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From the four word or phrase - A, B, C or D - choose the one that best completes the sentence.

  1. Of all the monarchs in French history, the infamous. Louis XIV is the one ______.

A. with whom the public is most familiar

B. whom with the public is most familiar

C. that the public is familiar the most

D. the public is most familiar with

  1. ______ perhaps the most awe inspiring among the great structures of the world.

A. The Great Wall of China B. The Great Wall of China is

C. That the Great Wall of China is D. The Great Wall of China which is

  1. On an untimed test, to answer accurately is more important than ______.

A. a quick finish B. you finish quickly

C. finishing quickly D. to finish quickly

  1. No matter ______, Mozart was an accomplished composer while still a child.

A. how it seems remarkable B. how remarkable it seems

C. it seems remarkable how D. how seems it remarkable

  1. _____ millions of galaxies exist in the vast space outside the Milky Way.

A. That is estimated. B. An estimate that

C. It is estimated that D. That the estimated

  1. Over the centuries, _____ that try to explain the origins of the university.

A. although many theories B. many theories

C. have many theories been D. there have been many theories.

  1. Green plants combine ______ with water and carbon dioxide to make food.

A. energy derived it from light B. energy derived from light

C. energy is derived from light D. from light, and energy derived'

  1. To plant rice, farmers, ______, set young plants in the mud.

A. they wade with bare feet in the water B. water wading in their bare feet

C. whose bare feet wading in the water D. wading in the water in their bare feet

  1. Only by reproducing at a tremendous rate ______ to survive in the sea.

A. many plant and animal species manage B. do many plant and animal species manage

C. manage many plant and animal species D. plant and animal species manage many

  1. ______ by meteorites whose impact formed craters of all size.

A. The surface of the moon was shaped B. The moon whose surface shaped

C. The surface of the shaped moon D. The surface was forming the shape of the moon

  1. Throughout history, the moon has inspired not only song and dance ______.

A. but poetry and prose as well B. but poetry also prose

C. together with poetry and prose D. and also poetry and prose

  1. Claudius Ptolemy, ______ of the first century A.D., left a good description of the geocentric theory.

A. he was an astronomer and a philosopher B. being an astronomer and a philosopher

C. an astronomer and who was a philosopher D. who was an astronomer and a philosopher

  1. ______ the fifth largest among the nine planets that make up our solar system.

A. The Earth being B. The Earth is

C. That the Earth is D. Being the Earth

  1. If my aunt had not fallen down yesterday, ______.

A. her legs would not be hurting now

B. she can walk normally now

C. she does not have to go on crutches now

D. she would not have been painful now

  1. Glass that has been tempered may be up to ______.

A. as hard as ordinary glass five times

B. five times as hard as ordinary glass

C. hard as ordinary glass five times

D. ordinary glass as hard as five times

  1. _____ was the first fully successful transatlantic cable finally laid.

A. Not until 1866 B. Until 1866, just

C. Until 1866 D. In 1866, not until

  1. The fact that _____ was discovered in 1923 by the astronomer Edwin Hubble.

A. the expansion of the universe B. the universe, which is expanding

C. when the universe expands D. the universe is expanding

  1. _____ that life began billions of years ago in the water.

A. It is believed B. In the belief C. The belief D. Believing

  1. Because Mars is farther from the Sun than _____, Mars takes longer to complete a revolution.

A. is from Earth B. Earth is C. what is Earth D. is it Earth

  1. _____ in the atmosphere is the temperature falling below freezing.

A. Frost is produced B. Frost produces

C. What produces frost D. What is frost

  1. _____ of caffeine can result in restlessness, insomnia, and even delirium.

A. Consuming in excess B. The consumption excessive

C. To consume excessively D. Excessive consumption

  1. Most southern states had set up primary school systems by the late 18th century, but only in New England ______ and open to all students.

