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Subject: [HuongVeChua] Nhung cau hoi ve tru qui - tru ta cua quy vi
Dear all,
Toi da nhan nhieu tho rieng. Mot so phe binh, mot so hoi va mot so cam on. Toi se tra loi nhung quy vi phe binh , mot so hoi va 1 vai comments. Toi xin loi quy vi, toi tra loi bang tieng Anh vi toi giai thich ro hon. I will publish only the essential part of the email pertaining to the questions.
This will be my last communication because our Order will start a novena on Monday for nine days with total silence for 23 hrs a day, and after the novena I will be leaving for another continent doing missionary work for 2 years.
All the information I provided are from my practical experience, all the books I have studied about exorcism ( including the materials from the 1st Worldwide Exorcist Conference in Rome ), and the advise of my spiritual director.
I would ask you to pray that God will bless HIS Church to have many more HOLY priests (not just priests) but HOLY priests.

Several people asked me this question

Question From: Nhung Nguyen
The difference between Confession, Exorcism and Prayer of Deliverance.

Confession is a divine gift much greater than exorcism and Prayer of Deliverance. Exorcism only drives out the demon from one's body. Confession drives out the evil from one's soul sacramentally. Confession destroys our attachment to iniquity and gives us sanctifying grace. Confession not only forgives but fills our soul with God's grace.

Frequent confession is a powerful force in helping us resist temptation (see CC 1458).

The most lethal weapon against the Devil is to make use of the two

sacraments (Holy Communion and Confession) as often as possible.

An exorcism is a liturgical (Church) rite carried out on people who are possessed. Deliverance prayer is a series of private prayers prayed over people who suffer from some type of demonic influence.

The liturgical rite of exorcism is already predetermined; it requires authorization from the bishop and should be carried out only when one is certain that a person is possessed by a demonic spirit. In deliverance prayer, the priest is not sure as to the extent of demonic oppression.

Question: from Hanh Nguyen

Toi co nguoi ban Phat Giao di choi ben Cam Bot bi thu. Di het nhieu thay van khong kha hon. Anh lam on chi cho toi Cha nao o VN giup duoc.

Cha Tôma Thiện Lê Thành Cát

Đan Viện Biển Đức Thiên Phước

18 Đường số 7, Khu phố 2, Phường Tam Bình, Quận Thủ Đức

TP. HCM, Việt Nam

Điện thoại: (84-8) 729 4971- 897 7512


I have helped two people from Central America who had experienced the same problem. The process will be long and hard. Your friend will suffer. The ultimate battle between good and evil will be at Baptism to rid the curse. Your friend must be baptized having faith. After baptism, your friend must renounce his/her former way of life to prevent the devil(s) from coming back.

If your friend does NOT make a U turn in his/her life, the devils that come back will be worse than the first ones.

As a temporary relief, your friend should do:

repeat this short prayer as many times as possible with faith.

“Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God, heal me”

And your to-do-list is:

Pray for your friend

Ask priest(s) to offer Holy Masses for your friend

Ask priest to conduct deliverance prayer

Ask your friend to wear a Blessed Crucifix or Blessed Medal of the Mother of God with FAITH.

Ask your friend to go to church or visit the blessed Sacrament if possible.

Ask your friend to rub St. Joseph’s blessed oil when your friend is attacked.
Before the priest conducts the deliverance prayer, ask the priest to read and follow the introduction from the (former) rite of exorcism

“Do command the demon to tell you (the priest) if it remains in that body by some magic work, signs, or curse instruments; if there are such things that the possessed has eaten they have to be vomitted out. If they are somewhere outside of the body then it has to be revealed. When they are found they have to be completely burnt.”

If a possessed person vomits up a cursed object, it must be burnt. It is better if the priest doe not touch it. But if he does, he should wash his hands with holy water. If not, the ‘cursed’ objects may cause the priest health problems later.


Question: from Hoang Le
How do I protect myself against witchcraft when I tour the Amazon ?


