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The referee had no hesitation in awarding the visiting team a _______.

a. penalty b. penalize c. penal d. penalization

  1. The crowd cheered as the goalkeeper deflected the _______.

a. shoot b. shooting c. shooter d. shot

  1. _______ defense, the players work to regain possession of the ball and prevent a goal

a. About b. Over c. Without d. On

  1. Players can move the ball by throwing it __ a teammate or swimming while pushing the ball in front of them.

a. for b. into c. to d. from

  1. Shots usually succeed when the goalie is out _______ position.

a. into b. for c. of d. off

  1. In water polo, a shot is successful if the ball completely passes between the goal posts and underneath the _____.

a. net b. crossbar c. ball d. goalie

  1. A defensive player may only hold, block or pull a / an _______ who is touching or holding the ball.

a. audience b. referee c. goalie d. opponent

  1. If a defender _______ a foul within the five meter area that prevents a likely goal, the attacking team is awarded a penalty throw or shot.

a. commits b. interferes c. punches d. touches

  1. The more goals the players _______, the more exciting the match became.

a. marked b. made c. scored d. sprinted

  1. After a tie, there are two overtime periods of three minutes each.

a. penalty b. draw c. score d. goal

  1. The goalkeeper can also be ejected for twenty seconds if a major foul is committed.

a. advanced b. sprinted c. played d. excluded

  1. A goalie who aggressively fouls an attacker in position to score can be charged with a ____ shot for the other team.

a. penalty b. preventing c. scoring d. ranging

  1. _______ is a sport in which people or teams race against each other in boats with oars.

a. Rowing b. Windsurfing c. Swimming d. Water polo

  1. I have never taken part in any water sports _______ I cannot swim.

a. because b. because of c. due to d. partly because of

  1. Many people do not like scuba diving _______.

a. because it is dangerous b. because of it is dangerous

c. because its danger d. due to it is dangerous

  1. New Zealand _______ 1,000 miles southeast of Australia.

a. lies about b. is lain c. is lying d. is laid about

  1. John _______ across the lawn.

a. danced wildly b. was wildly danced c. was dancing wild d. was being danced wildly

  1. John _______ every summer. a. plays softball and tennis b. plays with softball and tennis

c. is played softball and tennis d. is played with softball and tennis

  1. The eagle _______ higher and higher in the sky.

a. soar b. soared c. is soared d. was soared

  1. The ship _______ during the night. a. has remained the harbor b. was remained the harbor

c. remained the harbor d. remained in the harbor

  1. The baby _______.

a. was sleeping depth b. was slept deeply c. slept in depth d. was sleeping deeply

  1. They _______ by the sea.

a. are staying at a hotel b. are staying a hotel c. are being stayed a hotel d. are being stayed at a hotel

  1. Water polo is played in _______ pool 1.8 meters deep. a. a b. an c. the d. Φ

  2. The goalie tried to catch _______ ball, but he failed. a. a b. an c. the d. Φ

  3. The final I _______ was 3-0. a. score b. scoring c. scorer d. scores

  4. The referee's _______ is the most important in any sport competition.

a. decide b. decisive c. decision d. decider

  1. ____ players are not allowed to interfere with the opponent's movements unless the player is holding the ball.

a. Defense b. Defensive c. Defender d. Defensively

  1. _____ the start of each period, both teams line up on their own goal line. a. In b. For c. From d. At

  2. A water polo ball is constructed of waterproof material to allow it to float _______ the water.

a. upon b. over c. above d. on

  1. There are six field player positions and a goalkeeper ______ each team. a. on b. with c. from d. for

  2. _______ is a sport in which two or more people perform complicated and carefully planned movements in water in time to music. a. Rowing b. Windsurfing c. Diving d. Synchronized swimming

  3. If the tie is not broken after two overtime _______, a penalty shootout will determine the winner.

a. opponents b. waves c. parts d. periods

  1. Minor _______ occur when a player impedes or otherwise prevents the free movement of an opponent including swimming on the opponent's shoulders, back or legs.

a. penalties b. shots c. fouls d. motions

  1. ______ is a game played in a swimming pool in which two teams of swimmers try to score goals with a ball.

a. Water polo b. Rowing c. Swimming d. Water skiing

  1. Offensive players may be called for a foul by pushing off a defender to provide space for a _______ or shot.

a. pass b. crossbar c. box d. goal

  1. A penalty shot is _______ when a major foul is committed inside the 5-meter line.

a. prevented b. awarded c. committed d. ranged

  1. A dry pass, meaning the ball does not _______ the water is thrown a few inches above the head of the catching player. a. catch b. hold c. swim d. touch

