Institutionalized and systematic human rights violations by the communist party of vietnam

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Case 7: The Terrorist State

At nearly 23:30 on 21 September 2008, a group of mobile policemen, agents of security, militia and members of security came to create trouble for the Redemptorist monastery and Thai Ha Church. There were more than 500 people. They isolated and damaged the Seminary. Many parishioners were beaten barbarically. The telephone sytem in the area was dewaved.

The above government personnel came into the Holy land and beat the elderly people who were guarding the tents. One elderly woman was seriously injured . They also broke the Monument, though there were many polices present, but no appropriate intervention.
Aftermaths, those troublemakers assembled in front of Thai Ha church, blaimed, and shouted “Kill, kill, kill Kiet, kill Phung” (Kiet: the Archbishop of Hanoi Ngo Quang Kiet - Phung: The father superior of the Redemptorists Hanoi Vu Khoi Phung). They pushed into the Church. All seminaries closed and the doors of the Seminary locked, kept them out.. The Dong Da district's police force were present but standstill, no action at all.

Mobilized by the thugs to terrorize the parishioners and the priests of Thai Ha

Case 8: Provocation and attempted usurpation of the rights of the Church.

On 15 October 2008, the People's Committee of Hanoi city convened the diplomatic missions in Vietnam to announce that it will mutate Archbishop Ngo Quang Kiet of the Archdiocese of Hanoi.

The Hanoi Moi newspaper Saigon Giai Phong and cited the words of Mr Nguyen The Thao, chairman of the Committee in this meeting: "The origin of these events is due to a number of clergy whose head is l Archbishop Ngo Quang Kiet benefited religious activities ..., deliberately violated the law ... " And the Mr. Thao said: "... The city has proposed that Mr. Ngo Quang Kiet is no longer archbishop of Hanoi ...".

Mobilized by the thugs to terrorize the parishioners and the priests of Thai Ha

Case 9: Interview with Nguyen Minh Triet by CNN.

The contents of CNN interview of Nguyen Minh Triet in a capacity of the President of Communist Regime, anchored by Wolf Blitzer, on Triet's visit to the US, June 22, 2007that was distorted by the Government mouthpiece, The Nhan Dan newspaper. The interview was later transcripted by Tuoi Tre, VNN and republished. The following extracts for example:

Wolf Blitzer: Because I ask that specific question, because the president at June 5th conference on democracy and security, a conference that he had in Prague, he did mention one specific name, Father Nguyen Van Ly of Vietnam, someone that he said - he included within a group of others around the world whose human rights were being violated
The newspaper Nhan Dan reported as follows: I introduced this issue because at the meeting of May and June in France, President Bush mentioned (Father) Nguyen Van Ly who is being violated the human rights

Nguyen Minh Triet (through interpreter): Reverend Nguyen Van Ly was brought to court because of these violations of the law. It absolutely is not a matter of religion.

The newspaper Nhan Dan reported: This is totally a legal issue; it is not a religious one. The sentence on him has been totally agreed by the Vietnam Catholic Conference of Bishops and Vatican.

After the newspapers in Vietnam published the abovementioned interview, The Vietnam Catholic Conference of Bishops introduced a statement which is as follows:

Dear the Great Grand President of the country,

on behalf of the Vietnam Catholic Conference of Bishops, I sincerely call at you and present to you a matter as follows

On the occasion I read “Youth newspaper”, eidtion on the 6th July 2007, page 3, relating to the sentence of Reverend Nguyen Van Ly,

The Vietnam Catholic Conference of Bishops have appraised them as follows

The answer of the Great Grand President Nguyen Minh Triet that “The Vietnam Catholic Conference of Bishops and Vatican also agree with us”, is not a truth.

I wish you well.