A. primary schools were free B. were primary schools free

C. free were primary schools D. were free primary schools

  1. Unlike fossil fuels, which can be used only once, wind and solar power ______ of energy.

A. are renewable sources B. the sources are renewable

C. for renewable sources D. renewable sources

  1. Nashville has ______ the capital of country music.

A. as long been known B. been known as long

C. long peen known as D. long as been known

  1. It was in the year 1792 ______.

A. founding the New York Stock Exchange

B. which year the New York Stock Exchange was founded

C. the New York Stock Exchange founded

D. that the New York Stock Exchange was founded

  1. Jacob Lawrence is considered by many critics ______.

A. foremost African-American artist

B. to be the foremost African-American artist

C. is the foremost African-American, artist

D. the foremost African-American artist is

  1. ______ west of the Rocky Mountains.

A. Tornadoes almost occur never B. Tornadoes never almost occur

C. Never tornadoes almost occur D. Tornadoes almost never occur

  1. ______ the surface of metal, but also weakens it.

A. Rust, which not only corrodes B. Not only rust corrodes

C. Not only does rust corrode D. Rust not only corrodes

  1. Jacobson is often referred to ______ at the factory.

A. be the best engineer B. by the president to be the best engineer

C. as being the .best engineer D. as the best engineer

  1. ______ did Arthur realize that there was danger.

A. Upon entering the store B. When he entered the store

C. Only after entering the store D. After he had entered the store

  1. _____, that runner is likely to be the first one chosen.

A. Because agile and rapid B. Although she is agile and fast

C. Due to her agility and speed D. Despite her agility and speed

  1. This information _____ to great many people.

A. has proved useful B. has proved it useful

C. has been proved to be useful D. was proved to be useful

  1. The store _______.

A. that had the recently big sale went bankrupt

B. that had the big recently sale went bankrupt

C. that had the big sale went recently bankrupt

D. that recently had the big sale went bankrupt

  1. _____ all data into electronic pulses.

A. The computer input unit changes

B. Changing input, the computer unit

C. Which changes the computer input unit

D. Changes in the computer input units

  1. _____ together in one place, they form a community.

A. When people who live B. When people living

C. Whenever people live D. Whenever living people

  1. _______ William Shakespeare is the most widely known.

A. Of all writers in English B. All writers in English

C. All of the writers in English D. With all, writers in English

  1. _______, John Glenn was a pioneer in the U.S. space program.

A. The first American to orbit the earth

B. That the first American orbited the earth

C. Despite the first American who orbited the earth

D. He was the first American to orbit the earth

  1. James Cook, _______, also discovered the Hawaiian Island.

A. by exploring the South Sea he reached Australia

B. explored the South Sea and reaching Australia

C. explored the South Sea and then reached Australia

D. who explored the South Sea and reached Australia

  1. Writing pens are made in _______ of shapes, sizes, and colors.

A. endless variety an almost B. variety an almost endless

C. an almost endless variety D. almost variety an endless

  1. ______ who made Thanksgiving an official holiday in the United States.

A. Abraham Lincoln B. He was Abraham Lincoln

C. Abraham Lincoln was D. It was Abraham Lincoln

  1. Four miles off the southeastern coast of Massachusetts ______, a popular summer resort.

A. lies the island of Martha's Vineyard

B. the island of Martha's Vineyard lies there

C. does lie the island of Martha's Vineyard

D. where the island of Martha's Vineyard lies

  1. The doctor insisted that his patient .......

A. that he not work too hard for three months

B. take it easy for three months

C. taking it easy inside of three months

D. to take some vacations for three months

  1. He has received several scholarships, ........

A. not only because of his artistic but his academic ability

B. for both his academic ability as well as his artistic

C. because of his academic and artistic ability

D. as resulting of his ability in the art and the academy

  1. ...... he would have signed his name in the corner.

A. If he painted that picture B. If he paints that picture

C. If he had painted that picture D. If he would have painted that picture

  1. The higher the content of carbon dioxide in the air, .......

A. the more heat it retains B. more heat it retains.

C. it retains more heat D. than it retains more heat

  1. The soybean, a plant native to China and Japan, has become ...... in the United States farming community.

A. one of the most popular crops B. as one of the most popular crops

C. only of the most popular crops D. one popular crops most are in

  1. Of all the endangered South American birds, the jacana has been ......

A. difficult the most to protect B. protected the most difficult

C. to protect the most difficult D. the most difficult to protect

  1. ......, Luxor did not reach preeminence until about 2000 B.C.E.