  2. _______ is a sport in which you move along the surface of the sea or a lake on a long narrow board with a sail on it. a. Water polo b. Diving c. Windsurfing d. Scuba diving

  3. Water polo balls _______ with a special texture so it will not slip from the hands of a player.

a. cover b. are covered c. are being covered d. covered

  1. Alexis _______ next week.

a is swimming in the state championship b. is swimming the state championship

c. is swum the state championship d. is swum the state championship

  1. The news of war _______ and the world. a. was shocked the nation b. was shocked by the nation

c. shocked the nation d. shocked by the nation

  1. The player _______. a. will reward for his hat-trick b. will be rewarded for his hat-trick

c. will reward his hat-trick d. will be rewarded his hat-trick

  1. Before the end of the term, I _______ all the required reading.

a. was finished by b. had been finished by c. had finished d. had been finished

  1. The player was ejected because he committed a foul.

a. as b. due to c. despite d. provided

  1. John could not continue the match _______ his badly injured leg.

a. because b. since c. as d. because of

  1. They cancelled the match _______ his badly injured leg.

a. due to it rained heavily b. because of the heavy rain

c. because of it rained heavily d. because the heavy rain

  1. You need proper shoes to go hiking in the mountains, _______ the ground is rough and hard.

a. though b. due to c. because of d. because

Choose the sentence which has the closest meaning to the original one.

  1. He could escape from hurt because he was wearing protective clothes.

a. Thanks to his protective clothes, he could escape from hurt.

b. His protective clothes made him hurt. c. Due to his protective clothes, he was hurt.

d. His being hurt made his unable to wear protective clothes.

  1. We were unable to type the contract because the computer malfunctioned.

a. Despite a computer malfunction, we managed to finish typing the contract.

b. The computer malfunction helped us complete the contract.

c. The fact that the computer malfunction prevented us from typing the contract.

d. Thanks to the computer malfunction, we could type the contract.

  1. The roads were slippery because it snowed heavily.

a. It snowed too heavily to make the roads slippery.

b. The heavy snow prevented the roads from-being slippery.

c. Thanks to the slip of the roads, it snowed heavily.

d. The heavy snow made the roads slippery.

  1. The accident happened because she was careless.

a. The accident was prevented due to her carelessness.

b. Her carelessness was responsible for the accident.

c. It was the accident that made her careless.

d. The more careless she was, the less accident happened.

  1. I did not understand what the lecturer was saying because I had not read his book.

a. What the lecturer wrote and said was too difficult for me to understand.

b. The lecturer's book which I had not read was difficult to understand.

c. I found it very difficult to understand what the lecturer said in his book.

d. I would have understood what the lecturer was saying if I had read his book.

  1. Where can people play _______ water polo? a. a b. an c. the d. Φ

  2. No _______ water polo player except _______ goalie can hold the ball with both hands.

a. a / the b. the / Ø c. the / a d. Ø / the

  1. The main task of a defender in a sport game is to _______ the opponents from scoring.

a. prevent b. preventing c. prevention d. preventable

  1. Many young men prefer scuba-diving because it is _______.

a. adventure b. adventurous c. adventurously d. adventurist

  1. I _______ think that scuba diving is more of danger than adventure.

a. person b. personal c. personally d. personalize

  1. What kind of sport one chooses to play mostly depends _______ his preference and health.

a. with b. for c. in d. on

  1. Most referees often wears _______ black. a. in b. for c. with d. on

  2. In water polo game, only the goalie can hold the ball _______ two hands.

a. at b. in c. with d. from

  1. If the score is tied at the end of regulation play, two _____ periods of three minutes each are played.

a. half b. halftime c. quarter d. overtime

  1. A water polo cap is used to ____ the players' heads and to identify them.

a. tie b. penalize c. protect d. move

  1. lf a defender _______ with a free throw, holds or sinks an attacker, he is excluded from the game for twenty seconds. a. punches b. passes c. plays d. interferes

  2. Water polo is a team water game, with six field players and one goalie in each team. The winner of the game is the team that scores more _____. a. nets b. goals c. plays d. balls

  3. As all field players are only allowed to touch the ball with one hand at a time, they must develop the ability to catch and _______ the ball with either hand.

a. throw b. point c. score d. cross

  1. _______ is the activity of swimming underwater using special breathing equipment.

a. Synchronized swimming b. Rowing c. Water polo d. Scuba diving

  1. When the offense takes possession of the ball, the strategy is to _______ the ball down the field of play and to score a goal. a. create b. ride c. advance d. eject

  2. The referee signals with a whistle and by lowering his arm, and the player taking the penalty _______ must immediately throw the ball with an uninterrupted motion toward the goal.

a. arm b. shot c. net d. goal

  1. Some of the students began to fall asleep _______ the lecture was boring and irrelevant.

a. as b. due to c. because of d. on account of

  1. Tommy joined the English Club _______ to increase his circle of friends.

a. because his desire b. because of his desire c. because of he desired d. due to he desired..