For The Vietnam Catholic Conference of Bishops

Bishop Nguyen Van Hoa

The President of the Vietnam Catholic Conference of Bishops
Case 10: Parish An Bang, Hue

In the past years, prior 1975, the Catholics of An Bac, An Bang , Vinh An village, Phu Vang district, Thua Thien Hue province, often met at the yard which was offered by Mr Le Khinh in 1961 for prayer to Jesus Christ; and on convenient occasions to pray for peace, gods, Christmas, Easter. Mr Le Tuan, who was paternal grandson of Mr Le Khinh and who was undisputedly inherited the property. His family has not received any written document which requisitioned his family’s land or whatsoever.

In middle 2007, parishioners applied to the local govrnment to establish an altar with the Holy Cross, a Jesus Christ Statute in such the traditional land (around 600m2), as a Holy place. After 30 days, the village cadres returned the application without comment. In December, for the Christmas festival, the parishioners erected a wooden Cross, a cement altor, a grass gutter which were larger than previous years.
On Sep 16, 2008, The People’s Committee of Phu Vang district sent a written document No: 530/UBND-NV to Priest Nguyen Huu Giai, of An Bang Parish, to request the parishioners’ council and the management committee of An Bac to dismantle “illegal erection” in the land which under the management of the People’s Committee of Vinh An village. Hue Archbishop, Nguyen Nhu The also received a same copy as of Priest Nguyen Huu Giai’s, as well as the parishioners’ council’s and the management committee.
On Sep 26, 2008, at 1pm, the Cadres’ Force of the village, the district and the Border Force surrounded the altor while the parishioners were praying in front of the Holy Cross. Since then Cadres and Army personnel have been stationing at the spot, even it flooded and stormed.
On Sep 27, 2008, at 18:00, the traffic police force strengthened and guarded at the church. An incident that had never occured previously.
On Oct 10, 2008 Priest Nguyen Huu Giai was invited “to work” at the People’s Committee from 8:30 to 10:30. Mr Phan Van Quang, the Chairman of the People’s Committee, Mr Duong Van Ngoc, Deputy Chairman and other 9 people from various administrative sections. Mr Quang accused: No approval, but the Holy Cross had been erected, it must be dismantled
On Oct 15, 2008: The loud speaker started to accuse the An Bang parishioners of An Bac, regarding the illegal occupation of the land. Mr Phan Cong and Le Van Tuan were summomed to the District’s Public Security.
On Oct 17, 2008: Mr Dinh Van Trung, Mr Dao Tan Ky and Mr Nguyen Thanh who belonged to the Parishioners’ Council, were summoned to the People’s Committee of the District, which declared in accordance with the Law, the land had to be returned to the government then it would be distributed to the religion for use, the religion was not directly used the land. The Parishioners’s Council advocated that the land belonged to Mr Le Khinh who offered to the religion in 1961, and now is to be erected the Holy Cross. Mr Le Di was Mr Le Khinh’s son only witnessed. Prior 1975, the parishioners frequently met together for prayers.
on evening of Oct 17, 2008, Hue TV screened the “Casuarina-tree forest” land which was being managed by the government to protect people and also sreened the An Bac altor, Holy Cross and then accused Mr Nguyen Duc Man and Priest Nguyen Huu Giai “shamelessly” violated the right of land-usage. It repeatedly screened an unrooted casuarina-tree in the nearby garden and linked with the altar area.

5.6. Violations against the Evangelical Churches.

5.6.1 The Mennonite Evangelical Churches

The Mennonite Churches in Centre Vietnam affiliate to the Evangelical Congregation, comprise of 54 Vietnamese ethnicities, led by Pastor Nguyen Cong Chinh, being the President. Some Mennonite Churches applied to the government for the local recognition, but denied, some local governments received the applications but no reply. The local Public Security areas forced the churches to withdaw from the Evangelical Congregation, but defied.
Pastor Nguyen Cong Chinh.

Pastor Nguyen Cong Chinh's Household Booklet and other perosnal IDs have been confiscated the since 1999, due to his Evangelical practice in Centre Vietnam. The Kontum Communist authorities bulldozed the Mennonite Church Praying Hall twice on 16 January 2004, together with other 400 Praying Halls in the Highland Centre Vietnam. Since then Pastor Nguyen’s family have moved 23 times for a shelter, wherever he came, lasted only two months, the Public Security threat and forced him out. He were interrogated more then 300 times, beat 20 times and confiscated all individual belongings, and evicted 56 times.