A. Many centuries earlier it was founded

B. Although founded many centuries earlier

C. The city founded centuries earlier

D. Founding the city centuries earlier .

  1. Deep in the Rio Bec area of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula .......

A. does a 1,250-year-old pyramid lie B. lies a 1,250-year-old pyramid

C. a 1,250-year-old pyramid lie D. is a 1,250-year-old pyramid lying

  1. After seeing a movie based on a novel, ________.

A. the book was read by many people

B. the book made many people want to read it

C. many people want to read the book.

D. the reading of the book interests many people

  1. ____ are considered humorous is mainly to his characters' use of slang.

A. Damon Runyan's stories B. Damon Runyan's stories, which

C. That Damon Runyan's stories D. Because Damon Runyan's stories

  1. In order to grow vegetables properly, gardeners must know ________.

A. that the requirements for each vegetable

B. what the requirements for each vegetable are

C. what are each vegetable's requirements

D. that is required by each vegetable

  1. Especially important to many people _________.

A. there is legislation against pollution B. is legislation against pollution

C. it is legislation against pollution D. legislation against pollution is

  1. According to some educators, the goal of teaching is to help students learn what _________ to know to live a well-adjusted and successful life.

A. do they need B. they need

C. they are needed D. as they may need.

  1. Mike hasn't begun working on his Ph.D. _________ working on his master's.

A. still because he is yet B. yet as a result he is still

C. yet because he is still D. still while he is already

  1. _________ is extremely dangerous.

A. At very high speeds driving cars B. Cars at very high speeds driving

C. Cars driving at very high speeds D. Driving cars at very high speeds

  1. Not until the seventeenth century _______ to measure the speed of light.

A. anyone did even attempt B. did anyone even attempt

C. even did anyone attempt D. did even attempt anyone

  1. _______ daily promotes physical as well as emotional well-being in people of all ages.

A. Having exercised B. Those who exercise

C. For exercising D. Exercising

  1. Not until the seventeenth century ______ to measure the speed of light.

A. anyone did even attempt B. did anyone even attempt

C. did even attempt anyone D. even did anyone attempt

  1. It is a fact that _______ form of energy.

A. electricity being the most useful B. electricity the most useful

C. the most useful in electricity D. electricity is the most useful

  1. After seeing a movie based on a novel, _______.

A. many people want to read the book

B. the reading of the book interests many people.

C. the book was read by many people

D. the book made many people want to read it

  1. When _______ is not known.

A. was the wheel invented B. the invention of the wheel

C. the wheel was invented D. it was invented the wheel

  1. ________ received law degrees as today.

A. Never so many women have B. Never have so many women

C. The women have never D. Women who have ever

  1. ________ he would have come to class.

A. If Mike is able to finish his homework

B. Would Mike be able to finish his homework

C. If Mike could finish his homework

D. Had Mike been able to finish his homework

  1. The students liked that professor's course because ________.

A. there was few or no homework B. not a lot of homework. .

C. there was little or no homework D. Of there wasn't a great amount of homework

  1. ________ a painter, but he also took an interest in the flight of birds.

A. Not only Rembrandt was B. Although Rembrandt was

C. Despite Rembrandt being D. Not only was Rembrandt

  1. ________ that new information to anyone else but the sergeant.

A. They asked him not to give B. They didn't order him to give

C. They asked him to give D. They ordered him to give

  1. the promotion of health and to helping people avoid injury and disease.

A. To commit the Red Cross B. The Red Cross to commit

C. Committed to the Read Cross is D. The Red Cross is committed to

  1. Although most cats hate to swim, if necessary.

A. cap they do so B. they can do so C. they do so can D. so they can do

  1. all matter is formed of molecules.

