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Phụ lục 2: Qui trình ký kết và thực hiện hợp đồng điện tử bằng email

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Phụ lục 2: Qui trình ký kết và thực hiện hợp đồng điện tử bằng email

  1. Email chào hàng

Tùy thuộc vào từng công ty

  1. Hỏi hàng từ phía khách hàng


Dear Mr. Hoang ,

We received email from you yesterday. We are trading company treating various gift items in Japan. Our main items are wooden ware and lacquer ware. We import most of them from China.

We are interested in Bamboo basket. We will be appreciated if you could send us CD or catalogue first, or suggest me latest and detailed information.

If you are OK, Pls. let me know your business partner in Japan.

Best regards




TEL. 81-123-45-6789

FAX. 81-123-45-679

EMAIL. tabata.k@dcba.ne.jp

  1. Trả lời và gửi catalogue

Tùy thuộc vào từng công ty

  1. Hỏi hàng đối với một số sản phẩm cụ thể


Dear Mr. Hoang ,

We received your CD catalogue several days ago. Thank you very much.

Now we'd like to ask you to quote about those baskets as attached file.

Pls. quote by the quantity 2,000 to 3,000 for each items.

Best regards

2003-08-25 (Trả lời lần 1) - Gửi Photos của Counter Samples và Giá


Thank you very much for your inquiry.

We are pleased to enclose the detail quotation for seven items you sent us.

We also enclosed the photos of the samples we have just produced according to your photos.

In the quotation, we quoted the prices for about 2000 pieces for each items.

If you have bigger demand, we can supply.

Thank you for your co-operation and we are looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Hoang ,

2003-08-27 (Trả lời lần 2) - Điều chỉnh giá

Dear Mr. Tabata,

Following the e-mail yesterday, we are now sending you the pictures of sample A, B with handles and new sample of item D.

We also would like to quote the lower price for item D (IP-MIY-004) at: USD 1.37/ pc.

Please find the picture in the enclosed excel file.

Thank you very much for your co-operation and we are looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Hoang ,

  1. Giá được chấp thuân, gửi mẫu để kiểm tra chất lượng


Dear Mr.Hoang ,

Thanks for your email with picture.

It seems that some price of your items are very attractive.

We would be appreciate if you could dispatch one sample per each to us in order to examine your real articles.

Best regards

Trả lời vào cùng ngày – Gửi mẫu hàng và Inform về chất lượng

Dear Mr. TABATA,

Thank you very much for your e-mail dated 1st Sep 2003.

This afternoon, we have sent you 4 samples of seven items you are interested in.

As for quality of the products, you might be sure about that. I myself have worked in Barotex (Bamboo and Rattan Export Company - a leading state company for over ten years before I set up Inproexim Co., Ltd, my private company). Therefore, I have experience in managing production and quality to meet overseas customers, especially Japanese customers.

As for new customers, when we receive the L/C we always send samples for confirmation before producing of all the order.

Moreover, we have been exporting to three Japanese customers (as mentioned in the e-mail before; the last shipment was just on 26th Aug. 2003, for 600 sets of bamboo made planters to Fukuoka, for Western Shoji Corporation).

We are looking forward to building a good business relationship with your company for a long term.

Best personal regards,

Hoang ,


  1. Khách hàng gửi mẫu những sản phẩm định đặt hàng


Dear Mr. Hoang ,

Thanks for your samples. We are studying now and be able to grasp your quality.

We dispatched to you samples which we treat as our proper items today by EMS.

They will be found in attached file, and not only basket but coaster and fork.

They are all made in China around Ninbou. Their quality is not so bad.

If you can manufacture loyal to them and cheaper price, we would be able to shift to you.

We will be appreciate if you could manufacture those counter sample and dispatch to us by returns.

By the way we heard that you were in Barotex in former days.

We, me and Mr. Miyamoto have visited there about 6 years ago.

I have a name card of Mr.Vo Anh Dao, but I don't remember well.

Perhaps they are almost closed a business as far as I remember when we visited.

Did you move to Hanoi cause Barotex is in Ho Chi Minh

We ever traded with Hapro, but not so big business.

If we could come to terms with each other, we will visit you.

Best regards

Trả lời ( 2003-09-10)

Dear Mr. Tabata,

Thank you very much for your e-mail dated 09 Sep 2003. We will start producing when we receive your samples and send the counter samples to you as soon as possible.

I used to work as the Manager of Import-Export Department of Barotex Ha Noi which belongs to The Ministry of Trade. The company has branches in DaNang and HoChiMinh City. I know all the staff in the company, but there is no one names Vo Van Dao, perhaps he worked in Barotex of the local belongs to People Committee of HoChiMinh Province.