On Sept 24, 2004, Kontum government mobilized Public Security, Army personel to bulldoze the Mennonite Church’s Praying Hall and confiscated all its properties
Just within two months, from May to the beginning July, 2008, Gia Lai’s Public Security summoned Pastor Nguyen Cong Chinh in total 60 days for “work”. Every time, there were two Public Security personnel to escort him. At noon time there were two Public Secuirty personnel to guard him. At night time there were 4 Public Security personnel to shadow him. The “contents of work” was the interrogation on him for various aspects, such as

  1. All Press Release relating to The Evangelical Congregation of The Vietnamese Ethnicities to oppose the Vietnamese Communist Regime in lieu of human rights violation and oppression on Baptists.

  2. The communication regarding Highlanders’ demonstration leaked out;

  3. Three hundred Montagard prisoners of religion and conscience;

  4. Six minority ethnic Pastors were captured on Nov 5, 2007;

  5. Block 8406 and its activists such as Lawyers Nguyen Van Dai and Le Thi Cong Nhan; Priest Phan Van Loi, Professor Nguyen Chinh Ket, Pastor Nguyen Hong Quang, all were harassed;

  6. The communication with overseas Vietnamese and abroad reporters such as Bao Khanh (Vietnam Sydney Radio) Reporter Do Hieu (RFA) and many others;

  7. Accept the assistance of overseas Vietnamese, perticularly from Block 1906, Block 1706 etc...

At interrogation sessions, there were 10 Public Security personel who interrogated him at the same time. Those Public Security personel from different levels of province, city, ministry. They threat, insulted him. Facing with these unequalities, the Pastor only responded with silence and pray.

Pastor Nguyen Cong Chinh was beaten by Public Security on 12/07/2008

The Public Security personnel often interviewed him, They are

1. Lieutenant Colonel Do Van Tien (phone: 0938-264-079 [M] and 059-869-139 [W]), Deputy Head of Gia Lai PA38 office who has ever signed many decisions to capture and imprison him regarding his religion practice in Gia Lai;

2. Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Truong Chinh, Gai Lai’s Deputy Head, The Interrogation office;

3. Lieutenant Tran Sau, Team Leader, Pleiku city’s security office;

4. Major Tran Son Dai Huynh, Team leader, the same group with under-Colonel Ralanlâm;

5. Captain Le Cong Thanh, Deputy Team leader PA38, same group with under Colonel Ralanlâm (Ralanlâm is now deputy Director, Gia Lia’s Public Security, in charge of Security. On 05/09/2006, Ranlanlâm threaten and beaten Pastor Chinh cruelly. Now this guy continues to assign his followers to bully, isolate, harass and threaten trickily;

6. Captain Nguyen Thi Lien, Security PA38, same group with Ralanlâm.

7. Under Captain Phan Thanh Son, Gai Lai’s Interrogative Security personnel, the same group with Ralanlâm;

8. Lieutenant Quy, aka Black Quy, Pleiku city’s security, the same group with Ralanlâm;

9. Lieutenant Thanh, aka Fat Thanh, Security PA38, the same group with Ralanlâm;

10. Lieutenant Nguyen Trong Hoa, Public Security, Hoa Lu ward;

11. First Lieutenant Cuong (aka Fat Cuong), Security PA38, the same group with Ralanlâm.

12. First Lieutenant A-Mơn, Security PA38, the same group with Ralanlâm

There have also been 3 Security personnel who monitor every day
Surreptitious recording of an interrogation session where Pastor Nguyen Cong Chinh was insulted and tortured.

