. The abolitionists believed in anti- slavery activities.

C. A women's suffrage bill had been discussed in the Congress for 50 years.

D. The eastern states did not like the idea of women's right to vote.
Read the passage and choose one word or phrase marked A, B, C or D that best fits each of the gaps:

CARE (Cooperative for American Relief Everywhere) was (31)______ in 1945 to help people after World War II. It (32)______ over one hundred millions food packages. Meanwhile, it started self-help programs. Today, it has development programs in thirty-seven countries.

CARE gives equipment and teaches people how to build water systems, roads, schools, houses and (33)______ centers. It also teaches people how to increase (34)______ on their farms, how to (35)______ areas, and how to start small village industries.

Doctor and nurses (36)______ to go remote villages. They provide health (37)______ for the villagers. They also teach them how to (38)______ their health. They train people to provide simple medical care.

CARE also provides food for about thirty million people each year and (39)______ of them are children. It gives special help when there is a flood, an earthquake, a (40)______, or a war.
Câu 31: A. established B. undergone C. organized D. deleted

Câu 32: A. distributed B. overused C. improved D. parachuted

Câu 33: A. healthful B. healthiness C. healthy D. a. health .

Câu 34: A. consumption B. collaboration C. contribution D. production

Câu 35: A. restrain B. reforest C. recover D. refresh

Câu 36: A. defend B. eliminate C. volunteer D. compete

Câu 37: A. beat B. care C. mention D. limitation

Câu 38: A. solve B. improve C. establish D. conserve

Câu 39: A. most B. either C. almost D. altogether

Câu 40: A. shower B. stream C. brook D. drought
Choose from the four options given ( marked A, B, C or D) one best answer to complete each of the following sentences.

Câu 41: Only by buying 5 items at the same time.............................................. .

A. can you get the reduction B. get reduction

C. can you got the reduction D. you can get the reduction

Câu 42: Intelligent as Martha was, .........................................

A. she was failure to give the answer in just a few seconds

B. she didn't succeed to give the answer in just a few seconds

C. she failed to give the answer in just a few seconds

D. she couldn't fail to answer the question in just a few seconds

Câu 43: .................................the ringing phone when it went dead.

A. Hardly I reached B. I had no sooner reached

C. Scarcely had I reached D. Just as I reached

Câu 44: He has received several scholarships ...............................

A. not only because his artistic but his academic ability.

B. for both his academic ability as well as his artistic

C. as resulting of his ability in the art and the academy

D. because of his academic and artistic ability.

Câu 45: ..................................., I decided to stop trading with them.

A. Despite of the fact that they were the biggest dealer

B. Though being the biggest dealer

C. Being the biggest dealer

D. Even though they were the biggest dealer
Choose the best option A, B, C or D to complete the following sentences

Câu 46: He told me to bring along Helen as an interpreter ..........................they didn't understand my English.

A. though B. so that C. on the condition D. in case

Câu 47: .............................your warnings, we would have got in trouble.

A. As for B. In case C. But for D. In stead

Câu 48: Judie Foster ............................to be awarded the title " The Best Actress"

A. was worth B. was worthy C. was served D. deserved

Câu 49: If .........................................., the Xmas tree would look more impressive.

A. being done carefully B. it were to be carefully done

C. done carefully D. it is carefully done

Câu 50: In a report submitted to the government yesterday, scientists ...........that the building of the bridge be stopped.

A. recommended B. said C. complained D. banned

Câu 51: Little ..............................how important the responsibility was.

A. he realized B. he realizes

C. did he realize D. will he realize

Câu 52: I am too busy with my chemistry homework ......................time to go out for a walk.

A. that I have no B. to have C. to have no D. I haven't got

Câu 53: Mr Gonzales was very...........................about the upcoming board of directors meeting.

A. related B. surprised C. concerned D. fond

Câu 54: Staying in a hotel costs ............................renting a room in a dormitory for a week.

A. twice more than B. as much twice

C. more than twice as D. twice as much as

Câu 55: He doesn't like his job because he doesn't get...............................his boss.

A. on well with B. well to C. with D. on to

Câu 56: You .......................announced your marriage. We knew nothing about it. We could have sent you congratulations.

A. can have B. should have C. must have D. had better

Câu 57: .........................the best of my knowledge, this system canno work automatically.

A. For B. To C. Within D. In

Câu 58: .....................is Maria's future husband like? - He is generous and elegant.

A. Which appearance B. How

C. What D. Whose

Câu 59: Hardly ...............workers leave the shed without turning off the light.

A. no B. any C. more D. some

Câu 60: Drive the car.............................not to cause any accident, my boy!

A. enough carefully B. carefully enough

C. enough careful D. enough care

Câu 61: .............................returns!

A. Terrible B. What a long time

C. So long D. Many happy

Câu 62: A: " ...................................."

B: " Thanks. I will write to you when I come to London."

A. God bless you! B. Have a nice trip! C. Better luck next time! D. Have a go!

Câu 63: People prefer going to the seaside in summer .......................spending holidays in the mountains.

A. to B. for C. than D. rather than

Câu 64: If .................................the teacher's advice, we would have last the game.

A. there were not B. it hadn't been for

C. it had not had D. it hadn't been

Câu 65: The thief didn't admit...................................the money.

A. to steal B. being stolen C. stealing D. to be stolen

Câu 66: Turn left at the traffic light and go straight until you see the cinema on your right. The post office is opposite the cinema. ......................................

A. You can't miss it B. It is alright there

C. It is easy D. You will surely see it

Câu 67: ..........................increases in population in underdeveloped countries, a lot of problems arise including health care and social evils.

A. In spite of B. In stead of C. Despite of D. Due to

Câu 68: Take the shortcut round the church...........................late for school.

A. in order not be B. in order that we won't be

C. so that not to be D. so that we couldn't

Câu 69: We received thousands of letters, .......................asked for an omnibus of the drama.

A. half of them B. half of that C. half of which D. half of whom

Câu 70: The rainfall in Vietnam is..............................that in Bangladesh.

A. as many as B. less as C. not so much as D. fewer than

Câu 71: I do not remember ........................anyone that kind of massage. it must have been someone else.

A. to have sent B. sending C. having sending D. to send

Câu 72: A: Oop! I'm sorry for stepping on your foot.

B: ...........................!

A. You don't mind B. You're welcome C. That's fine D. Never mind

Câu 73: They held ...............................party that they really surprised the neighbors.

A. so big B. such a big C. such big D. too big a

Câu 74: The volunteers came here to .............................education for children.

A. help B. provide C. participate D. bother

Câu 75: What ...........................! Shall we go out?

A. weather it is nice B. nice weather

C. a nice weather D. nice weather is it
Choose one word marked A, B, C or D whose stress pattern is different from the others in each groups.
Câu 76: A. engineering B. compulsory C. communicate D. philosophy

Câu 77: A. agree B. prepare C. Summer D. await

Câu 78: A. renovation B. responsible C. renovation D. regulation

Câu 79: A. recent B. answer C. fertile D. remove

Câu 80: A. advertise B. consumption C. influence D. history
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