I also know Mr. Nguyen Huu Thang, Director of Haprosimex. We used to study at the Foreign Trade University, Viet Nam.

I hope that we will establish and develope the business relationship for a long term.

I am really happy to know that you will visit our company in the near future.

Best personal regards,

Hoang ,


  1. Kiểm tra mẫu


Dear Mr. Hoang ,

Hello! Did you receive our sending samples?

Can you dispatch counter samples?

Waiting your reply

Best regards

Trả lời (2003-10-02)

Dear Mr. Tataba,

We appology for the late reply because the internet in vietnam had some changes in the last few days.

Thank you for your e-mail dated 30 Sep 2003.

We have received you samples and already produced two bamboo boxes and some bamboo mats.

Yesterday, we sent the samples to you, and they will arrive about five days later.

Regarding bamboo forks made of bamboo roots, we have not collected the same bamboo roots as your samples because it was raining in the forests all the last week. Therefore, it will take a few more days to complete the bamboo forks.

We would like to enclose some handicraft-art samples for your reference. If you find any of them interesting, please kindly contact us.

Best regards and we are looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Hoang ,

  1. Mẫu được chấp thuận – Giá tốt


Dear Mr. Hoang ,

We received your basket samples today. Thank you very much.

Watching them we regard almost same as our proper items made in China.

They could be satisfied with our customers.

We'd like to confirm those price. Watching your last sheet, E (big one) is $0.60,

F (small one) is $0.56. Is that right?

Also let me know the price of coaster.

Their color are little pale, but we suppose you could meke them little deep easily as our original.

Also let me know the information of fork.

Best regards


  1. Đặt hàng chính thức


Dear Mr. Hoang ,

After then, we discussed with all our staff, we'd like to have a first test order to you with basket items. Watching your sample of basket, we regard they are well-skilled high quality and no worse than that of China's. We believe you could produce them all almost same as samples.

This is the first business for us on each other, this have a meaning of test order for our long relationship. We are sorry we couldn't order so few quantity by 20' container.

Our rough order is like that. Pls. calculate a C/F and let me know. We'll adjust.

E. IP-MIY-005 Square basket (28x28x11.5cm) USD0.60(FOB) 2,500pcs

F. IP-MIY-006 Rectangular basket (18.5x28.5x11.5cm) USD0.50 (FOB) 1,000pcs

A.IP-MIY-001 Handy basket (12x22x15cm) USD0.83(FOB) 1,000pcs

the size not including handle

Re.color, though our Chinese samples are little dark brown, but pls. color them like A type you could send to us. They are little light and little like reddish-brown.

How about your delivery time?

Which way you prefer L/C or T/T?

But we are sorry they will be little delay because we will visit China exhibision from the day after tomorrow for 6 days.

Best regards

2003-10-23: Trả lời - Điều chỉnh GIÁ, lỗi do đánh máy

Dear Mr.K.Tabata,

Thank you very much for your order.

Firstly, please accep our appologies for the mistake in unit price of item F, in you e-mail dated 07 Oct you ask us to confirm the price USD 0.56, we accepted but there was a mistake we typed USD 0.50 in our reply (we enclose that e-mail at the end of this e-mail).

We would like to confirm the price for the three items as follows (same as the offer in Excel file):

E. IP-MIY-005 Square basket (28x28x11.5cm) USD 0.60(FOB) x 2,500pcs = $1.500

F. IP-MIY-006 Rectangular basket (18.5x28.5x11.5cm)

USD 0.56 (FOB) x 1,000pcs = $ 560

A. IP-MIY-001 Handy basket (12x22x15cm) USD 0.83(FOB) x 1,000pcs = $ 830

(the size not including handle)

Freight charge for 01 container 20 feet from:

HaiPhong Port (Vietnam) to Osaka Port (Japan) = $600

Total Value = USD 3490

For the colour, we will paint them as your request, a little light and little like reddish-brown.

Regarding the payment, we accept both L/C and T/T;

If you pay by T/T please send us 50% after you confirm the order and 50% after the shipment.

We will deliver the goods maximum 30days after we receive your firm order.

Best regard and thank you very much for your co-operation.

Hoang ,

  1. Thanh toán


Dear Mr. Hoang ,

We are sorry for long silence 'cause we returned from China yesterday.

Re. last email from you, we'd like to confirm about that.

There is described that sentence;

Freight charge for 01 container 20 feet from: HaiPhong Port (Vietnam) to Osaka Port (Japan) = USD 600

Our trade will be on FOB, we will pay the freight charge to our agent directly after that.

You don't have to pay foward. We will leave all the transportation to our agent.