The interrogation session of Pastor Nguyen Cong Chinh during which he suffered insults and physical violence perpetrated by the lieutenant-colonels and Thu Rahlanlam at the police station of Hoa Lu, Pleiku of 17.00 was recorded 05/09/2006 live by Radio Free Asia (RFA) and released on 06/09/2006 and released on 06/09/2006. During this interrogation session, the two officers wanted to put pressure on the pastor to give up his mission of evangelization on the high plateaus. They also proclaimed the deportation of Pastor of the house of his parents confiscated his motorcycle and another 5 cycles belonging to the faithful Christians who came to visit him. So they rouaient beatings, the two policemen were shouting threats: "Yes, we will fight you. Complain wherever you want. We will continue to beat you until you do not dare stay here to preach your religion. "

The crime of holding the Bible

On 09/01/2007, Hoa Lu ward’s Public Security, Pleiku city, Gai Lai province to summon Pastor Nguyen Cong Chinh to its station and pay 7,500,000 dong penalty, for the guilt of possessing 259 Bibles which were confistcated on August 16, 2006 from Pleiku’s Evangelical Church Mennonite, cared by Pastor Nguyen Cong Chinh. In the evening January 09, 2007, Hoa Lu ward’s Public Security beat barbarically Pastor Nguyen Cong Chinh and he was deeply injured, so that had to go to Saigon for treatment. They took all his clothes off nakedly and searched insultingly three times.

Gialai’s Public Security searched Pastor Nguyen Cong Chinh’s House at 19:00 on August 26, 2006 and confiscated 259 Bibles

The Evangelical missionary Ralan Punh

Since 2001, Public Security and Army personnel of the Communist of Vietnam have slandered many Pastors, Practioners, Missionaries, followers of Evangelical Churche who followed Degar and captured thousands clerymen and followers. Many Evangelical Churches of Highland Centre Vietnam have been oppressed and disintegrated. Countless followers were beaten, imprisoned, due to their faith. Many family members faced hardship while their relatives in prisons . Scenarios of Public Security and Army personnel rounded them up at midnight, arrested, blindfolded and took them away were nightmares of Evangelical community in the Highland Centre Vietnam .

An example is the case of a Evangelical Missionary Ralan Ounh at Plei-Blo, A Dơk village, Đak-Đoa district, Gia Lai province: On April 01, 2004, he ran away due to Public Security slandered and chased him for Degar Christians. On January 04, 2005 he was arrested and imprisoned at T20, in Gai Lai province. On 05/05/2005, he was released and back home. On May 13, 2006, he held a pray at home, the Public Security of Đak Doa caem and accused him that to follow Mennonite Evangelical “was illegal”. On May 18, 2006 and June 08, 2006, the Public Security of Đak-Đoa district associated with the local government of A-Đơk village to “work” with Accepter Ralan Punh. Previously they coerced him to sign a paper and quit the religion, on the late time they forceably request him to sign for disbanding the Church at Plei-Blo. At 6am on June 08, 2006 there were about 20 Public Security and army personnel associated with the Communist authorities of A-Đơk entered and dispersed a Sunday prayer, locked Accepter Ralan Punh’s hands and took him by Jeep to the District Đak-Đoa’s Public Security station. Pastor Chinh urgently informed the Church and his family, though he did not do anything wrong, with the exception of his religious practice.
Pastor Nguyen Hong Quang

1. On January 09, 2007, the headquarter of the Evangelical Mennonite Church and the private home of Pastor Nguyen Hong Quang (5/1H Tran Nao street, Khanh Binh, 2nd District, Saigon) were rampaged by a large mob consisting of policemen, soldiers, militiamen and hoodlums.

2. On April 26, 2008, Pastor Nguyen Hong Quang asked Pastor Y Lan and Pastor Y Kor of Pleiku to inform the local government that Pastor Quang would participate the Memnnonite Church’s Thanksgiving Day towards Jarai minority and also attend Pastor Y Hoan’s daughter ‘s wedding party. However, aftermaths 8 Public Security summoned Ms Y Kor to the Public Security station for interrogation and mental torture. Since then Pastor Quang constantly has been telephoned on 098-311-6127 sworn, threaten to kill him if he would have visited the Highland Centre Vietnam for religion practice.