  1. _______, I do not consider this composition acceptable.

a. Because of so many errors b. Because of there were so many errors

c. On account of there were so many errors d. As so many errors

  1. The prisoner was given a harsh sentence ______ the nature of his crime.

a. since b. as c. because d. due to

  1. The burglar _______. a. has been disappeared with the cash b. disappeared the cash

c. disappeared with the cash d. was disappeared with the cash

  1. Ellen _______ and sang her song. a. nodded to the audience b. nodded the audience

c. was nodding the audience d. was nodded to the audience

  1. Our teacher _______ to take the exam.

a. gave another chance each of us b. was given each of us by another chance

c. gave each of us another chance d. was given each of us another chance

  1. If Charlie _______, he could have been injured.

a. had been run the street b. had been run into the street c. had run the street d. had run into the street

  1. The turtle _______ of Arizona. a. may be lived a small area b. may be lived in a small area

c. may live in a small area d. may live a small area


Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest.

  1. a. events b. spirit c. Asian d. silver

  2. a. gold b. region c. organize d. game.

  3. a. trained b. proved c. impressed d. performed

  4. a. competitor b. medal c. level d. development

  5. a. honor b. high c. host d. hold

  6. a. enthusiast b. successfully c. competitor d. participation

  7. a. spirit b. impress c. event d. perform

  8. a. development b. cooperation c. surprisingly d. facility

  9. a. festival b. badminton c. participant d. organize

  10. a. solidarity b. energetic c. excellently d. combination

  11. a. games b. teams c. medals d. events

  12. a. success b. enthusiast c. support d. surprise

  13. a. southern b. athlete c. both d. enthusiasm

  14. a. compose b. propose c. purpose d. suppose

  15. a. organize b. spirit c. title d. surprising

Choose the best answer:

  1. In _______ 22nd SEA Games, Vietnam won 158 _______ gold medals.

a. Ø / the b. the / Ø c. a / the d. the / the

  1. _______ logo of the 22nd SEA Games is the stylization of Lac bird, the ancient bird pictured of the face of Ngoc Lu kettledrum, _______ most special and typical relic of the ancient Vietnamese culture.

a. A / the b. The / the c. Ø / Ø d. The / Ø

  1. _______ symbol of the SEA Games Federation is to emphasize the solidarity, friendship, and nobility.

a. A b. An c. The d. Ø

  1. The host country, Laos, is expected to announce official sports for 25th SEA Games _______ November 2008. a. on b. in c. during d. from

  2. Vietnam recommended archery, vovinam, billiards-snooker and canoeing ______ official sports at the games.

a. at b. with c. as d. in

  1. The Party and State leaders, delegates, domestic arid international guests, and 11 sports delegations _______ Southeast Asian countries to the 22nd SEA Games were warmly welcomed.

a. over b. at c. for d. from

  1. Johnny used to be one of the most _______ athletes in my country.

a. succeed b. success c. successful d. successfully

  1. The 22nd SEA Games consisted of athletes from eleven _____ countries.

a. participate b. participant c. participation d. participating

  1. _______, the athlete broke the world's record with two attempts.

a. Surprise b. Surprised c. Surprising d. Surprisingly

  1. On behalf of the referees and athletes, referee Hoang Quoc Vinh and shooter Nguyen Manh Tuong swore to an oath of "_______, Honesty and Fair Play".

a. Performance b. Delegation c. Participation d. Solidarity

  1. The ASEAN Para-Games are hosted by the same country where the SEA Games took place.

a. organized b. impressed c. participated d. defended

  1. The ASEAN Para-Games is a biannual multi-sport _______ held after every Southeast Asian Games for athletes with physical disabilities.

a. games b. event c. work d. situation

  1. In beach volleyball, Indonesia defeated Thailand in straight sets to take men's gold _______.

a. present b. award c. medal d. reward

  1. The 22nd SEA Games was the first time when Vietnam finished top of the medal _______.

a. standings b. events c. spirits d. programs

  1. Viet Nam's successful hosting of the 22nd SEA Games is considered a/an _____ example for other countries to follow, particularly in honesty, consistence and organizing method.

a. festival b. peaceful c. energetic d. outstanding

  1. _______ you study for these exams, _______ you will do.

