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Previous studies on Hemingway’s Iceberg Theory

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Vocab Questions
1.4. Previous studies on Hemingway’s Iceberg Theory
Over the past few decades, many a study on Hemingway’s Iceberg Theory have been carried out in different spheres of learning environment, drawing much attention from both English learners and educators.
In Vietnam, Han Thi Bich Ngoc (2013) conducted “A study on Iceberg Theory in The old man and the sea”, which successfully figured out typical literary devices used by Hemingway to manifest his Iceberg Theory. The study concluded that verbs were utilised the most frequently throughout the whole story. In addition, a wide range of symbolic images occurred in the novel with layers of meanings, ranging from the character Santiago to other objects such as the sharks and the sea.
In other parts of the world, scientists have pursued careful investigations into Hemingway’s works to illustrate his Iceberg Theory. Saiyu Liu (2021), after conducting a close research under the theme of “An analysis of Iceberg Theory in Hills like White Elephants by Hemingway”, concluded that although Hills like White Elephants has the most vivid characters, the plainest language, the most dramatic dialogues and the deepest thoughts, every element is extremely on point since Hemingway made the most use of his Iceberg Theory through both word choice and sentence structure. Concerning the novel “A Farewell to Arms”, there has been a study under the name of “A Discourse Study of the Iceberg Principle in A Farewell to Arms by Daoshan and Zhang Shuo (2014). The study successfully displayed Hemingway’s application of his Iceberg Theory in the novel through dialogues and narrative style. However, the five - page analysis has not go into details other literary devices used in the work. Furthermore, as the study is merely confined to discourse domains, several aspects illustrating Hemingway’s Iceberg Theory, namely parataxis, repetition and symbolism included in the novel, have yet to be analyzed.
To conclude, these researches are valuable in a number of ways. On the one hand, they are prominent studies among the academic sources that support the graduation paper in the sense that they become reliable secondary sources to which the researcher makes reference. On the other hand, these studies have created voids in which different academic questions have been unanswered, thus opening up a vast potential research space for the researcher.

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