3. On April 21, 2008, an email address of Janapur-vietnam was sent to Pastor Quang’s email address threat to kill him. It was repeatedly previous threatenning and mental torture on him and his family via email.

4. On April 23, 2005, the Public Security and local government of Phan Rang held a meeting for a public denounce: Pastor Nguyen Hong Quang (Saigon) – Pastor Nguyen Cong Chinh (Pleiku); Pastor Dan Nang Quyen, Champan minority, a Mennonite Church’ representative in Phan Rang, a member of Ethnicity Management Committee; Pastor Luu Huy who were protected by peopple due to their consciousness.
5. On April 29, 2008, Public Security captured Mennonite Church’s 3 Theologist students who were boarding at Pastor Quang and brought them to Anh Khanh ward office for interrogation. At midnight, Public Security slammed the door to search house caused panic towards 33 students who were studying Theology, though they were registered for temporay residence at this place.
6. On April 29, 2008, Public Security from Department, district and ward levels were sent to post in front of Mennonite Church. Pastor Quang’s all activities were constantly shadowed. The Lieutenant Colonel, Head of Binh An ward’s Public Security held a meeting aimed at slandering Baptists. People reacted and opposed at the meeting, they slandered Pastor Quang was a Degar Christian and an anti-government element.
7) A smear campaign aiming at Mennonite pastors was pursued as thousands of flyers were sent to the homes of citizens in many provinces in the country, especially where most Protestants live. The flyers were written on behalf of the U.S. Consulate and the Protestant Church VEF accusing Pastor Quang on many counts aiming at sowing confusion among the people and undermining his prestige as leader of the Mennonite denomination. Mennonite pastors in provinces in Central Highland are interrogated and forced to abandon their faith or transferred to a different Mennonite group which enjoys the approval and support of the Communist Government.
8) At present, several Mennonite pastors are in prison. Administrative procedures also discriminate against Mennonite followers. Personal documents of some Mennonite pastors have been held by the police for the last few years and not yet returned. Basic needs for the daily life of the populace, even on a humanitarian basis, are not met. Complaints about damages caused by the government to the Protestant Church have all been ignored. Wrong administrative decisions committed by the government’s authorities towards Mennonite believers have never been rectified.
9) Pastor Quang needs a lot of rest to cure the ailments he has suffered over the past few years during his imprisonment. Other pastors in the Mennonite denomination, who solely want to serve God, are also constantly being harassed, threatened and terrorized by the Communist authorities. We propose that the Communist Government stop completely their persistent and inhumane action against the Mennonite denomination, a Church with its tradition to value truth, peace and justice.
Pastor Cao Xuan Tao has been arrested and jailed in Quang Binh since November 2000.
Pastor Ngo Dac Luy is on a hunting list and has to go into hiding.
Pastor A Dung – an ethnic H’lang, born in the village of Sa Binh, Sa Thay district, Kon Tum province, Church District Minister of Sa Thay Archdiocese, has been arrested by the police and has not been brought to trial.