Before you travel, do this:
1) Ask the priest to offer some Holy Masses, especially asking St. Benedict's intercession to protect you.

Any priest can offer Masses but a Benedictine Priest will naturally have a close spiritual bond with their Patron Saint Benedict. St. Benedict is also the Patron Saint of Exorcist.

2) Go to confession

When you are there

3) Don't miss any Sunday Mass

3) Pray the Rosary

4) Donate some money if you can

5) Wear a Blessed crucifix and/or an Image of the

Blessed Virgin. If you have a Blessed Benedictine Crucifix, wear it.

6) Speak with God more often.

Try this simple formula to speak with God as often as you can.

Whenever you

Inhale say silently from your heart “Come”

Exhale say silently from your heart “Holy Spirit ”as many times as you can

7) Don’t attend any witchcraft related events.

8) If you buy any souvenir from tribal people, bless the objects three times with Holy water:

May this object be blessed + in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Some tribal vendors have the witchcraft doctor (Satanic priest) blessed the objects before they sell them so you need to neutralize their curse.

9) If you check in a hotel, bless your room with Holy Water with this prayer

“Lord Jesus Chirst, Our Saviour, keep us safe from all harm those who dwell in this room, and who, together with us, unworthy though we are, offer You our prayers and supplications. Bless us and preserve our life against all evil “

Question : from Hoang Tran XXXX
Dear All, Cám ơn anh Richard rất nhiều đã có những nhận định và phân tích rất sâu sắc và khách quan về OTL.Em chỉ xin trích thêm lời Thánh Phao Lô về một ơn cao trọng nhất- Đức Mến - mà đôi khi chúng ta lại quên đi hay đặt xuống hàng thứ yếu
(1 Cor. 12:31)....

(1 Cor. 13:1-13)


Theo em, Đức Mến giống như một tô phở và OTL giống như mộy cọng hành; cọng hành có thể làm cho tô phở thơm hơn, nhưng không có tô phở thì chẳng ai muốn ăn cọng hành không làm gì.

Vì Thiên Chúa là Tình Yêu nên cách cầu nguyện hữu hiệu nhất với Ngài là "The act of love".Những việc làm hàng ngày của chúng ta dù nhỏ nhặt và tầm thường đến đâu đi nữa nếu làm với Tình Yêu sẽ đưọc Chúa lắng nghe và chúc phúc! In Christo,


Answer :
Dear Hoang Tran

May God bless you. You are right. I am humble by your advice and I’d like to take opportunity to apologize to anyone that I have offended in my last email. As a self-imposed penance, I will pray for all members of this forum, especially those whom I offended during the next Novena.

You are brilliant in trying to map something complex such as On Tieng La (OTL) vs Charity into such a simple logic that anyone can understand. I pray that you respond to God’ callings with courage, wisdom and humility. Please reflect on Luke 10:2
Luke 10:2

He said to them, "The harvest is abundant but the laborers are few; so ask the master of the harvest to send out laborers for his harvest. Please ask God to reveal HIS will to you by whatever means God wants. I have been

praying for you.
Please also reflect on 1 Samuel 3:3->19

Samuel is awakened by what he assumes is the voice of Eli, but at the third calling, Eli knows that it is God calling Samuel. Eli tells Samuel to go back to sleep and to keep listening, which Samuel does. Samuel awakens and says that he wishes God to keep speaking for he desires to listen.

Eli in this case might be construed as a 'priest' in the current age.

Sometimes, you would need some authority person from the Church to help you discern your call.

One thing I would like you to consider with regards to your logic :

Cọng Hành (OTL) có thể làm cho Tô Phở (Charity) thơm hơn. That is true, however,

if Cong Hanh is contaminated with pesticide and herbicide, then there is a problem.

The contamination logic can also be broken down further into three levels:

If Cong Hanh is clean (= no contamination), that is, OTL is truly from GOD, then To Pho will be very delicious.

If Cong Hanh is contaminated with visible trace of pesticide (that is, OTL is from man)

Then the problem can be resolved with relative ease.

