Full name: Student id: midterm test reading – writing 4 time: 90’ I. Writing (50pts)

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At the moment, I'm taking an English language course 
before I start doing a postgraduate degree course next 
year. The aim of this course is to improve my 
academic English with classes covering the skills I'll 
need in the future. The classes are sufficiently flexible 
for every individual student's needs and abilities to be 
taken into consideration. The main reason I chose this 
university is its location. The fact that you can get to 
London in just 35 minutes really appealed to me. And 
there are cinemas, shopping centres, supermarkets, 
everything you need in the nearest town in just a five-
minute bus ride away. Another reason I came here is 
the personal attention I received before I arrived. I 
always managed to contact the university whenever I 
needed to - and they always replied quickly and 
politely to the dozens of questions I asked them. 
When I came to the university, my main aim was to 
improve my spoken Chinese because in my home 
country, Germany, I'm studying Chinese to be a 
university language teacher. We've had a full 
schedule of interesting subjects, everything has 
been well structured, efficiently organised and the 
teachers have helped us to improve as much as 
possible during our four-week course. We've had to 
work very hard, but we've had a lot of fun too. So, 
as a result, I've reached a higher level than I 
expected, improved my speaking, and learned a lot 
about Chinese culture and customs. All in all, I've 
had a fantastic time and I would love the chance to 
do it all again some time in the future. 
I chose this course of this university originally because 
I had heard such good things about it from several 
friends in my country. And I can honestly say I haven't 
been disappointed. What has been particularly useful 
for me is the training in study skills before the main 
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