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Personal information

Family name: Date of birth:

Middle Name Place of birth:

First name: Gender:

Marital status:

Home address:


Passport no.: nếu chưa làm HC thì ghi In process

Place of issue: ghi là Vietnam

Valid until: nếu chưa làm HC thì ghi In process

Current address:
Phone no: + 84

Alternative phone no: + 84 Email:

Study information
University/ College:

Field of study: Specialization:

Languages: ghi ngoại ngữ + Level; VD: English (good); German (good); French (fair), etv

Completed years of study: Total years required:

Working related information
Desired period of training: from ngày, tháng, năm to ngày, tháng, năm

Thời gian e đăng kí thực tập cần đảm bảo số tuần tối thiểu, tối đa; trong khoảng thời gian Work Offer yêu c

Do you wish lodging to be found for you? Yes No

Do you wish to prepare an internship report during the training period? Yes No

- I agree that the personal data, which has been provided to IAESTE, may be passed to IAESTE member countries (full members, associate members and cooperating institutions) and potential employers for the purpose of arranging my traineeship. Also my personal data may be provided to government authorities for the issuance of visa/work permit purpose.

- I am aware that I am not allowed to contact the company or the Receiving Country before being accepted. You are accepted for this training offer only after receipt of the IAESTE acceptance form.

- I confirm that all the data I provide is correct.

Date: Student’s signature: điền họ tên hoặc chèn chữ kí điện tử

For internal use


Nominating country: On behalf of sending country

Assoc. Prof. Hoang Van Phu, Person in Charge

International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience  - IAESTE a.s.b.l.
51, rue Albert 1er, L-1117 Luxembourg / R.C.S. Luxembourg F1180

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