If Cong Hanh is contaminated with invisible trace of pesticide (that is, OTL is from the devil), the problem is significantly much harder to resolved due to its saturation within the body.

St. Thomas Aquinas distinguished between belief and knowledge, for Aquinas, belief (fides) is the acceptance of an assertion as true on the testimony of someone else.
The issue is how to verify that OTL is from GOD.
Candidates in our Order who believe they have OTL, must have their gift tested. The test is to be conducted by a Charismatic priest who has OTL and the gift of interpretation, and by my spiritual director who is an exorcist and his assistants. The test is NEVER conducted by oneself since there is danger of being fooled by a spirit not of God.
There were reported cases where person who thought they were praying in tongues, but in reality, they were cursing God which ended up the person being oppressed/obsessed. The victims were worse than the case mentioned above.
If you feel you have OTL, please speak to your pastor first before using it

Comment : from Phuong Le (public)

Toi mong chung ta phai y thuc ro ve tieng la va ma qui nhieu hon. Toi muon chia se 1 chuyen da xay ra trong gia dinh toi. Nha toi va con trai toi 11 tuoi duoc on cau nguyen bang tieng la sau khi da du khoa 5 ngay cua 1 LM Thanh Linh. Moi viec van binh thuong luc bat dau. Nhung sau do, con trai toi duoc rat nhieu thi kien khi chau cau nguyen tieng la. Moi lan chau di nha tho hoac cau nguyen tieng la o nha, chau duoc thay cac Thanh, Duc Me, Chua Giesu hay la Thanh Ca Giuse. Cac anh chi trong TL khuyen khich chau nen su dung on thi kien de dem nguoi ta ve voi Chua. Moi lan cau nguyen chua lanh giai thoat, chau deu tham du. Chau de tay len la nguoi ta te. Thi kien chau rat chinh xac. 3 thang troi qua, mot viec khong binh thuong da xay ra trong gia dinh toi. Dem hom do chau dang cau nguyen tieng la, chau thay Thanh Ca Giuse hien ra. Thanh Ca Giuse noi ta la Thanh Ca Giuse, ta muon gia dinh con moi ngay phai doc kinh Kinh Thanh Ca. Chung toi tuan theo doc them kinh Kinh Thanh Ca Giuse moi dem. 1 tuan sau, Duc Me hien ra voi chau, Duc Me noi, ta muon gia dinh con an chay ngay thu 4 va thu 6. Chung toi tiep tuc tuan theo. 1 Tuan sau, Tong Lanh Thien Than Micae hien ra voi chau. Tong Lanh Thien Than noi ta muon con cat bo tat ca nhung vat luu niem co hinh dong vat trong nha boi vi Thien Chua khong thich nhung anh tuong dong vat. Chung toi lai tuan theo bo di mot so do luu niem rat quy bau va gia tri cua nha toi tu thoi trong QLVNCH. Toi bat dau thay hoi la la nhung toi van tin la su that vi Chua thuong con toi nen cho chau nhung on nhu the. LM TL cung day chung toi trong khoa 5 ngay la o nha khong nen co nhung hinh anh cua nhung con vat nhu su tu,ho vv .. vv 1 tuan sau, TLTT Micae hien ra noi con toi cat bo nhung DVD cua Thuy Nga va Asia vi no co nhieu hinh sex. Chung toi tiep tuc tuan theo. Cu moi lan chung toi tuan theo, thi chung toi rat binh yen trong long.

1 tuan sau dung le Phuc Sinh, di nha tho ve, con trai toi cau nguyen tieng la, Tong Lanh Thien Than Micae xuat hien. Lan nay TLTT Micae noi hay cat tat ca nhung vai den trong nha vi Thien Chua da Phuc Sinh nen phai vui len. Nha toi va con trai dinh cat, nhung toi tu hoi tu xua toi nay dau co bao gio minh nghe cha nao giang day nhu the mac du toi ngu ngoc ve giao ly va kinh thanh.