a. The harder / the better b. The more / the much

c. The hardest / the best d. The more hard / the more good,

  1. My neighbor is driving me mad! It seems that _______ it is at night, _______ he plays his music!

a. the less / the more loud b. the less / less

c. the more late / the more loudlier d. the later / the louder

  1. Thanks to the progress of science and technology, our lives have become _______.

a. more and more good b. better and better

c. the more and more good d. gooder and gooder

  1. The Sears Tower is _______ building in Chicago.

a. taller b. the more tall c. the tallest d. taller and taller

  1. Petrol is _______ it used to.

a. twice as expensive as b. twice expensive more than

c. twice more than expensive d. more expensive than twice

  1. Peter is _______ John.

a. younger and more intelligent than b. more young and intelligent than

c. more intelligent and younger than d. the more intelligent and younger than

  1. San Diego is town in Southern California.

a. more nice and nice b. the nicer c. the nicest d. nicer and nicer

  1. It gets _______ when the winter is coming.

a. cold and cold b. the coldest and coldest

c. colder and colder d. more and more cold

  1. Robert does not have _______ Peter does.

a. money more than b. as many money as

c. more money as d. as much money as

  1. The Mekong Delta is _______ deltas in Vietnam.

a. the largest of the two b. the more larger of the two

c. one of the two largest d. one of the two larger

  1. Vietnam was _______ host country of the 22nd SEA Games.

a. a b. an c. the d. Ø

  1. The 22nd SEA Games Mascot is _______ Golden Buffalo.

a. a b. an c. the d. Ø

  1. To prepare for the 22nd SEA Games, Vietnam carried out _______ intensive program for the athletes.

a. a b. an c. the d. Ø

  1. How many _______ took part in the 22nd SEA Games?

a. compete b. competitors c. competition d. competitor

  1. The second part of the program in the 22nd SEA Games opening ceremony was named "_______ for Peace".

a. Cooperate b. Cooperation c. Cooperative d. Cooperatively

  1. The _______ wanted to reduce the breadth of the games, with many events currently having small fields and weak competition.

a. organize b. organization c. organizable d. organizers

  1. In 2006, Viet Nam made a deep impression ______ other countries in the region by successfully hosting the Southeast Asian Student Sport Festival.

a. with b. for c. in d. on

  1. The Southeast Asian Student Sport Festival is the biggest sport event _______ the youths in the region.

a. for b. on c. in d. of

  1. At his last attempt the athlete was successful _______ passing the bar.

a. in b. for c. with d. on

  1. The number of Vietnamese sport officials and referees of international standard taking part in regional tournaments has increased rapidly.

a. hosting b. participating c. achieving d. succeeding

  1. At the 23rd SEA Games, Viet Nam proved its position in the region by ____ third behind the host - the Philippines and second-ranked Thailand.

a. finishing b. playing c. preparing d. performing

  1. In the 22nd SEA Games in 2003, the country _______ the competition with 340 medals, including 156 golds, 91 silvers and 93 bronzes.

a. defended b. cost c. topped d. ranked

  1. To improve its athletes' _______, Viet Nam has regularly exchanged delegation of sport officials, coaches, referees and athletes with other countries.

a. team b. competitor c. appearance d. performance

  1. _______ is the activity of doing special exercises regularly in order to make your muscles grow bigger.

    : vanban -> vb chuyenmon
    vanban -> Ubnd tỉnh phú thọ Số: 1220/QĐ-ub cộng hoà XÃ HỘi chủ nghĩa việt nam
    vanban -> CỘng hòa xã HỘi chủ nghĩa việt nam độc lập Tự do Hạnh phúc
    vanban -> Sè: 90/2003/Q§-ub
    vanban -> Bch đOÀn tỉnh thanh hóa số: 381 bc/TĐtn-btg đOÀn tncs hồ chí minh
    vanban -> Nghị ĐỊnh của chính phủ SỐ 35/2008/NĐ-cp ngàY 25 tháng 03 NĂM 2008
    vanban -> BỘ NÔng nghiệP & phát triển nông thôn cục trồng trọt giới Thiệu
    vanban -> 10tcn tiêu chuẩn ngành 10tcn 1011 : 2006 giống cà RỐt-quy phạm khảo nghiệm tính khác biệT, TÍnh đỒng nhấT
    vanban -> TIÊu chuẩn ngành 10tcn 683 : 2006 giống dưa chuột-quy phạm khảo nghiệM
    vanban -> QuyếT ĐỊnh của bộ trưỞng bộ NÔng nghiệp và phát triển nông thôn số 41/2004/QĐ-bnn ngàY 30 tháng 8 NĂM 2004
    vb chuyenmon -> Tổ văn – sử Nhóm văn

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