5.6.2 Repression against the "Full Gospel" Protestant Church
On Sunday July 6, 2008 believers of the Vietnamese Full Gospel Protestant Church in Quang Yen village, Quang Xuong district, Thanh Hoa province including Ms. Truong Thi Oanh, Ms. Nguyen Thi Hoa, Mr. Nguyen Van Thinh met at Pastor Nguyen Trung Ton’s house for prayer. Two policemen Le Van Hoa and Le Van Bao arrived at the house demanding to see ID papers of all those present. Thereafter, policeman Le Van Bao threatened the believers: “We don’t care whether Ton wants to worship. But if today you’re seen in the street, just wait and see what happens …”
About 30 minutes after the policemen left pastor Ton’s house, hamlet chief Le Van Thanh and his subordinate Le Van Nhu arrived, ordered the believers to disperse and threatened to use force if they are caught praying again in the coming week.
At about 14:00 on the same day the believers left Pastor Ton’s house and moved to another destination for prayer. After about 200 meters, Mr. Nguyen Van Thinh’s car was stopped by security policeman Le Van Hoa and his colleague. At that same time several motobikes came from different directions, one of the rider was Mr. Van, Secretary of Communist Youth Organization of Yen Co hamlet. At first he grabbed Ms. Truong Thi Oanh and hit her on her left eye, then went on to hit Mr. Thinh and Ms. Nguyen Thi Hoa. As Van was beating Mr. Thinh and Ms. Hoa, security officer Hoa punched Ms. Truong Thi Oanh brutally on her face. According to Ms. Truong Thi Oanh, a few months ago her husband and child were taken to the village and beaten in the House of Culture there.
On Sunday, April 09, 2006, as the Full Gospel Protestant Church in Thieu Van village, Thieu Hoa district, Thanh Hoa province gathered together for their regular prayer session, the police, the village Culture Group and other organizations in the village arrived, interrupted the service, arrested and took attending worshippers to the People’s Committee of the village. The Protestant Church was ordered not to organize the Easter Service on Sunday, April 16, 2006. As a consequence, the believers had to celebrate their Easter Celebration at a hidden place.
On Sunday, April 23 and Sunday, April 30, 2006, as church-goers were praying, the Communist authorities arrived and arrested them all. At both times the believers were taken to the People’s Committee of the village, just as they were on Sunday, April 9, 2006.
On Sunday, May 7, 2006, Pastor Ho Duc Tuan of the Full Gospel Protestant Church was praying with other believers. As they were singing hymns, the police and representatives of different organizations in the village arrived broke up the ceremony. They insulted the worshippers using offensive language and arrested them. They were kept in the village Office and finally released at 13 hours.
On Sunday, May 14, 2006, Mr. Nguyen Trung Ton and Mr Nguyen Viet Thang went to Ms. Minh’s house to join other Protestants for prayer and bible study. The village Culture Group arrived and five Protestants were “invited” to the People’s Committee Office in the village. There they were given a lecture on reasons why people in Thieu Vien village are not allowed to follow or join in any religious activities organized by Protestants. The believers were forced to write a report before they were allowed to leave.
On May 26, 2006, Ms. Minh sent an application to the People’s Committee in the village seeking permit to hold Sunday prayer. Her application was turned down. On Sunday, May 28, 2006, whilst the Protestants were all praying at Ms. Minh’s house, they were ordered to go to the village authorities’ office to make a declaration before they were allowed to go home.
On Sunday, June 4, 2006, as the whole congregation was praying, the police came to arrest and took those attending to the People’s Committee in the village. On their way to the People’s Committee, the believers were beaten; amongst the victims were Ms. Le and Ms. Duc. Ms. Nhan was bloodily beaten and wounded. Four of those arrested were held at the village office, they were not allowed to eat lunch. Four of their bicycles were confiscated. They also are banned from going to Ms. Minh’s house for prayer.
By Sunday, June 11, 2006, all followers were too terrified to gather for prayer.
On Sunday, June 18, 2006, at 8:30, Ms. Lan, Ms. Nhan, Mr. Nguyen Trung Ton, and Mr. Hac Ngoc Si were drinking tea at Ms. Minh’s house whilst waiting for other believers to arrive. The local police came and took all those gathered at Ms. Minh’s house to the People’s Committee in the village. They were held there and were not allowed to eat lunch; at 16:30 the believers were interrogated by the police. Mr. Ton and Mr. Si were beaten by Chief Police officer Nguyen Manh Hoe and were seriously wounded. All the believers were then forced to sign a document promising that they will not participate in any religious activities at Ms. Minh’s house. They were then released at 18 hours. Following police officer have taken part in suppressing the believers: Deputy Police Officer Bui Cong Minh, policemen Tran Kiem, Hung, Thuc, Vinh and Nam.

Mrs. Le Thi Duc and Mrs. Nguyen Thi Nhan members of the Protestant Church were attacked by policemen. This happened when policemen were using violence to disperse the Protestants from attending a religious ceremony.

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