Toi noi voi nha toi doi toi sang roi minh hay lam. Dem do toi cau nguyen voi Me Maria, toi doc 3 chuoi xin DM Maria soi sang boi vi neu ma dem cat het vai den trong nha thi nhieu lam. Buoi sang, toi di le luc 6:30 nha tho My, toi hoi cha Xu. Cha Xu cho toi biet, Thien Chua KHONG bao gio lam nhung viec do. Cha Xu hoi toi co lam phep nha chua. Toi thua voi ngai chua.

The la Cha ngay lap tuc di voi toi ve nha. Ve toi nha, toi thay nha toi

va con trai san sang cat nhung vai den. Cha giai thich cho nha toi va con toi.

Sau khi cha lam phep nha, TLTT, DM, Thanh Ca Giuse khong hien ra nua. Cha noi khong duoc cau nguyen tieng la nua. Nha toi van tiep tuc cau nguyen tieng la, mot hom anh lai xe tren xa lo, anh dang cau nguyen tieng la, tu nhien tieng la cua anh len cao hon va khac di, anh nhin

ben cho ngoi ben canh, anh thay 1 con rang to lon san sang can anh.

Anh so den do mo hoi. Tu do anh khong cau nguyen tieng la nua. Cho toi bay gio moi khi nghi chuyen nay, toi van con rung. Toi ta on Chua va DM Maria vo cung da giu gin toi mot ke rat ngu ve giao ly nhung yeu Chua lam.

Toi khong biet nhieu ve dao, hieu dau viet vay.

Coment from Richard

Dear all,
Without the interview and the test of the couple’s OTL, it is impossible to say with 100% absolute certainty that the OTL originated from the devil.
There were two witnesses (father and son) experienced the same phenomenon. It seemed that demonic infestation (DI) in Phuong’s residence did occur.
DI is the phenomenon in which a demon possesses a place, such as house, building or object. DI may result from spell, curse, witchcraft, Satanic worship and/or someone committed suicide there. It could be

caused also by using Tongues Originated From the Devil (TOFD).

TOFD' content consists of:

cursing God,

asking the Devils to do something such as come into my body, my place

or harm somebody for me or get me something… etc ..etc

The resolution for DI is the blessing of the residence by the priest.
If DI is left untreated, the next step of diabolic attack is diabolic oppression (DOP). The DOP can strike health, job, affection, relationship with others and so on. Its tendency includes unexplainable rage and a tendency to complete isolation.

The resolution for DOP is deliverance prayer performed by priest.

Diabolic obsession (DOS) which causes an almost split personality. Our will remains free but it is oppressed by obsessive thoughts. The obsessed person lives in a state of prostration with persistent temptation to commit suicide.

The resolution for DOS is deliverance prayer performed by priest.

Diabolic possession (DP) is the gravest form of demonic activity which allows a continuing presence of a demon in a human body which requires a formal exorcism by an authorized exorcist.
‘tu nhien tieng la cua anh len cao hon va khac di'. This phenomenon

appeared to indicate that a Devil or Devils of higher angelic rank

are zooming in and took over the Tongue. This would explain the presence of a large serpent in the next sentence.
'anh thay 1 con rang to lon san sang can anh'. The presence of the large serpent was significant. Satan knew his defeat was coming because

the house was blessed. Satan wanted to destroy his victim before he was cast out. Satan's visible presence was to scare the driver to cause an

accident. By the grace of God, the driver and the family was saved unharmed.
What did this case teach us ?

It was the Grace of God and HIS infinite Mercy that saved this family although God allowed this to happen to teach this couple a lesson to know, to serve and to love God.

To love God one MUST know God, and to know God, one MUST learn the Teachings of the Catholic Church and the Word of God.
Due to the couple's lack of knowledge of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, they were deceived by Satan. This is how Satan

work. He would come in as something beautifully as the Saints first then slowly, and slowly emerged as the Evil one.

