Life skills are abilities for adaptive and positive behaviour, that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life

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Life skills are abilities for adaptive and positive behaviour
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Life skills are abilities for adaptive and positive behaviour, that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life.
As the school year ends and summertime approaches, kids will find themselves with much more free time on their hands. Televisions, computers and cell phones will taunt them to stay indoors
In my opinion, parents should let their children take part in a life skills education class in the summer time. It’s very helpful for them to
Summer has always been my favorite season until I completed my education. Now you must be wondering how summer is related to education. Well, it was specially for the summer breaks The summer breaks used to be rejuvenating. We used to wait the entire year for the summer breaks. However, gradually the concept of summer vacation in schools is changing. Summer breaks are provided to students to give them a space from the study pressure of the entire year so that they can stay away at least for 15 days or a month from the saddle of the entire year. However, schools make it a point to give coursework to the students that they are supposed to finish by the end of the vacation.
Parents set up a big list of the coaching classes that their children will attend during the summer break as soon as the vacation days are announced by the schools. Summer vacations are no more of interest to the kids. In fact now students feel like skipping the summer vacations somehow. Even nothing is innovative in these coaching classes which the parents crave for their children to attend. The make them practice the same reading and writing stuffs which the children do the entire year. In fact this thing stuck their creativity level to a certain point and doesn’t let them improve it.
What do the students try to get out of it? Do they think that by mugging the books for entire year their kids will replace people like Thomas Alva Edison? A least amount of leisure should be provided to every human so that their brain can work properly and get prepared to grab fresh things more rapidly. In many countries children take part in programs such as summer camps, sports and also attend summer schools. Throughout the vacation period kids should be left to have a good time with friends. Many parents take leaves from work to go on family vacation during the summer break.
It refreshes the mind of both the parents and the children from the year’s hectic schedules. This is the time when children can find out the hidden talents in them. The schools have their busy program because of which kids don’t get the time to find out what they are good in and what they are not. A month time is enough for the children to do creative and innovative stuffs. These also help them to improve their creativity level. The period of childhood is known to be the golden period in a human being’s life.
A person can do extremely well in that period mainly because their minds are free from other troubles of life. They cannot improve even in their academics if they are not provided the scope to enjoy a break from the black and white letters. Studying throughout the 12 months only brings boredom and abhor to the students. Parents think their child will improve more and more in academics but unfortunately, they get the opposite result.

Poor attendance got some people wondering if such a long academic calendar was worthwhile. Why keep schools open year-round if most kids don't even go? Reformers also warned that goody-goodies who did show up every day might burn out. Many physicians at the time felt that students were too frail, both in mind and body, for so many days at their desk. Too much education, they argued, could impair a child's health.

Children need a break from the rigors and strictures of school. I think that many adults forget how demanding school is, especially for young children whose bodies are itching to move. Kids are not adults, it is a lot to ask that they sit in desks all day, always paying attention or they get in trouble, being quiet, following orders, etc. How many adults could put up with having their activities controlled so tightly all day long?

I’m afraid that we’re even turning our kids into a commodity by counting the number of instruction hours compared with the kids in Taiwan, limiting their education to subjects that can be measured and converted into a well-paying job some day.
Let’s also teach our kids the value of relaxation, of spending time with good friends, of making things with cardboard and duct tape. Let’s teach them that they can learn on their own by trial and error. Let’s teach them that life is not an assembly line. For that they need time, good old fashioned unstructured free time. They need summer.

 1)Summer is a chance for children and students to relax, it removes the pressures of schooling and having to remember everything they were taught 
2)Life needs to be balanced between fun and work otherwise your life can be one extreme or the other which can lead to disorder or breakdowns 

However it is possible that children can get bored and forget many things that they have been taught and excessive time off can lead to the type of boredom where kids become destructive 
So I would say its inspiration for the students to get good grades. Its also how they relax and make room for another year. School can be stressful and without the summer vacation it would be unbearable to cram one year in after another. 
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