A. No matter how complex B. It doesn't matter if the complex

C. How complex is not a matter D. It's not a complex matter

  1. With a television audience of 25 billion, World Cup Soccer has ten times the Olympic Games.

A. more viewers B. the most viewers

C. the most viewers D. more viewers than

  1. all citrus fruit originated with the Chinese orange.

A. That the belief B. It is believed that

C. To believe that D. The belief that

  1. _______, such as banking and travel, computers are not a convenience; they are a necessity.

A. Where some industries B. There are some industries

C. In some industries D. Some industries

  1. Copper is the favored metal for electricians' wire because of_______.

A. its excellent conductivity B. it is excellent conductor

C. excellent conductivity of it D. so conductive is it

  1. The more she worked,_______.

A. she did not achieve enough B. she achieved not enough

C. the less she achieved D. she was achieving less

  1. He really deserved the award because he performed_______ was expected of him.

A. much better from B. more better than

C. much better as D. much better than

  1. _______ left before the deadline, it doesn't seem likely that John will accomplish the job.

A. Although such a short time B. With such a short time

C. With so short time D. It is such a short

  1. The cyclist ________ he crossed the main street.

A. looked with caution after B. had looked cautiously before

C. was looked cautious when D. has looked cautiously while

  1. Nowhere in the northern section of the United States ________ for growing citrus crops.

A. the climate is suitable B. where the climate is suitable

C. is the climate suitable D. is there suitability of the climate

  1. ________ is a belief generally held by people who live in colder climates.

A. That weather affects a person's mood

B. Weather affects a person's mood

C. A person’s mood is affected by weather

D. Although a person's mood is, affected by weather

  1. ________ he began to make friends more easily.

A. Having entered his new school, it was found that

B. After entering the new school

C. When he had been entering the new school.

D. Upon entering into the new school

  1. ________the promotion of health and to helping people avoid injury and disease.

A. To commit the Red Cross B. The Red Cross to commit

C. Committed to the Red Cross is D. The Red Cross is committed to

  1. It is possible ________ may assist some tree in saving water in the winter.

A. the leaves are lost B. when leaves have lost

C. that the loss of leaves D. to lose leaves

  1. It can sometimes ________a home.

A. to take months to sell B. take several months to sell

C. selling takes several months D. to sell taking several months

  1. Pioneer men and women endured terrible hardships, and ________.

A. so do their children B. neither did the children

C. also the children D. so did their children


Đề nghị

Trả lời đồng ý

Trả lời không đồng ý

- V ............, please.

- Can you  / Could you + V.......?.

- Would you please + V...........?

- Will you + V......?

- I wonder if you'd/ could + V.

- Certainly - Of course - Sure

- No problem

- What can I do for you?

- How can I help you?

I'm sorry. (I'm busy )

I'm afraid I can't/ couldn't

- Would / Do you mind  V-ing........

- No I don't mind.

- No, of course not. - Not at all.

- I'm sorry, I can't.


Trả lời đồng ý

Trả lời không đồng ý

-Shall I...?

- Would you like me to ...?

-Do you want me to ...?

- What can I do for you ?

- May I help you ?

- Do you need any help?

- Let me help you.

- Can I help you ?

-Yes. Thank you

-That's very kind of you.

-Yes, please.

-Oh, would you really?

-Thanks a lot.

-No. Thank you

-No, thank you. I can manage.

-No, there's no need. But thanks all the same.

-Well, that's very kind of you, but I think I can manage, thanks.


Trả lời đồng ý

Trả lời không đồng ý

- May I ..?

- Can I ..?

- Could I...?

-May I go out ?

-Do you think I could ...

 -I wonder if I could ...

 -Is it all right if I ...

- Certainly

- Of course

- Please do

- Please go ahead

- Yes, by all means

- I'd rather you didn't

- I'd prefer You didn't

-No, I'm afraid you can't

-I'm sorry, but you can't.

- Would you mind if I + QKĐ

- Would you mind if I smoked ?

- Do you mind if I + HTĐ.

Do you mind if I smoke?

- No, of course not.

- Not at all.

- Please do

- Please go ahead

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