Some members of TL at the local level were wrong to encourage this couple to seek extraordinary phenomenon. This is against the Teachings of the Catholic Church (please see my 1st email).
Some members of TL at local level should have stressed the importance of having this house blessed by the priest rather seeking the extraordinary phenomenon. This is very basic knowledge for every catholic.


Question : from "Ken Vu" p xxxxxxx

Toi thay tat ca nhung dieu trong bai viet nay rat cong phu nhung co ve nang phan trinh dien de khoe kien thuc va co tinh cach boi nho Phong Trao Canh Tan Dac Sung.

Neu chung ta thay mot nguoi dang an trai cam, ma chung ta qua quyet rang trai cam do chua thi hoa ra chung ta qua ho do. Chi co nguoi dang an trai cam do moi biet duoc cai mui vi cua trai cam do ma thoi.

than ai


Answer :
Dear Ken Vu,
May God bless you with wisdom. It is the gift of Wisdom that strengthens our faith, fortifies hope, perfects charity, and promotes the practice of virtue in the highest degree. Wisdom enlightens the mind to discern and relish things divine.
I would like to ask you to reflect on the three temptations of Jesus by Satan (Mathew 4:1-11 or Mark 1:9-15 or Luke 4:1-13).
First the devil tempted Jesus not with sin per se but with imperfection. Jesus was asked to stop doing good, ie., his fasting and turn stones into bread.
Next Jesus was tempted with the spiritual good of the world. It is as if the devil were saying, “Make a sign of acknowledgement towards me, proud as I am, and as a reward, I will put myself at your side. All I ask is you acknowledge me and I will help you in your work of saving souls. Are you not humble? Are you not capable of lowering yourself a little more for the eternal good of souls? “
This second temptation is packed with tremendous spiritual meaning. Jesus was not asked to stop being God. Jesus was asked the sacrifice of humbling Himself a bit more. Could not the just One who had made so many sacrifices for souls not do one more ?

It is a temptation to do a little evil to achieve a great good.

The final temptation is that of pride. Here the devil was saying, Eventhough God decides the time and the moment, why not bring the moment forward ? Why remain in obscurity when so much good can be done by coming out into the light in a glorious and spectacular way?

We can see that the third temptation is the most complex and subtle of all

Next I would like to ask you to reflect on the article written by 7 US bishops
The Church on the one hand recognizes that the Holy Spirit moves where HE will, and so the Church does not want to oppose His working, and on the other hand, the Church must discern the authenticity of each charism, for fear of it be a deception of the evil one. For this reason to say that the Charismatic Renewal is approved by the Church is not a blanket approval of every alleged charismatic gift or every charismatic group or individual within the Church. This discernment of the Holy Spirit’s action is an on going necessity within the Church and within the Charismatic Renewal.
Bishop Josu Iriondo, of New York, the Bronx warned “The work of the Charismatic Renewal is immense and visible but it also has its great problems.
Bishop Edward P. Cullen of Allentown “ I don’t see any weaknesses intrinsic to the Catholic Charismatic Renewal. In its actual practice, however, dysfunction can and has arisen. I found that such dysfunctions flowed from some flaw in those who carry leadership responsibility in the movement.

(A Collection of Letters from US Catholic Bishops on the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Minneapolis Catholic Renewal Office, 2005)

“Chi co nguoi dang an trai cam do moi biet duoc cai mui vi cua trai cam do ma thoi. “
Did Adam and Eve know mui vi cua trai cam do? Did King David know mui vi cua trai cam do when he committed adultery?

May God bless you to open your heart.


Question from Binh Tran xxxxx

Xin anh gia thich, tai so qui so nuoc Thanh ?

Material objects such as Holy water, holy chrism, crucifix …etc… etc.. can torment or expel demons because the Church has given a spiritual power to this object by blessing it. Of course the object has no power; rather the power lies in that of Christ Himself which has been placed upon a particular object.

