Lesson plan unit 12: music lesson: writing Aim

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Name: Nguyễn Thị Thuận

Class: AVK32C

Code: 0814189


Lesson: writing

  1. Aim: writing some information of a composer.

  2. Objectives: by the end of the lesson, students will be able to write a profile of a composer or a person they like based on prompts provided.

  3. Teaching aids: board, chalk, textbook and handouts.

  4. Teaching techniques: discussion, sharing and comparing.

  5. Teaching plan.

Activity/ Aids






Competition game- guessing




- Print the following handout with simplified profiles of several Vietnamese and foreign singer and musicians.

1. Born on February 28, 1939 in Lac Giao(a highland in the middle part of Vietnam).

Grew up in Hue.

Wrote more than 990 songs including Ướt Mi, Diễm Xưa , Nối vòng tay lớn, Nhớ mùa thu Hà Nội…

Died on April 1, 2001 in Ho Chi Minh city.
2. Born in 1967 In Hanoi.

Graduated from Hanoi conservatory in 1993.

Famous for such as Chiều Xuân. Thì Thầm Mùa Xuân, Cô Tấm Ngày Nay, Mùa Thu Vàng…
3. Born on August 19,1975 in Hanoi.

Graduated from Hanoi conservatory in 1997.

Has received many honours in cluding the first prize in Hanoi singing competion, the golden voice of ASEAN in 1998.

Famous albums: Vẫn Hát Lời Bình Yên , Tóc Ngắn, Made in Vietnam, chat với Mozart…
4. Born on March 30, 1968 in Charlemagne, Quebec, Canada.

Won the Academy Award for best songs and the Grammy Award for Best Pop Performance with the song: “Beauty and the Beast”.

Famous for songs both in French and English: “ Telement J’Amour Pour Toi” (I have so much love for you, my heart will go on…)
5. Born at 6:30 p.m. on October 9, 1940 in Liverpool, England.

The founder and leader of the Beatles.

Famous songs: Let It Be, Imagine, Yesterday…

Shot dead on December 8,1980.
-Divides the class into 8 groups and gives each group a handout.

- Ask Ss to read the profiles and find the name of each singer and musician as quickly as possible.

- The winner will be the group with the quickest and correct answer

- Guides and controls the class to play the game.

- Congratulates the winning team.

Answer: 1.Trịnh Công Sơn

2. Ngọc Châu

3. Mỹ Linh

4. Celine Dion

5. John Lemon

- Introduce some features of a profile:

+ Profile is a short biography of somebody.

+ Profile included: date & place of birth, family, major achievements, date of death (if the person died)…

- Says the introduction for today lesson.






- Gives and explains the some new words.

+ composer (n) : nhà soạn nhạc

+ rag (n) : bản nhạc

+ tune (n) : giai điệu

+mixture (n) : sự hòa trộn
- Asks S to look at and work in pair task 1, in textbook.

Task 1: sentence completion

Instruction: you are required to make up complete sentences about Scott Joplin, a famous American musician, using the prompts provided.

- Asks S what tense of verbs they should use in this task.

- Reminds S to notice that the simple past tense should be used here as the musician died.

- Goes around and helps S if necessary.

- Work in pair and share the answer for each other.
- Calls 5 S go to the board and write down their answers.

- Asks the whole class to correct.

- Gives feedback and corrections.
Suggested answers:

  1. He learnt to play music when he was very young. Scott learnt to play the works of composers like Bach, Beethoven and Mozart as well as to compose music.

  2. He quickly became famous.

  3. His tunes were wonderful mixture of classical European and African beats which were known as Ragtime.

  4. All in all, he wrote 50 piano rags and was called the King of Ragtime.

  5. Scott died in 1917.






Task 2: Profile writing

Instruction: you are going to write a life story of Van Cao using the prompts provided.

- Asks S to read through prompts.

- Reminds S to use the right tense of verbs and supplement articles, preposition, pronouns…when necessary.

- Asks S to write the profile individually in 10 minutes.

- Goes around and helps S.
- listens to the teacher.

- Works individually to write the story.




Sharing and comparing




- Asks S to exchange their paper with another student for peer correction.

- Controls the class.

- Shares and compares the story to another one.

- Correct mistakes for each other.

- Goes around and checks the answer with the whole class.

- Gives feedback.

- Collects some common mistakes and corrects.

- Provides general comments on the profiles.


Van Cao was born on the fifteenth of November, 1923 in Nam Dinh, in a poor workers family. He started to compose music when he was very young. In 1939, he wrote his first song and he quickly became famous. He composed Tien Quan Ca (National Anthem) in 1944. His artistic works were songs, poems, paintings. He died on July 10th, 1995. He was known as a very talented musician and highly appreciated by the Vietnamese people.





- Asks S to write a short paragraph about their favorite singer basing on the form they have leaned.

- Asks S to prepare for the next lesson.


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