So description will be like that; Pls. confirm.

E. IP-MIY-005 Square basket (28x28x11.5cm) USD 0.60(FOB) x 2,500pcs = $ 1.500

F. IP-MIY-006 Rectangular basket (18.5x28.5x11.5cm)USD 0.56 (FOB)x 1,000pcs = $ 560

A. IP-MIY-001 Handy basket (12x22x15cm) USD 0.83(FOB) x 1,000pcs = $ 830

the size not including handle

Total Value = $ 2890

We are sorry we can't order so few amount this time, but we will try to order by 40" from next time.

Considering amount, we will T/T to your bank. Pls. let me know those information.











Best regards


  1. Điều chỉnh mẫu – Xác nhận thanh toán


Dear Mr. Hoang ,

Thanks for your last email.

We could understand your bank information.

We will go to domestic business trip this week, so remittance will be next week.

We heard your production days are about 30 days. Is that right?

Before your production, we'd like to confirm about article's spec

watching your samples.


Re.shape little spread shape will be better as attached file.

Pls. make body part small only a little to open the lid easily.

(about 0.5cm each length and breadth)


Pls. make higher the body part about 0.5cm.

Best regards


  1. Lựa chọn công ty vận tải


Dear Mr. Hoang ,

We are sorry to reply to you so late 'cause we are very busy this season.

Now we are prepared to T/T to your bank, but we are sorry to forget to ask you to send INVOICE.

Could you pls. fax the INVOICE immediately? Otherwise we can't remit.

Waiting your sooner reply with best regards

Dear Mr. Hoang ,

Now we'd like to ask you about shipping company in Vietnam.

We were taught that from you last email;

Freight charge for 01container 20 feet from: HaiPhong Port to Osaka Port = USD 600

We are not so familiar to import from Vietnam, we don't grasp shipping information.

1. Is that freight USD600 cheap?

2. If that case, which company you intend to use?

3. Is that company convenience for you? Many rail a week?

4. We will use Kobe port not Osaka port.

After hearing your comment of those shipping information we will ask to our agent compaing to

your information. Anyway cheaper and convenience way will be better.

Best regards


Dear Mr. K.TABATA,

Thank you very much for your quick reply.

Regarding shipping information, we have checked again with shipping company in HaNoi:

1. Freight charge for 01container 20 feet from: HAIPHONG Port to KOBE Port = USD 580

2. The shipping company is: TS Line; agent: Viconship Company

3. Two voyages per week

4. Seven to Eight days from HaiPhong Port to Kobe Port

5. We have been dealing with this shipping company for years.

If you have further inquiries, please kindly let us know.

Best regards,

Hoang ,

  1. Ngày hàng được chuyển


Dear Mr.Hoang ,

Thanks for your email of sending samples.

Now we'd like to ask you about those matters.

When is your estimate shipping date?

We are very sorry to ask you; Could you dispatch samples of only handy basket about 5 pieces?

It is the first item for us, so we have to plan gift set using that basket.

Best regards


Thay đổi điều kiện cơ sở giao hàng FOB  CFR


Dear Mr. Hoang ,

Though we faxed you our forwarder information of K-LINE, we noticed they are little expensive $20 comparing to your recommedation.

We'd like to confirm is Viconship career agent?

If so, pls. use that company instead of our agent.

Sorry and best regards


  1. Vướng mắc


Dear Mr. Hoang ,

We received your samples last Friday. Thank you very much.

Watching them, color of rect. box is almost good as same as our original sample.

Indeed same color with square basket, pls.start.

Re. color of handy basket, enclose pictrure for the reference. color of this time,

almost good, but comparing to the 1st one in the front side of the picture, still little

different. It will be better to make them only a little brighter as the 1st one. You don't

have sample of 1st one?

Best regards

Dear Mr. Hoang ,

We are sorry that forgot to advise you.

Color of handle of this time, somehow little yellow, orange.

Pls. put them back first natural color.

Best regards


  1. Giao hàng

  2. Khiếu nại


Dear Mr. Hoang,

We received your cargoes today.

Watching them, we can't help complaining about standard and quality.

1. Handy basket

Somehow color of handle re. handy basket become white. Why?

We should have asked you Pls. put them back first natural color.

In last email. Did you mistake those meaning? Anyway they are very strange to watch them why the part of

handle white. Don't you think so? I never said put them white, just put back the first natural (brown) color.

Somehow they are very often alter, brown orange and white.

Those color of handle must be almost equal to those body color, brown like your first sample.

Or black will be also fit well. Anyway if you couldn't understand, do not hesitate to ask me.

How do you think about the solution way of this time?