Fr. Hose Fortea recalled an incident on page 68 of his book “Interview with an Exorcist” . Fr. wrote “ One winter day, extremely cold weather in my parish and we had no water, a possessed girl I was exercising could not be given water…….. As I was preparing to go out in search of water, I remembered that there was a bottle of lemonade that had been left over from a meeting of catechists. It occurred to me to bless the contents of the bottle, thinking that type of liquid was of little importance since its power was rooted in Christ. I discovered though its effects on the demon was much less than normal. After a few minutes, I ordered the demon in the name of Jesus to tell me why this was so. He resisted, but in the end he told me, while any blessed liquid might have some effect on the demons, holy water is more effective

Because it symbolizes purity and cleanliness. (In fact, every material the Church blesses or consecrates – water, wine, bread, salt, oil .etc ..etc has a deep and powerful symbolism)

Question from Phuong To
Tinh Yeu Thien Chua bao la vay tai sao Chua lai cho qui am ?
This is ultimately a Divine mystery. The reasons are as follows:

Possession is a phenomenon in which the power of God, the love of Christ for the Church and mankind is clearly demonstrated

Possession punishes sinners who seek a relationship with evils.

Possession demonstrate the truth of the Catholic faith

Possession can be a spiritual benefit.


Question : from Perry Vuong
Dear Richard,

How do you know if a person is possessed ? How do I protect myself against the devil ?


Answer :
The most frequent phenomenon for a possessed person are:

The person suddenly understands foreign (or even “dead” ) languages he has never studied. Regardless of the person’intelligence, he/she will obey orders given in Latin, Greek or Hebrew and other languages when used at the same time. Sometimes the possessed person will speak to those present in these unknown languages (estatic utterances as 1 Cor 14), though this is less common.
The possessed display abnormal physical strength, sometimes over the course of several hours. Sometimes the person is able to perform act that are usually impossible such as lifting several people at once.
The person demonstrates knowledge of hidden things.
The most extraordinary phenonmenon is levitation – floating in the air
The best protection against the Evil One is prayer, the Sacraments, good works and living a spiritual life. Before we receive Holy Communion, we say “ Lord I am not worthy to receive you, but only say the word and my soul shall be healed”. In the Holy Eucharist, Jesus enters into our bodily dwelling with His body, blood, soul and Divinity. Nothing destroys demonic influence more powerfully than WORTHY reception of the Body of Christ.

Question From Phuong Nguyen

Tôi đi nhà thờ mỗi tuần. Tôi ngủ một mình vào ban đêm và tôi cảm thấy rằng tôi đụng một người khác. Tôi mơ kinh dị. Đôi khi máy tính và các bóng đèn bật tự động. Xin vui lòng cho tôi biết phải làm gì.
If there are more than two witnesses experience the same thing you do, it seems like there might be demonic infestation (DI) in your place of residence. Please see the above answer for what DI means.
You need to ask a priest to come to you house to bless it ASAP with special prayers from the rite of exorcism book.

You and your family should do this right away:

Go to confession frequently(at least once a month)

Attend Mass frequently, even daily if possible

Pray the Rosary

Read the Bible

Do charity works (Biblical sacrifice – give until it hurts - )


Placed a Blessed crucifix and an Image of the Blessed Virgin in your house.

Speak with God more often.

Ask the priest to say Masses in your house.

Try this simple formula to speak with God as often as you can.

Whenever you

Inhale say silently from your heart “Come”

Exhale say silently from your heart “Holy Spirit” as many times as you can even when you take a walk or do something which does not require your concentration.

After the priest blesses your house, and you do all those things daily. If the problems are not resolved, you need to ask the priest again to go to the next level which possibly involves the priest to perform deliverance prayer for possible oppression and/or obsession.

Question: From Tung Pham XXXX@

Can you give me SOLID proof the devils can speak in tongues?

Please look at the 1st email I sent.

"BEGONE SATAN!" de hinh dung (visualize) the power

of the Evils.

When the priest spoke the language of the Church and blessed her in the Latin tongue, she sensed and understood it at once, and at the same time foamed at the mouth and became enraged about it. When he continued in classical Latin, she regained her former ease. She was conscious at once when some one gave her articles sprinkled with holy water or presented her with things secretly blessed, whereas ordinary secular objects would leave her perfectly indifferent



Let it be noted, too, that Father Theophilus addressed the devil in English, German, and again in Latin. And the devil, Beelzebub, and all the other devils, replied correctly in the very same tongues in which they were addressed. Apparently they would have understood any language spoken today and would have answered in it. Sometimes it happened that Father Theophilus, while in an exhausted state of mind, would make slight mispronunciations in his Latin prayers and words of exorcism. At once Beelzebub would intrude and shriek out. "So and so is right! Dumbbell, you don't know anything!"

This is the second case “The Mount Rainier (Cottage City) Maryland “.


The staff writer Jeremiah O’Leary reported in the Evening Star that the boy spoke an unknown language that sounded similar to Hebrew. “A professor of Oriental languages from Catholic University was called in and he was shocked to discover the words coming from the boy’s mouth were in Aramaic, the language spoken in Palestine in Jesus’ day.”
I have access to several confidential cases which my spiritual director exorcised. They all documented the possessed had the ability to understand/speak foreign tongues.
Please refer to my first email for OTL references in the Bible with regards to the devils

Question from Ly Nguyen

1) Toi dang di trong CTDS. Toi da hoc 2 khoa 5 ngay cua Cha xxxS va xxxM. Hai cha khong co noi gi ve viec cau nguyen giai thoat phai can co LM o do de dat tay len dau nguoi xin cau nguyen. Cha xxxS con khuyen khich chung toi cau nguyen giai thoat cung nhau. Xin anh giai thich ro hon.

2) Toi da tham du cau nguyen giai thoat hon 1 nam, Toi da dat tay len nhieu nguoi, da thanh cong giai thoat cho nhieu nguoi. Toi co nen tiep tuc ?

To the best of my knowledge, 2 Cha xxxS and xxxxM are great charismatic priests who bring many people back to Christ. May God bless them and their ministry. They can perform deliverance prayer but they are NOT exorcist who has special trainings in this field. The exorcists receive the authority, power and protection from God through special blessing from bishops to execute the duties of his office. If you recall the Church new guideline in investigating marian apparitions, the last step is:

Once the visionary is proven credible, a group of panel will subject him or her to some interviews facilitated by exorcists to rule out if Satan is behind the Apparition or not.

The exorcist is the best priest to determine if the person is either oppressed, obsessed or possessed by the devil because they are trained and authorized by the Church.
The reason Rome top exorcist and many exorcists require that only priest or authorized deacon can lay hand on the ‘suspect’ during the deliverance prayer is because of reported cases of revert diabolic oppression and/or obsession, that is, the evil spirits flow reversely from the ‘suspect’ to the layperson who lay hand on the ‘suspect’. By virtue of the Ordained Priestly Ministry, Revert obsession and/or oppression can not take place between the ‘suspect’ and the priest/deacon. All lay person can prayer silently for the ‘suspect’ (without any physical contact).
2) Please talk with your pastor. He will help you discern and regulate your

charisms of deliverance from evil and evil presences. Your pastor can also ask the bishop to authorize you to perform this function.

According to my spiritual director, a successful deliverance means the evil spirit is cast out and there is no revert diabolic obsession/oppression upon you. Using this criteria, have you ever suffered a revert obsession/oppression (that is feeling sick, anxiety, hatred…, etc..etc …..) after you perform the deliverance prayer ?


Question: from Hanh Tran
Qui la vui noi doi, lam sao co the tin no duoc trong luc LM tru qui hoi no?
Often the evil one admits he is forced by God to speak the truth something that he avoids at all costs. For example, he is humiliated when he is forced to reveal his name. It is a sign of defeat. The exorcism Ritual expressly forbids exorcist to ask questions out of curiosity precisely because he is the prince of lies.

Question: from Ly Huong

Can you recommend some books on exorcisms ?