Let me know your comments.

2. Square basket

Somehow those height became low about 1.5 cm even also mother body and lid.

Kindly review and compare with our Chinese sample.

3. Rectangular basket

They are not improved about the size of width though we asked you before.

They are too long about 1 cm. We are afraid that not to fit in our regular box owing its oversize.

Length are good.

But your quality and color finish are rather good, very regrettably those breach.

Also lose oppotunities to expand your items, because we interrupt the schedule to visit you on next month

at this moment.

Best regards


  1. Giải quyết khiếu nại


Dear Mr. Tabata,

Thank you very much for your e-mail informing us that you have received the shipment.

First of all, we would like to sorry for the inconvenience caused.

We have carefully read your comments about all the three items and checked all the emails we received from you.

In fact, because you are our new customer, we have always tried to produce the products to meet your requirements both the quality and standard by sending the samplesfor your confirms before we produce all the shipment.

For all the items, we have kept loyal to your sizes in your inquiry dated 22 Oct 2003 and reference to the Chinese samples.

Moreover, when we received you e-mail informing us that you have received the samples dated 15 December 2003, you did not comment about the sizes of products. Therefore we think that the sizes are good and you just requireed us to focus on colour and quality.

1. Regarding the handy baskets:

General, we think "natural colour" is white.

In this case, we will send all the cord to make handles (brown colour) to you. Please let us know your ideas about this matter.

2. About the square and rectangular baskets.

In fact, we have really been careful about this matter and loyal to your inquiry dated 22 Oct 2003.

Could you please kindly re-measure the products.

Again, please accept our appologies for all the misunderstandings.

Next time, we will discuss more carefully in all the details to supply the better products for you.

If you have any further inquiry, please kindly let us know.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Hoang ,




Dear Mr. Hoang ,

After then, we are waiting for your right handy basket sample with code of right color.

2 or 3 pieces will be better.

Also we are worried about cock influenza of your area.

How's about? We wish you and your surrounding are all safe from those sick.

Best regards


  1. Giải pháp khắc phục


Dear Mr.Hoang ,

Thanks for your email. We are relieved to hear you are all safe.

Re. handy basket, enclosing pictures that you could send us when the first time.

Kindly dispatch those basket for 4 pieces considering effective way of package.

If you can dispatch another color code sample together with them, it will be appreciated.

Best regards


  1. Bồi hoàn


Dear Mr. Hoang ,

We surely received your samples several days ago.

Those baskets with brown color handle look very nice.

We are very regrettable why our handle of stocks are so white.

But it's too late, pls. consider that several deduction of these wrong colored hanlde

of our stocks from next order. When that time, we'll consult with you.

Best regards


  1. Tiếp tục đặt hàng

Dear Mr.Hoang ,

How are you? It's long time not having contact with you.

Now we have a plan to order as below.

IP-MIY-005 Square basket (28x28x11.5cm) $0.60 4,000pcs

Re. IP-MIY-001 (Handy basket), we are now hesitated.

Because the different color of handle of last 1,000pcs, we have still stocks most of them.

But next catalogue we will publish this June, we will take a picture of them with right color handle.

We'd like to ask you to discount of last mistaken.

Concretely speaking, pls. deduct US$415 from this order. It is a half amount of last handy basket.

$0.83x1,000pcs=$830 $830/2=$415

If you could agree them, we will add to order those basket for 800pcs.

Also pls. introduce your new attractive basket thru email suit for Japanese market.

Do you have any other basket using except bamboo, for. ex. willow, rattan, seagrass or another

materials. Though I tried your home page, very difficut to find interesting new items because so

many items.

Waiting for your reply with best regards,


  1. Thực hiện đơn hàng lần 2


Dear Mr.Hoang ,

Thanks for your understanding.

Now, we'd like to place an order as below.

But pls. be care about the size(height) of square basket.

Our description of size is (28x28x11.5cm), but actual size is 28x28x10cm.

Pls. be lenghthen the height about 1 cm both mother body and lid.

Also your size description of handy basket is (12x22x15cm), but actual size is

12x22x16cm. Re. this, pls. be just correct the description to 12x22x16cm.

Pls. obey those size strictly.

1. IP-MIY-005 Square basket (28x28x11.5cm) USD0.60(FOB) 3,700pcs $2,220

2. IP-MIY-001 Handy basket (12x22x16cm) USD0.83(FOB) 800pcs $664

Deduction for last inconvenience ▲$415

TOTAL $2,469

We will T/T to your bank in these sooner days.

Is your bank same as last time, 'BANK FOR FOREIGN TRADE OF VIETNAM'?

Let me know your approximate shipping date.

Best regards,


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