1) An Exorcist By Fr. Gabriele Amorth

2) An Exorcist more stories by Fr.. Gabriele Amorth

3) Interview with an exorcist by Fr. Jose Antonio Fortea

4) "Exorcism: Understanding Exorcism in Scripture and Practice

5) Allen, Thomas B. POSSESSED. New York: Doubleday, 1993

6) The Demonologist, The extraordinary career of Ed and Lorraine Warren

7) Hostage to the devil (read this book with a grain of salt because

Fr. Malachi Martin was a SJ but left the order became a Traditionalist.

Ignore his criticism on the Vatican, just focus o the cases he documented.

8) Diabolical possession and exorcism Rev John Nicola

9) The best of all is Fr. Hose Antonio Fortea ‘s thesis entitled “Exorcism in

the Present Age” . You can write to Diocese of Alcala de Henares,

Madrid, Spain.

Question from From Diep Nguyen:

Thay cho biet co the tru ta qua fone duoc khong ?
Yes it is possible. My spiritual director and I have performed prayer of deliverance by phone.
Question From Peter Tran
How is the exorcist priest selected ?

According to Canon Law 1172:

only experienced priests can be chosen who exhibit, "piety, knowledge, prudence, and integrity of life."
Before the official rite of exorcism is used, the subject must also be examined thoroughly by doctors and psychiatrists to rule out any non-spiritual causes of his difficulties and physicians are often asked to assist during the course of an exorcism
Question: Hoa Pham
Loi cau nguyen bat dau cua LM tru qui la gi ? Tong so la bao nhieu kinh tru qui ?


The simple phrase, in Latin, most exorcists use at the beginning is:

In nomine Iesu, exorcizo te. In nomine Iesu, dic nomen tuum.

In nomine Iesu, si es hic, manifesta te
(In the name of Jesus, I exorcise you. In the nane of Jesus, say

your name. In the name of Jesus, if you are present, show yourself)

The exorcists always speaks to the demon with the authority of Christ.

Rather than asking the demon anything, the priest orders or commands

him in the name of Jesus. Speaking in Latin is helpful because the

'victim' does not know when the exorcist is addressing the demon.

In 95% of the possession cases, the demon show himself after a few seconds

of prayer. However there are some cases that Demons of higher

angelic rank can resist prayer longer. In such cases, the exorcist need

to pray with more insistence.

Ritual Romanum exorcism amounts to 25 pages of which half are psalms.


Question : Hung Tran
có bao nhiêu loại qui?

There are mainly 2 types of demon present in the possessed. Clausi demon causes the possessed to close his eyes (with them rolled back) when entering into a trance. An Apertus demon causes the possessed to keep his eyes open while in a trance, giving look of anger and rage and speak a great deal. The Apertus are talkative and violent and the possessed person often needs to be held down during the exorcism.

The Clausi demon will speak after some time of prayer, always without

opening their eyes, but others are completely mute.


Question: Hoang Ly

Anh va cha Linh Huong phai lam gi de chuan bi cho viec tru ta – tru qui ¿

In the days preceding the a exorcism, the exorcist and his assitants will fast and take only blessed water. The exorcist and all his assistants will cloister themselves in prayer for a minimum of 3 days in order to be emboldened with three virtues faith, hope and charity. Faith in what they are doing, hope that they will be successful; and charity in giving freely of himself in the interest of the ‘possessed’. Finally, having gone to confession (put themselves in a state of grace), the exorcist and his assistants will implore Divine assistance, insofar as man has no inherent power over these negative angels.

The only thing that remain in a room where exorcism takes place is a table where candles, holy oils, and the Sacrament are placed. All other furniture are taken away for the safety of the exorcist.
With that the incredible ordeal begins. Exorcism is NOT a battle. It is a war

Which is won only when the demonic abandons the possession of the individual because it can no longer endure exposure to all that is opposite to itself, the Holy.


For the Sake of His Sorrowful Passion, Have Mercy on us and all

the Whole World.

Mary, Mother of God, pray for us.

St. Joseph, foster father of the Redeemer, pray for us

St. Benedict, pray for us.

All the Angels and Saints pray for us

God Bless to all


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